12 Highest Paying Work-at-Home Jobs 2023

12 Highest Paying Work-at-Home Jobs 2023

Looking for a work-from-home job? Check out this list of the 12 highest-paying jobs you can work from home in 2023. These are great options for stay-at-home moms, dads, students, retirees, and anyone looking to make some extra money working from home. With so many online job opportunities, there's no reason you can't start working from home this year!

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If you are over commuting to your nine To five job then first of all you're not Alone and second of all good news for You with societal Norms shifting and Technology ever advancing today there Are more work from home job Opportunities than ever before and it is Entirely possible for you to find your Dream job that allows you to work when And where you want whether that means Traveling the world or working from your Living room in your pjs maybe Homeschooling your kids at the same time So what do you say we take a look at Some of the highest paid work at home Positions available this year no rush Hour required first up on our list is Podcast managers so podcast managers are The people who manage podcasts you're Probably aware that podcasts are Becoming increasingly popular over the Last few years with new shows popping up On the daily and every single show needs Someone to manage them now some Podcasters do it themselves but a lot Including myself hire a manager or a Managing agency Plan the episode Always helps produce them and also helps To market the show with those hard Skills in your tool belt and the natural Skills of organization creativity and Management you can get into this Industry fairly easily and it pays

Really well typically podcast managers Charge anywhere between a few hundred Dollars and several thousand dollars per Episode depending of course on their Skills and the services that they offer But also on their clients show and their Clients businesses typically though Podcast managers charge at least a Couple thousand dollars per client per Month so with just a few clients on your Roster you can make a great living as a Podcast manager the second position on The list is virtual assistant so you Probably know what an assistant or an Administrative assistant does a little Bit of this a little bit of that and a Lot of everything right well a virtual Assistant does the same thing only Virtually meaning they can work from Home common tasks of a virtual assistant Include scheduling social media posts Answering emails and helping to manage Customers but you can specialize as a Virtual assistant in whatever area of Assistance is interesting to you some Virtual assistants focus on customer Service others focus on Tech Systems Just as a couple examples something That's really cool about being a virtual Assistant is that you can get started Literally today with the skills that you Already have but you can greatly Increase your earning potential over Time as you develop new skills as a

Beginning virtual assistant with only The most basic skills you can already Start earning about fifteen dollars per Hour but you can easily increase your Rates up to the range of 50 to 70 Dollars per hour as you advance your Skills the next job I want to share with You is only for certain personality Types but if it's a good fit for you it Can be extremely lucrative it is that of High ticket closer a high ticket closer Is a type of sales representative who Specializes in closing very expensive Products so for example you might be Selling expensive coaching packages or Expensive service packages or expensive Physical products for example I recently Had someone come out to my house to give Me a quote for having solar installed on My house that person is essentially a High ticket closer now that person was Selling a physical product locally but There are also High ticket closers who Work from their own home selling digital Products online or products that get Shipped out to customers High ticket Closers often work on commission Sometimes in addition to an hourly rate And your earning potential with this job Greatly depends on how good you are at It now there are some training programs Out there you can look into for becoming A high ticket closer but it's definitely Not something that requires formal

Education or a degree and it can allow You to earn literally tens of thousands Of dollars per month in income job Number four is customer service Representative so there could be some Cross over here between a customer Service representative and a virtual Assistant but a customer service Represent is much more specialized you Can work for multiple clients as a Customer service representative Answering emails or the phone or Supporting their customers in other ways In this capacity becoming a customer Service representative doesn't require Any sort of formal education all you Need is some good communication skills To be punctual and to be reliable as a Customer service representative you can Work from home and earn anywhere from About twenty five dollars an hour up to About 50. the next high paying work from Home position on the list is that a Social media manager this job has Exploded over just the past few years as Businesses have more and more marketed Themselves on social media but a lot of Business owners realize that this isn't Exactly their Forte or area of expertise So they want to bring in a professional To help but they're not necessarily Looking for someone with a college Degree in fact a lot of the time they're Specifically not looking for that be

Because colleges don't tend to keep up With the latest trends they more want Someone who is up and up with the times And is very familiar around social media While also being very organized and Reliable and a bit creative most social Media managers help to curate and create Content for social media post it on a Daily or weekly basis and manage their Clients social media accounts if you Enjoy spending time on social media Yourself then this could be a great Opportunity for you social media Managers also often charge their clients Monthly rates rather than hourly rates Which means that the faster you can get Your tasks done the more you can earn Per hour and you can even expand your Social media manage your career by Turning your business into an agency Where you delegate the tasks from your Clients to people who work for you Allowing you to work a whole lot less While earning a whole lot more social Media managers charge their clients Anywhere from around three hundred Dollars per month up to around ten Thousand dollars per month depending on The client and how much help they need With their social media if you have a Specific area of expertise then you may Not need to work at all let me explain What I mean professional consultants get Paid basically to provide their

Expertise or their advice to their Clients they don't actually do the work They don't provide any sort of Deliverable they just meet with their Clients or give their written advice This can involve simply answering your Clients questions providing audits Developing strategy and other types of Guidance if you're an extrovert and you Enjoy interpersonal communication and You have an area of expertise then this Could be an excellent opportunity for You and one that pays very well Consultants typically charge a minimum Of fifty dollars per hour and a hundred Dollars plus per hour is much more Common what about becoming a graphic Designer now it's true that the graphic Design field is quite competitive in Fact some would even say say it is Saturated that's Marky saturation There are a lot of people out there who Market themselves as graphic designers Even though they might not know what They're doing but if you are willing to Take the time to pursue your education And develop the necessary skills and you Also have a natural gift of creativity And design then this is an excellent Opportunity for you because good graphic Designers are paid very well job number Eight is that of web developer a great Opportunity for anyone who loves Tech Has an interest in coding and is looking

