Boresha International Review

NOTE: Boresha International has CLOSED down.

Welcome to my Boresha International review! Well, did you happen to meet someone asking if you want to enjoy and live your personal financial freedom? After a representative introduced you to the opportunities that Boresha International has to offer, then you will be asking yourself if it’s worth a try or not. Now, that’s probably the reason why you are here reading this article. Let’s take a closer look on Boresha International and see if it’s worth investing.


Boresha International Review

President and CEO George M. Najjar founded the Boresha International in 2007. With a strong determination and passion to have a health and wellness company that will help people from all walks of life. He envisions that people can have a personal power and become a CEO of their own. This can be done by simply consuming and recommending Boresha International products. The main headquarters is located in Walnut Creek, California. Over the years, the company grows and continues to build branches in several countries until today.

Boresha has old-feeling corporate videos that need to be updated for the modern age.

Boresha International is known for its weight loss coffee (skinny coffee). The company recognized the fact that almost every individual drink coffee, this is the best way to make their product consumed easier by people to promote a healthier lifestyle. Hence, Boresha International can simply target the coffee drinkers and easily provide them with a healthier option than their usual coffee drinks. Since then, they have managed to enter the market as health and wellness company with a wide variety of products to choose from.

Of course, Boresha International does not only manufacture, distribute and sell a variety of weight management beverages associated with health and wellness products. The company is also dedicated to help people earn money from selling their products. The system used for this financial opportunity is the Multi-Level marketing (MLM) distribution model.

Boresha International products include Boresha Slim, Boresha Lean, Boresha Fit and Boresha Sweet.

Is Boresha International a SCAM?

To answer this, let us go into relevant details and facts to come up with a legit answer. Let’s start with the effectiveness of its products. Talking with people who have tried Boresha International products and those people who place their reviews online, their products seemed to work as advertised. Boresha International products were able to get a high review rating from online user on legitimate online stores. There were also random interviews from people who use their products and the result is really good. The positive feedback and reviews from Boresha International from their consumers are more than enough to say that in the area of product effectiveness — it’s legit!


Now, let’s go to the opportunities offered by Boresha International as a Multi-Level Marketing company. To look into this area, we tried to ask questions from certified members of the company who have subscribed to their system for more than 2 years. These people have testified that they did manage to earn profit from their initial money invested in the company.

Does Boresha Coffee really work?

Here are some testimonials about Boresha's skinny coffee

When asked about the time frame on how long the return of investment is, people have a different time table. One obvious thing that matters at the time differences in terms of getting their profit is the amount of time and efforts exerted to get more people to be part of your network. Well, its Multi-Level Marketing system after all, so there’s no big deal. The thing is that you have to work for it and earn your profit afterwards. Hence, with all these testimonies from genuine members of the Boresha International, it is safe to say that in the area of being a Multi-Level Marketing company – it’s legit!

Overall, Boresha International is a legit company. It is not a scam!

Although there are a few people who said otherwise, these people are actually passive investors who think that investing in a Multi-Level Marketing company is just putting money and get profit without doing anything. Of course, there is no way that someone would gain something without doing anything in any business.

There is no shortcut to success in Boresha International. Just like any other legit Multi-Level Marketing company, one must work his way up. Otherwise, you have to ask yourself if it’s too good to be true.

Update: Boresha International has closed down.  We recommend you look at this instead.

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