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Larry Beacham is also Best Known For

larry beachamLarry Beacham is best known for being a top marketer in the network/internet marketing industry with his company StoneColdMillionaire LLC.

Larry Beacham's Biography

Larry Beacham has a long history in the network/internet marketing industry. He is the founder of StoneColdMillionaire LLC, a company that specializes in creative marketing techniques and strategies. Anyone can say they’re creative but here is an example… Larry Beacham’s Post It Notes recruiting system is a formula using the concept of Post It Notes and an ink stamp. This can give you an idea of how he teaches his pupils.

The Stone Cold Millionaire business has been a great success for him due to his accomplishments in other marketing opportunities where he has created personal wealth and built his reputation that Stone Cold Millionaire stands on. His presence is on every major social media site. Obviously, he’s on Facebook and Better Networker but he’s also seen on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. As a matter of fact, if you search for his name on YouTube, Larry Beacham’s YouTube videos are mostly of him either giving an interview or conducting a seminar posted by others. There isn’t much, if any, of his personal postings on the streaming site. It shows how many people follow him and use his image for their business.

Larry Beacham’s MLM/marketing success has come in many forms and with many different companies. Larry Beacham’s involvement with LeadNetPro, Amway along with Larry Beacham’s ZNZ businesses have shaped him. Recently, The Numis Network was his current pet project – the company that opened its doors in the heart of the recession to grow into one of the most well-known silver and gold coins/marketing opportunities in recent years. However, Larry Beacham’s Numis business came to a halt when he upped and left the company to join Visalus. Visalus if you haven’t heard is the hottest weight loss and health program going today. It’s a very traditional MLM business opportunity where many are going against the status quo of not asking friends and family to join. Many newbies’s and veterans like Larry Beacham are now involved. Like many other people in this particular company have found, Larry Beacham’s Visalus business is growing rapidly.

Larry Beacham Review: As an Author

Aside from the act of marketing, Larry Beacham is also an author. Of course, the authors marketing books but his latest is Larry Beacham’s “The LinkedIn Lead Generation Blueprint”. As a matter of fact, this book has been praised by so many that it has people referring to him as “The LinkedIn King”.

To keep updated with “The LinkedIn King” you can visit Larry Beacham’s blog for the most updated information and his general thoughts.  Note: Blog is not in service.

Larry Beacham is a former mortgage broker.   He has a somewhat aggressive style.  I have heard from a few prospects that his style turned them off.  But, he has some great ideas and it a good marketer who always has new ideas.

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