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Matt Hoffer is an online internet marketer who loves rock climbing and generating free leads. Weird combo... but it works! I also build niche websites and love generating passive income! Ask me how!


  1. TraVerus Travel is an international travel company with an affiliation to agents in approx. 90 countries around the world. The company promotes travel opportunities in packages to individuals who seek travel opportunities and at the same time, desire to generate income promoting the opportunity to others.

    1. OK, this is a little crazy to me. why does he have another travel club company called paycation travel which is completely separated from this one. First of all travel is a huge industry with many to payout, infact the people working on cruise on mostly foreigners working extremely hard long hours on their feet and low pay hoping that they will make it up on tips mostly shared, wow. These so called special agent incentive travel prices I am sure are very limited. these travel clubs I think are like time share lots of hype

  2. Greetings Amanda here, I’m one of the UK pioneers, this business has peaked and is at its best ever position. People are incredibly excited giving back hope, helping others get out of stuck and achieve more. The beauty of this business is the fact that we’re doing what we love most anyway and being paid for it is a bonus. Working together with others expands our global reach and assists us to impact more lives. Well done Matt for this excellent commentary and true portrayal outlining the business opportunities in detail – Amanda Burnett UK Traverus Global Pioneer Team

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