#shorts Side Hustles 2022

#shorts Side Hustles 2022

#shorts Side Hustles 2022

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Go ahead your own speaker i'm gonna need You to come in today mark called out and I need you to cover his shift i Apologize for the inconvenience mark has Caused you but i have already committed To some other plans for the day really And what plans are those well i mean Aside from saving my fish from drowning This morning i'm going to have to Respectfully decline to divulge what Plans i have committed to because They're personal you know you're easily Replaceable right Considering you don't have enough Employees as it is or you wouldn't be Calling me to cover someone else's shift I unequivocally believe that i'm not as Replaceable as you're attempting to lead Me to believe So i mean as incredibly fun as this Conversation has been i'm gonna have to Get back to the plans i've already Committed to so you have a nice day

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