April 6, 2023

April 6, 2023

So for our first class what we do are Three main types of mailers we have a Typical Manila bubble wrap on the inside So it's called a bubble mailer this one Is a non-bubble mailer just a regular Kind of poly bag for stuff that is Breakable collectors items these are Lightweight so it still stays underneath The pound for that first class shipping These two guys super easy to ship again Hard plastic bottles so they're just Gonna go right inside of here this guy Weighs six ounces so they're definitely Going first pass on this one anything That would make a huge mess if it broke Open I add inside of a poly bag Now with this kind of stuff there's a Chance it might be heavier than a pound If that's the case I will try to fit Into a flat rate padded Literally turned out to be 15.8 ounces Which is perfect next up got The Lion King cups three different orders three Different customers with these I like to Add just a little bit of void paper in There just to cushion the bottom Next up we got some toners we're about

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