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Mannatech Review: An Overview

Mannatech is another network marketing company within the health and supplements niche and focuses on providing real food supplements such as its Ambrotose product which has been around for fifteen years.

Mannatech Review:

Mannatech Review: The Facts:

  • Founded in 1993
  • Based in Coppell, Texas
  • Operations in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Austria and the Netherlands and is due to launch in Mexico in early 2011.
  • Founded by Samuel L Caster

Mannatech Review: The Product

Mannatech provides a number of different health, weight management and skin care products focussing on the benefits of glyconutrients. Their initial product was Ambrotose Complex which is a supplement to strengthen the body’s immune system and provide general health benefits. Since then Real 4 Life range of supplements and a number of other products. Mannatech has over 45 patents worldwide for its products.

Mannatech Review: Compensation Plan

The Mannatech compensation plan is a binary compensation plan with each leg determining what commissions you qualify for. You initially sign up for $499 and an autoship monthly of $100 and help two others to do the same earning $75/person or a total of $150 for these first two. After that you need to help them enrol their two, and so on. A personal power bonus of $425 is earned when you have a total of 6000 pack qualifying credits in each leg, and if you complete this within the first three business periods you will also receive a fast track bonus of $425. When you have three associates in each leg you will receive a team bonus of $100. In addition you can also receive other bonuses when your referrals get power bonuses or fast start bonuses.

Mannatech Review: Leaders

The ‘A-Team’ in Mannatech, headed by Tim and Poni Altvater is a strong team within Mannatech and is taking advantage of internet and social marketing methods to grow their team and has also come up with their own marketing platform.

Final Thoughts on this Mannatech Review

Mannatech is a traditional binary compensation plan.  The costs of the business investment, products and autoship are pretty standard in the industry.  The key with this compensation plan is to help and recruit distributors.  There are other binary companies like Mannatech out there who have a more lucrative compensation plan and before joining you should look at some of them further.

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  1. This is a wonderful product, I know of 11 terminally ill Cancer patients who had wonderful results with Ambrotose Complex. Contact me if you would like to purchase or need info.

    1. Do not trust anyone who espouses their product can cure cancer.

      Mannatech products CAN have great results BUT you can KILL PEOPLE if you give such advice EVEN if you are a doctor.

      This is a typical ploy from Mannatech associates trying to prey on the innocent. There is alot more to cancer than just recommending a few nutrients (albeit necessary)

      RUN AWAY from this person FAST!!

  2. Mannatech’s Give for Real program is simple, yet powerful. You consume the nutritional products you need, and Mannatech helps a child in need.Mannatech produces products that are designed to help with each individual’s health. Balancing science and nutrition, each product supports the immune system and the body’s organs. As a mother of 5, it is great to have these products on hand. If you are looking to start a wonderful career or wanting to try these awesome products, please give me a call or email me.

  3. Unfotunately Mannatech is infested with liars and cheats at both corporate and distributor level. Their cmp plan is NOT a binary. Their products ARE mostly good but now outdated. They love to put other quality products and compaies down rather than just compete fairly. Join them at your own risk.


    I used to run health & business teleseminars and physical open seminars and trainings across Australia and New Zealand with full authority of and publicity by Mannatech.

    Mannatech does not follow it’s own policies and precedures. They interpret them to suit themselves and allow select top distributors free reign to do whatever they wish so long as they are “in the good books”.

    The company and some top distributors then turned on me because I also associated with other companies that sold what Mannatech considered to be competitive products. They were NOT.

    Mannatech accused me of crossline and downline promotion of competing companies that could not be proven. Distributors and company officials lied in statutory declarations.

    The company finally decided to terminate my business after 10+ years of dedicated promotion and support. They can do that because they sign the cheques, have expensive lawyers and deeper pockets to fight you till you are exhausted, emotionally destroyed or have run out of money (or all of the above)


    1. Glenn, you are the typical cyber vampire. You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. MANNATECH AND IT’S PRODUCTS ARE CHANGING THE LIVES OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE – health wise as well as financially. The rediculous and inexplicable way that you are vomiting negative talk towards this fantastic company, will never change that.

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