eBay Shipping - 15 Mile Run | The Vlog Ep. 02

eBay Shipping: A 15 Mile Run | The Vlog Episode 02

I, along with my team, welcome you to our vlog episode 02, where I will take you on a narrated journey through the exciting world of eBay shipping. Join me as I share my personal experiences and valuable insights on…

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Ross & Marshalls Finds - Spartan Race Training | The Vlog Ep. 01

Discover Amazing Ross & Marshalls Finds while Training for the Spartan Race | The Vlog Ep. 01

I’m excited to share with you my incredible experience of training for the Spartan Race while discovering some amazing finds at Ross & Marshalls. Join me as I embark on this thrilling journey in the first episode of my vlog…

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How To Ship Shoes on eBay Without Original Box!

A Guide to Shipping Shoes on eBay Without the Original Box

As an avid eBay seller and shoe enthusiast, I have always struggled with the question of how to ship shoes without the original box. Many buyers prefer to receive their shoes in pristine condition, complete with the original packaging. However,…

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How FAST Can I List 20 Shoes on eBay??

Listing 20 Shoes on eBay: How Quickly Can I Do It?

I, as an experienced eBay seller, have often been asked about the efficiency of listing shoes on the platform. So, I decided to put this question to the test: “How quickly can I list 20 shoes on eBay?” In this…

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NEW Texas Warehouse Tour + Where Have We Been!

Exploring Our Newest Texas Warehouse: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour and Our Recent Adventures!

Hello there! Welcome to my blog post where I’ll be taking you on a virtual tour of our newest Texas warehouse. Join me as I share my exhilarating behind-the-scenes adventure and explore the marvels that await us. So, fasten your…

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