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Vinet – A Social Networking Tool from a Record Breaking Networking Company

Vinet is a social media tool that takes the sting out of Network Marketing. No one wants to be told to dig a hole with a spoon. We want to be as efficient with our time as we can. Sometimes bugging family and friends isn't always the most effective way of starting a profitable networking business. In addition clear communication between team members and consistent training has to occur in order for folks to be able to collaborate effectively.

ViNet is part of an awesome set of marketing tools in your Visalus back office area. A good example of a marketing tool is a system that generates what are referred to as ‘leads' through say a ‘Direct Mail Campaign'. Now, in direct mail you have to pay for the postage and the printed cards. With email online it costs you nothing. But how do you get leads? You need a place for people to put their name and information so you can follow up with them.  A ‘lead' is someone who is interested in your product or service and has requested more information and wants a follow up call. ViNet and the back office area gives you the power acquire and easily follow up with leads you can generate through email with the click of a mouse.

Now, one many might think that something like this might be difficult or even complicated to use…

Thankfully ViNet is not very hard to learn at all. In fact, ViNet has high quality tutorials that walk you step by step on what you need to do next. In a nutshell ViNet is similar to Facebook in the sense that it connects all the participants of the Body by Vi 90 day challenge, but it also gives that person a sense of community and the awareness that there are other's online that are achieving the same weight loss goals as they are.

It's also important to keep in mind that ViNet is a social networking ‘application' that runs in the Visalus Sciences back office and is very similar to Facebook.


ViNet – The Perfect Social Plugin for Your Weight Loss Business

Just a few of the cool things you can do on ViNet are:

  • Chat with Friends in Real Time. Talk online and get instant real answers from other people on the challenge
  • Deluxe Profile.  Integrate Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Linkedin Profiles..and more
  • Pre-Written Email Campaigns. So you don't have to worry about what to say when following up
  • Pre-Populated Landing Pages. This is so you don't have to do all the explaining. The info videos do it for you and the landing pages are rated top-quality by industry experts
  • Upload Smartphone Pics. See how other people are transforming in their 90 day challenge and upload you own pics via your personal vinet pic upload address for your smart phone

So, in ViNet you can chat in real time when you log in to your mobile friendly back office. You can of course upload media from your camera or cellphone anytime and keep other people you are friends with on ViNet filled in on how your challenge is coming (how much you've lost so far etc.). This social interaction part of weight loss has proven to be a catalyst for sticking to your guns during a diet. It is scientifically proven in spades that if you surround yourself with other people that want the same goal and work together to achieve it, you have a much better chance for success in attaining your own goal.

In addition ViNet offers an extremely powerful solution to what I refer to as the ‘follow up dilemma' . That is, the “What do I tell them now” thing. Yes, we all have to start somewhere in Marketing. The problem is being intuitive enough to know what someone will want to hear next or better yet what NOT to say to them and so on. Learning this stuff the old fashioned way is like using a spoon to dig a hole 100 feet deep. With Vinet, you get the communication you need right at the time that you need it.

Customized Landing Pages in ViNet – Talk to People that Want to Talk to You!

So you're marketing online and so you need a place online to send someone besides your default mass-produced Visalus page right? No problem, simply select your ViNet landing page (where you can capture visitors information), get it in front of the right traffic stream online and watch people start to opt in (to your newsletter).

This is also referred to as email marketing and is very effective in the sense that the maintenance on an email list is virtually nothing. It's also good to bear in mind Visalus spent millions of dollars developing these landing pages for ultimate response rates conversion. Remember, these folks want you to succeed, and they have put together an arsenal of tools, materials, tactics and strategies to help you reach your goals quickly and easily.

Email Marketing Made Easy – Anyone Could Do This!

What ViNet has done is made it so you do not have to be guessing at what email or link to send someone next. You simply select the email you would like to send them (the one that best suits them), and push go! The ViNet auto-responder then auto-populates the email template with your sign up links and everything the recipient will need in order for them to make a clear and informed decision.

A Complete Encyclopedia of Training and Promo Tools…

ViNet also runs alongside a back office area that contains Power Point presentations, PDF's, JPEGS, PNG's, GIFS and every other graphic you can dream of. ViNet is also a training mecca. There are so many ways to get informed and brought up to speed in your back office it is pretty amazing. The info is plentiful and so are the materials too. With quality back office tools like this it will be easy for anyone to succeed.

Vinet – A Social Networking Tool from a Record Breaking Networking Company

ViNet is the first (yes. that's right the first) online social media application that runs in a network marketing companies back office! It connect all their users so anyone can communicate with anyone they wish (with permission of course). It's really just like Facebook. Seeing that so many people use ViNet, it can also give the company an opportunity to see what it is that their customers really need and gives everyone in the Visalus community a separate and heard voice.

With a company that is so advanced in their concepts you would think this would be a crowning jewel but actually it's just the tip of the iceberg. The company itself grew 3000% percent in under a year and is still giving consistent compound month over month growth at 35%!  ViNet is a tiny act in the middle of a gigantic circus of success. ViNet is also the first attempt of a company to go online and to encourage getting customers for your business using the internet.

Visalus designs their promo tools not around where network marketing has been, but instead where it is GOING! = Online.

There are many weight loss companies around both online and offline but remember it all comes down to getting more done in less time. This product has a proven track record of success. This product is the first of it's kind. The customer to distributor ratio is 6 to 1 (the highest EVER). And this company is looking for people to grow with both in health and in wealth.

Find out more about how you can use ViNet to cover your expenses in under 30 days…


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