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per gunnar hoem

per gunnar hoemPer Gunnar Hoem is also Best Known For:

Per Gunnar Hoem is well known for being a top producer in two major companies.

Per Gunnar Hoem's Biography:

Per Gunnar Hoem is one of the most successful and controversial internet marketers today.

Per Gunnar Hoem is from Norway and he’s made a name for himself in two big companies that include Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International (WMI). He’s been involved with both companies starting in 2009 and is currently still a distributor for both home-based business opportunities.

His controversy comes with Wealth Masters International which coincidentally most of his success has come from. He’s a winner of 3 sales awards with the company. In 2011, Hoem won 2 Gold Awards through WMI in sales as a Top M1 and mPower sales. He won another Gold Award in April for mPower sales.

The controversy with Per Gunnar Hoem is this…in December of 2010 the Norwegian Gaming Board ruled that Wealth Masters International was indeed a “pyramid” and not a legitimate business. The powers that be appealed but later lost. Per Gunnar Hoem continued to market and sell the course despite the ruling. However, there were some grey areas that he took advantage of and some believe legally gave him the right to market the course. Because he wasn’t marketing to anyone in Norway, it was a bit of a loop hole for him to continue his business, win awards and earn money.

Although there aren’t many sources linking Hoem directly/personally, there are a few testimonials that are in favour of him and his efforts.

“Per Gunnar is to me a great team leader and inspirator”.

– Ragnvald Follestad (25/01/10)

Here is another testimonial via YouTube:

One quality that people want before deciding to join an opportunity with a person or team is transparency. Finding information on Per Gunnar Hoem can be trying and this raises a red flag. His facebook fan page is all but non-existent, has no real visible twitter account too. His main website is even not functional at the moment. However, there aren’t any real negative reviews or issues that you would find with a lot of business opportunity leaders. Yes, there is the continuous marketing of WMI despite wishes of the Norwegian Gaming Board is questionable but there isn’t anything specific on an inability to help you succeed. But with that said, there isn’t a lot of info on the ‘net about him and it’s not completely out of line to question his internet marketing skills.

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