Using a Book to Attract 1,000 New Customers: A Strategy for Every Industry!

How to Use a BOOK to Get 1,000 New Customers (works in every industry!)

I am excited to share with you today an effective strategy that can help businesses in any industry attract 1,000 new customers: Using a Book! Let's explore how leveraging a book can be a powerful tool in reaching and engaging with a larger audience.

Using a Book to Attract 1,000 New Customers: A Strategy for Every Industry!


Hey there! I am thrilled to share with you my journey of utilizing a book to attract over 1000 new customers. Yes, you heard it right! Initially, I had no audience about eight years ago but managed to publish a book on Amazon, which resulted in over 800 leads. Today, I'll walk you through the strategy that can easily get thousands of customers by creating a low or medium content book and including a call to action within it.

The Power of a Book in Customer Acquisition

Let's dive straight into how publishing a book on Amazon for free can significantly impact your customer base. Here are the key steps to follow:

  1. Choosing the Right Topic: It's essential to select a topic that appeals to your target market. What are your customers interested in reading about?

  2. Writing a Medium Content Book: A medium content book offers insightful information without overwhelming the reader. This type of book works wonders in attracting quality leads.

  3. Including a Call to Action: Don't forget to add a compelling call to action within your book. Encourage readers to sign up for a bonus on your website, creating warm leads that trust you as an author.

  4. Leveraging Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Program: This program allows you to publish your book on Amazon for free. Take advantage of this platform to reach a broader audience.

  5. Utilizing Print on Demand Services: With Amazon's print on demand service for eBooks and paperbacks, your book will be printed only when someone orders it. This eliminates upfront costs and ensures a seamless process.


In conclusion, using a book to attract 1,000 new customers is a powerful strategy that can benefit businesses across all industries. By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively leverage the potential of publishing a book to expand your customer base and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field.


  1. Is it costly to publish a book on Amazon?
    Publishing a book on Amazon is free of cost, thanks to the Kindle Direct Publishing program!

  2. How can a book help me attract new customers?
    A book serves as a valuable marketing tool that showcases your expertise and attracts potential customers through targeted content.

  3. Why is choosing the right topic crucial for a book?
    Selecting a topic that resonates with your target market increases the chances of attracting quality leads who are genuinely interested in your offerings.

  4. What is the benefit of using a medium content book for lead generation?
    A medium content book strikes the right balance between providing valuable information and capturing the reader's interest, making it more likely to convert leads.

  5. Can I get my book printed at an affordable cost?
    Through Amazon's print on demand service, you can have your book printed at a minimal cost, ensuring a hassle-free publishing experience.

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