For a job that doesn't require them to Leave their house many web development Positions are available either for Employees or for Freelancers that are Remote work from home type jobs starting This career involves learning several Coding languages such as HTML CSS and Java as well as learning ux and UI Design principles although web Development might seem daunting at first And even Out Of Reach with perseverance And effort applied it can be a rich and Rewarding career and you will really Enjoy developing those skills and Developing confidence along the way and That perceived barrier of entry into This field is actually a great thing for You if you're willing to push through it Because it means there's a lot less Competition for web developers and web Developers can earn a great hourly rate I'm willing to bet that a lot of you Haven't heard of this next career Opportunity that I'm going to share with You it's that of online business manager Often abbreviated as OBM the first time I ever encountered this profession was When someone I knew hired an OBM to Manage their business I thought that was Really odd because it seemed to me like Someone would probably want to manage Their own business but a few years later I ended up making the same move hiring An opium myself and here's why a lot of

The time entrepreneurs are Visionaries They have lots of ideas for how to Improve their business and Market their Business and develop products but They're not necessarily that good at Managing the day-to-day operations of Their business and keeping the tight Ship that they need to in order for Their business to run smoothly and That's where an online business manager Comes in if you're someone who is good At managing projects is very organized And is also good at communication than Becoming an online business manager Could be a great opportunity for you Online business managers typically Charge several thousand dollars per Month per client depending on the size Of their clients businesses and how much They are doing for each of their clients The next job we're going to look at is That of video editor so video editor is Someone who takes video clips that Someone else has recorded and then Crafts them together into a cohesive Video project this could be for a YouTube video a movie or a documentary Or a marketing video for a business as You're probably aware marketing and Entertainment and communication have all Been trending towards Visual and Specifically video content content over The past several years and increasingly This is how people communicate and while

Some video creators edit their own Videos many especially businesses choose To hire professional video editors to do It for them so that they can save a lot Of time and effort and get much better Results it saves time in time my friend Is money If you're a creative person who enjoys Working on projects and working on the Computer then becoming a video editor Might be a good fit for you I'd Recommend that you start out by taking Some free courses and watching some free Tutorials online about video editing and Try your hand at a few projects yourself For yourself first then you might do a Little bit of pro bono work or take on Some simple projects to get your feet Wet if it all goes well and you find out That you enjoy this type of work you can Advance your skills through more Advanced training programs and through a Lot of practice eventually being able to Charge in the range of 50 to 100 dollars Per hour for your video editing Services Next let's look at copywriting and no I'm not talking about patents and Trademarks and that sort of thing I'm Talking about the act of writing copy Copy is the words that are used in Marketing so these are the words on an Ad the words in a marketing email the Words on a website all of that is copy And there are people out there who

Specialize in writing this type of Content and they get paid very well for It if you are a good communicator and Specifically a good writer and you enjoy Marketing and research and you're Willing to work to hone your skills then This is a great opportunity for you to Be able to work from home in a very Lucrative profession copywriters Typically earn at least 100 per hour and Many of them earn in excess of five Hundred dollars per hour they choose to Do very high quality work for a small Amount of time rather than doing a lot Of low quality lower paying work as with Many of the careers on this list Copywriters definitely don't need any Sort of formal education or a degree However you will need to learn about Copywriting itself work on honing your Writing skills study marketing all of What you can do through online courses If you're able to successfully develop Your skills and become a persuasive Copywriter then you'll be able to very Effectively Market your own services and Attract some great clients the final job On our list today is that of travel Agent so you are probably familiar with The basics of what a travel agent does Helping their clients to plan trips and Arrange their accommodations Traditionally travel agents have worked In the offices of travel agencies but we

Have seen more and more freelance travel Agents pop up all over the world and These travel agents can work from home Online making their career very flexible Both in terms of when they work and Where they're working from travel agents Not only can earn hourly rates or Package rates they also can earn a lot Of incentives and referral bonuses from The companies that they are booking the Travel with for example if you book Airfare or hotels or tour trips for your Clients then you can get a lot of perks And like I said referral bonuses or Affiliate commissions from those which Can end up earning you even more than Your client is paying you directly and Can more than double your monthly income Now that we've covered some of the Highest paying work from home Opportunities let's talk about one of The most important aspects of Successfully working from home most of The time you can earn the most and have The greatest amount of flexibility if You work for yourself rather than Becoming an employee most people get Started working for themselves by Becoming a freelancer just an individual Who's working for clients directly but Over time you can dramatically scale Your income by growing your business and Developing it into either a service Agency where you have a team of people

Who are providing services to your Clients or by developing your business Model to instead sell products and Focusing on products with high profit Margins if you're interested in getting Started working for yourself and even Starting your own online business then Check out my free video course small Business 101. in this free course I Teach all the basics of how to legally Start your own business how to set up Your website develop your branding and Even start attracting your first Customers you can sign up for the free Course right now at gillianparkins.com 101. I know you'll find this course Incredibly insightful it will help to Motivate you and give you the Practical Next steps to get your business started And to start actually making money Online and if you want to keep learning Even more about working online then be Sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel For new videos every single week I know That finding a legitimate high-paying Work from home job can be daunting so I Really hoped that this video and list Helped you to understand some of your Different options and get the process Started with finding a career that's a Good fit for you thanks so much for Being here today and I hope to see you Again next week in my next video

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