Club Sea Breeze Review

Club Sea Breeze Review 1

Club Sea Breeze Review

  • Club Sea Breeze by Kelly Williams in April of 2010
  • A travel company that offers their members discounts on vacation packages
  • Although this being the Club Sea Breeze owner’s first attempt at running a network marketing company, Kelly has the experience and success in MLM travel industry by being a top producer for TVI Express.
  • Club Sea Breeze uses the same “vacation dealer”, Holiday Travel of America, as LGN to get the deals for the members.
  • There are two ways to obtain membership.  The deluxe membership is $369 for 3 years and the Premier Membership is 569 for 99 years (Lifetime).  Both packages must pay a monthly fee of $24.95.
club sea breeze
Club Sea Breeze

The Product

The product is called CSB which is a membership that can get you great discount deals on vacation packages.  There are four points to this product.

  1. Access to thousands of time share resorts all over the world
  2. Access to the best vacation deals currently going
  3. You get cash back on already discounted vacation packages
  4. You get in house agents who’ll help you choose which vacation package is best for you

The Club Sea Breeze Compensation Plan

Club Sea Breeze calls their compensation plan “The Panel Revolution”.

There are 7 positions where 3 positions are already filled.  The four spots need to be filled by the 3 members who already occupy the first 3 spots.  The distributor with the highest recruiting number gets put in the top position and is eventually moved over to another panel and the remaining 6 are split into two panels and the cycle starts over again.

The lowest commission you can make is $50 while the highest you can make is $250.

Final Thoughts on  Club Sea Breeze

Product is great however you can’t reschedule the trip if something comes up.  I like the compensation plan but might be a little difficult to grasp at first for newbies who are generally your average prospect.  Lastly, LGN uses the same vacation dealer but their investment is lower.

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  1. Club Sea Breeze compensation plan pays out early and often, and their travel benefits go far and beyond LGN’s condo access. They have personal travel assistants that offer cash back to all members as well as cash back travel portals. The comparison with LGN does not take into account all of the benefits that CSB incorporates. Go to there website and check it out for yourself.

    1. CSB compensation plan is based on a sales “panel” cycle that allows all associates to benefit, which is more equitable and fair than the competition’s “follow me” matrix. A matrix plan would take 188 sales to earn $78K. The CSB Comp Plan would take 24 sales to earn $10,000.

      Check out the website:

      Any questions, simply click on the “request a call back” button and their awesome support team will be more than happy to help you.

      1. Club Sea Breeze does use the same supplier but they also have “cash back” travel portals, “cash back” travel assistants, and “cash back” discovery deals. CSB is a licensed and bonded seller of travel every where but in Virginia where they are pending. This means that CSB can book any type of travel and are giving their members %50 of their commission in cash back on any type of travel you can imagine, whether that is luxury travel, cruises, or just a weekend trip to a local hotel. LGN only offers the condo piece.

        Click on the “request a call back” button for any lingering questions.

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