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David Schwind

David Schwind is also Best Known For:

David Schwind is best known for being one of the world’s best copywriters and his PPC work with his business partner Jim Yaghi.

David Schwind's Biography:

David Schwind is the owner of Marketing Vibrations LLC.  Many may not know much about the official company he runs but he is known for his released products and expertise in copywriting and PPC which we will go into in-depth.

As we stated before, David Schwind is one of the top-notch best copywriters in the game.  As a matter of fact, he was brought on Carbon Copy Pro to do just that and much of the company’s copy that you see was done by him.

As for his PPC work, he’s been involved in many well-known businesses and has mastered his marketing craft.  Those businesses include Carbon Copy Pro and Numis.  His mastery has allowed him to create many reputable products alongside another internet heavyweight Jim Yaghi.

The Google Switch, one of many successful products created by Schwind and Yaghi, is a 136-page report offering many tips, philosophies and practical advice for your internet marketing campaign.  It is broken down into 15 chapters which also contain diagrams for those who learn visually.

Another product these two have created is Facebook Brain-Bushwhack Tool to help you with your Facebook marketing.

David Schwind alone and with his business partner Jim Yaghi is always creating new and innovative products to help those keep on top of their marketing.  Marketing, especially on the internet, is similar to being a doctor; always reviewing and having to keep pace with the latest thing.  That can be a very difficult thing for someone to do especially if they are newbie and David Schwind at the very least does exactly that for those that can’t.

Here is a video of an interview he participated in talking about his career:

He has a family history with network marketing.  He has been exposed to the industry from a young age.  He is currently in Carbon Copy Pro, and recently joined our group in Numis Network.

David Schwind has recently joined David Wood in The Empower Network.

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