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Emmunize – What's the Problem?

You are probably here because you are looking for an impartial and third party review on a new company called Emmunize. I am not a rep for this company nor do I care if you join or not. I will simply give you the facts and provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision on whether or not this is right for you.

Emmunize has been making some big waves in the anti-virus community and has stood up to some very difficult testing. So, let's find out more about Emmunize and what the real problem with traditional antivirus software is.

Have you ever been working on your computer and all of the sudden it starts to slow down, or maybe act weird? This can sometimes be because your system is updating but can also be because of viruses and trojans that have infected your hard drive. These types of viruses are the most dangerous because they can compromise your personal information including but not limited to: credit card information, banking information, personal info and any other type of data that you choose to save to your computer.  Viruses and trojans have recently become an enormous problem, but companies like Emmunize have come around to put a stop to it all.

The United States Federal government has even begun severe defensive procedures against these types of attacks since they have become so wide spread now.  The average PC or Mac user is currently under the impression that they are being protected by whatever system they currently have installed. However, only a very small percentage of the anti-virus programs out there are ‘proactive' and watching over your PC.

Most are anti-virus programs are ‘passive' and ‘reactive' and can only RESPOND to attacks. Responding to a virus after it has already installed itself on your system is not effective and can leave your system open like the door to your car.  For weeks and months anyone that walks by can simply open the door, look around inside and do whatever they want. Emmunize stops the attacker dead in their tracks before this ever happens.

Emmunize – The Solution – Who Designed it?

Emmunize was designed by anti-virus specialists to take a ‘proactive' and preventative approach to protecting your computer from 99.9% of all malicious attacks. It does this by way of  ‘real time scanning'. Unlike most other anti-virus programs out there on the market Emmunize uses real time scanning engines to constantly monitor your system for any processes that just decide to pop up and start running without your permission. With all of the thousands of processes running on your PC its difficult if not impossible to be able to tell what should be running and what shouldn't. Emmunize knows automatically if something looks suspicious and alerts you whenever something shows up on your PC that shouldn't be there.

Imagine having an elite police force constantly patrolling your PC making sure that nobody gets by without a thorough inspection and possible interrogation. This gives you piece of mind and also gives the virus creators a real and very effective shield to get past should they ever plot an attack on your PC.

In addition Emmunize does not take up boatloads of memory like most anti-virus programs out there. The effect is your PC will run faster and use less system resources. Also virus updates are automatic and you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your personal information and data is proven secure for the long haul.

Emmunize – Proven Results – Has it Been Tested?

A reputable Malware research group called Effitas really put Emmunize through the grinder in their testing department. Under an extremely harsh testing environment Emmunize was found to protect PC's against 100% of all virus and trojan attacks including some that other popular anti-virus software could not stop at all! The popular programs are okay but why not be protected all the time instead of just part of the time?

Emmunize uses what is referred to as a cloud antivirus engine with a new technology called ‘whitelisting'. Using things like virus  definitions and signatures to identify potential threats is outmoded and very outdated. Most viruses and trojans start out as unknown files anyway and it's difficult if not impossible to identify them at first. This makes them hard to identify before they wreak havoc on your system (and your life) using traditional anti-virus applications.

Emmunize is the only software that uses this proactive approach to detecting and finding threats on your system. Now you simply do not have to worry at all about your system ever being compromised again. With all the things all of us juggle in our day to day lives, this takes the virus worries off the list for good.

Emmunize – The Compensation Plan – How do I get Paid?

Emmunize has a compensation plan that is a 3 x 9 forced matrix and has a front end retail component with a residual payment attached.  The cost to join is $59 and then $12 a month after that to stay active as a rep. Each person you bring in as a rep gets you a $10 fast start bonus with another $10 from what is called a founder club which equals a total of $20 per person you personally sponsor. Although this business can take a little while to build up, the residuals speak for themselves.

Whats more is even people that do not want to come in as reps can still provide you with a stable residual monthly income.

Emmunize – Is it Worth Joining?

Everyone needs some form of protection for their PC and this program offers state of the art protection in spades. In fact, one license covers up to 3 PC's! So, you've got a good product that everyone needs. The main problem with this type of business is and will always be generating targeted leads to join your business. If you don't have a good grasp on the best techniques to use you will struggle horribly.

To find out how to start generating leads for Emmunize right now simply click the link below to find out and get your private information ‘Emmunized' today.

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