Xowii Review

Xowii Review 1

Xowii Review: An Overview

Xowii is a multi-level marketing company specializing in energy drinks and other drink-type supplements. It’s introductory product is their Xowii Energy drink and made from the KonaRed Coffee Fruit. It’s compensation plan is also based on a binary model with 10% on the weaker side of your team.

Xowii Review

Xowii Review: The Facts

  • Xowii Energy was only released in October 2009; the second product (Xowii Thin) came in November 2009.
  • Based in Newport Beach, California
  • Xowii means ‘life’ in Greek.
  • Founded by Richard Kelly and James Christiansen
  • Other members of the Xowii executive team include Kevin Larson, Bill Sickert and Scott Miller

Xowii Review: Product

This company is currently has three energy drink products – Xowii Energy, Xowii Thin and Xowii Ltimate. Xowii Ltimate is the new flagship product and is a comprehensive liquid nutrient supplement. Xowii Energy was the first product released and the real energy drink and Xowii Thin is the weight management drink.

Xowii Review: Xowii Compensation Plan

The Xowii compensation plan is based on a binary model with 10% on the weaker side of your team as your binary team commission. In addition you can also earn money by purchasing drinks wholesale and selling them retail as well as a number of other bonuses such as the fast start bonus, business builder bonus, rank advancement bonus, executive check match, car bonus, retail sales pool, leader pool and diamond run pool. Most of these bonuses are paid weekly except that the rank advancement bonuses are once-off and the car bonus is a monthly reimbursement for the luxury vehicle of your choice offered to double diamond, pearl and black pearl ranks.


Xowii Pro Team is a leader in Xowii, one of the fastest growing teams in Xowii with top 1% income earners in the industry. Team Xowii is another leading team in this company.

Final Thoughts on Xowii

Xowii is a really new company so it offers a really good potential for building a juice business.  Just remember that many people are now leaning away from consumables and are looking at other product categories.

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  1. Xowii is an incredible company that is changing the lives of many. The Ultimate, Energy and Thin offer the highest level of vitamins and antioxidants in the industry. It is helping with Neurofunction, vision. focus, range of motion, weight loss , energy.
    And the best thing is that all products are all natural and are compatible with all prescription medications.
    All products are gluten, dairy, allergen free and the glucosamine is plant derived.
    This week only Xowii offers the Blitz calls. Please be sure to take just this short time in your day and call in and listen… Lose Weight Fast No Exercise No Diets>>>Some losing over 50lbs in 6 months. If your overweight or know someone that is listen to 9 minute call today. Dates: Wednesday August 18 thru Tuesday August 24>>> Dial in number: 1.712.432.3030 Access code: 905563# Weekday times: 1:30PM EST and 9:30PM EST >>>Weekend times: 11:30AM EST 2:30PM EST
    The products are fabulous and the opportunity is bar none incredible so hop on board.
    Please be sure to contact me at http://www.xowii.com/thewellnessgroupinc

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