Global Currency Coin Review

global currency coin gcr

Global Currency Coin Review – Legit or Scam

Welcome to my Global Currency Coin review! New Crypto-currencies appear to be coming in droves, left and right. This review cover another new crypto-currency platform, Global Currency Coin, based out of Poznan city in Western Poland. Like similar platforms, Global Currency Coin offers no certain product or service, only its virtual currency.

Global Currency Coin Overview

The company’s goal, according to its statement, is to have the currency become deeply embedded with everyday transactions, e.g. shopping or buying a cup of coffee – eventually replacing the currently used physical currency.

global currency coin gcr


Global Currency Coin brings a few fresh changes to the table. The most iconic of which being the reduced transaction verification times, though the industry average hovers at around half-hour mark, Global Currency Coin claims to finish all verifications within a minute.

The company behind Global Currency Coin is also developing an online store to support the currency, ‘Ecosystem 24’. Which may be a union of twenty-four different online stores. It is important to mention that, with the absence of the online store, there is currently no other place that Global Currency Coins can be spent.

Global Currency Coin Scheme

There are currently three possible methods to acquiring Global Currency Coin Coins, first is through purchasing the coins directly from the company itself – offered in three different packages; Silk, Velvet and Cashmere. Priced at €38, €588 and €1788 respectively. The actual amount of Global Currency Coin Coins acquired through these packages depends on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

The second method of acquiring Global Currency Coin Coins is through its affiliate program, which on its own spans eight levels. The third method is through spending Global Currency Coin Coins themselves, earning back some through a compensation plan.

Affiliates who recruit a new member, and provided that the new member make a purchase of Global Currency Coin Coins, the recruiter will receive 10% of the total purchase as bonus. But becoming an affiliate itself costs a hefty sum of €188 at the lowest level, up to €2888 at the highest level. However, the highest level offers a 3D Printer as bonus. Signing up as an affiliate will give access to all the 3D and Marketing material.

Furthermore, affiliates are also offered an unspecified cash bonus on a monthly basis, limited to affiliates who have at least the lowest level down-line, titled the ‘Pearl’ level.For those willing to spend €1888 to acquire the Gold-level affiliate membership, there is a prospect of receiving a share of company profits, though exact details of the earnings are not specified.

Is Global Currency Coin Legit or Scam?

The EcoSystem 24 store offered by Global Currency Coin appears to be an interesting concept, but no conclusion can yet be reached on its actual feasibility as it is currently under development. Overall, there seems to be a great lack of information regarding the functioning of Global Currency Coin. A great deal of promises and claims are made, but no real solid information to back them up. There is also no method available to actually spend the Global Currency Coin, as the supposed online store supporting Global Currency Coin is still under development. It might be worth actually waiting for more solid information and details to come through before engaging with Global Currency Coin.

NOTE: Global Currency coin has crashed.  Warning.

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