Beijo Bags Review

Beijo Bags Review 1

Beijo Bags Review

beijo bagsBeijo Bags are one of the top fashion brands comprised of accessories and handbags in diverse colors, textures, and styles that are unique. The company has created a record of accomplishment in manufacturing and distributing the most economical designer accessories and handbags. The dream began with Susan Hadley in the year 2002 to establish Beijo bags, which has now become a huge sensation across the countries of Europe and America.

Over thousands of people have embraced the great opportunities provided by Beijo bags, as the company offers entrepreneurial, flexible, and home-based business model. The Beijo bags products are sold through a team of dedicated fashion consultants located throughout Canada and US.


Collections of Beijo Bags

beijo bags

The entire motive of the company is to create the experience of ‘where a handbag becomes a lifestyle'. In fact, these collections add elegance and grace to the appeal of every woman who chooses Beijo bags. The company provides you with a range of collections, everything personally created by Susan Handley. Whether it is a patent material with pearl, which looks like leather or is the high gloss finishes, sumptuous and soft fabrics like suede, or a reverse micro-fiber, Beijo Bags offers it for you. The variety also includes embossed faux leathers in their collections along with the contemporary designs with a variety of color palettes.

The stunning collections of handbags and the accessories that compliment them fulfill all needs of your lifestyle without compromising on any of your style. These bags have various features such as detachable straps, pouches for cell phones, upgraded hardware legs, interior and exterior zipper compartments, etc. The colors offered include apple green, bubble gum, barely beige, buttercup, chocolate, coined copper, ebony, marigold, lipstick red, platinum, magenta sky, pearl, slate blue, white hot, and teal.


Let us just glance through the collections of Beijo bags:

After Hours Chic: These Beijo bags can bring the finishing touch that perfectly complements your elegant look. There are three different styles of handbags under this category, namely, the girlfriend, the uptown, and strike a pose.

Beijo Mama: These sets of Beijo bags are very beautiful, organized, and highly functional enabling you to lift and carry them with grace and ease. There are three models under this category; the weekend romance, rockin' mama, and room to spare.

Date Night Casual: These Beijo bags give a very casual look, which are ideal for your dates. The colors offered are charcoal, marina blue, emerald, lady lilac, winter white, lipstick red, etc. The three models under this category are small wonders, celebrity appeal, and voted most popular.

Denim and Diamonds: These Beijo bags can turn your trendy look into a real fashion statement. The three models under this category include inside & out, show and tell, and celebrity appeal. The specialty of inside & out is, as the name suggests, can be turned inside out and used as an entirely new and different bag to match your outfits. These are offered in Hawaiian sequins and green sequins.

Fit, Fabulous, & Focused: These Beijo bags are the best to take for your morning errands and the other casual to do list. These are large but light in weight for you to easily carry them around.

Happy Hour Fashionista: These Beijo bags are ideal for ‘hang outs' at your happy shopping or eating spots and would enhance your beauty. The three models under this category are the girlfriend, trendsetter, and the diva.

Have Bag Will Travel: These are the best travel bags or totes that will help you to organize all your essentials at your fingertips. The three models offered under this category are second nature, weekend romance, and the getaway.

Office Powerhouse: These Beijo bags have a powerful appeal and classy look. The models under this category are unchain my heart, balancing act, and the uptown.


Sell Beijo Bags– The Home-Based Business Model


Beijo empowers people by creating opportunities for them to earn from home through selling the Beijo bags and accessories. The business model offers you with the ability to earn, flexible working schedule, opportunity to nurture your passion for what you do, and a 50% discount on selected inventory for new consultants.

Earning With Beijo

Getting Started: Beijo creates endless opportunities for people who aspire to have their home-based business. When you join Beijo as an independent fashion consultant, you will be provided with an ‘at a glance welcome kit', which contains:

  • Two medium-sized classic Beijo bags
  • One accessory
  • 50 sales receipts
  • 50 brochures
  • 25 temporary business cards
  • Momentum flyer and welcome letter
  • Welcome CD Rom
  • 50 Beijo shopping party invitations

During your initial 30 days, you can choose products for 50% discount and this increase your profit margin.


Beijo Bags- The Compensation Plan

Personal Sales: As an independent consultant, you can introduce the Beijo bags to people you know and expand your network by exhibiting the collections at parties, conferences, and other events and enjoy 30% profit on each item you sell. Party Orders: When you do not have the collections that are demanded, place a party order through the back office for them to select their desired pieces, which would generate 30% commission for you. Team Building: To increase your potential income, you build a down line and mentor your team. Additional income can be generated through the sales volume of your down line. The compensation plan pays out up to five levels of your down line. Online Sales: As a fashion consultant, you have an option to own a personal website through which your customers can choose Beijo bags and place their orders, which in turn would earn you 20% commission on each sale. The 6 titles or pay ranks with Beijo compensation plan are:

  • Fashion consultant (SC)
  • Senior fashion consultant (SFC)
  • Executive fashion consultant (EFC)
  • Area fashion director (AFD)
  • Regional fashion consultant (RFD)
  • National fashion consultant (NFD)

The following terms are associated with the team building:

Downline, sponsor, pay rank, upline, title, enroller, legs, active independent, organization compression, group qualifying volume, commissionable volume (CV), personal commissionable volume (PCV), group commissionable volume (GPV), and many other terms based on the sales, down line, and commissions.

Beijo Bags is a hard build, but if you love handbags and home parties, it could be a fit for you.

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  1. I like this brand because Susan Handley, well-known designer and founder of Beijo Handbags,has made the Pinky Promise handbag to support breast cancer awareness and research.

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