5 ONE-MINUTE Habits that Save Me 25+ Hours/Week [Productivity for Busy People]

5 ONE-MINUTE Habits that Save Me 25+ Hours/Week [Productivity for Busy People]

Are you struggling to find time for everything on your to-do list? Are you a busy person who feels like there aren't enough hours in the day? If so, this video is for you! In just one minute a day, you can adopt five easy habits that will help you save 25+ hours a week. These simple habits are perfect for busy people who want to boost their productivity without sacrificing precious time. So, if you're ready to make the most out of every minute, join us and discover how these habits can help you achieve your goals and manage your time more effectively.

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Between running my business this YouTube Channel my podcast taking care of my House and homeschooling my five kids my Life is full to the Max and the only way It's possible for me to do it all at all Is with a serious commitment to Simplicity and minimalism and with a lot Of Grace but about five months ago we Welcomed our fifth baby into our family Who may have watched the video about Ezra's birth story he came six weeks Early it was really unexpected but as You can imagine bringing a baby into the Mix is already such a mix really kind of Took things over the edge and suddenly I Felt like my life wasn't just full it Was overflowing and not really in the Most ideal way so at this point I feel Like some things need to change I need To figure out some ways to save some Time in my schedule some things to cut Out or else this just isn't going to Keep working Thank you [Music] So the very first thing I decided to Change was the time that I wake up every Morning so I was just getting ready for Bed and I was trying to decide what time I should wake up in the morning and like Thinking about all the things I needed To do tomorrow and then I was like you Know this is time right now that I'm Spending thinking about this I could be

Doing something else but instead I'm Trying to make this decision what if I Just got up at the same time every Morning I mean would that save me time Of course it wasn't completely easy to Get in the habit of waking up every Single morning at seven o'clock Especially on weekends I felt like Sleeping in but I also really thought That this was probably something that Was going to help me to have more time In my life so I was committed to Sticking it out after waking up at the Same time every morning for about two Weeks it just started feeling really Natural and normal and I stopped wanting To sleep in and I think the reason for That was because I was falling asleep More quickly I was getting more better Quality sleep and so I wasn't as tired Anymore so it's Saturday morning and I Woke up at 7am just like like I have Been doing for the last week or so and It is incredible how much I've already Gotten done this morning like I've Already managed to do some journaling And read my Bible and even do some Exercise and those are things that I Normally feel like I have a really hard Time fitting in but they're all done and It's not even 8 A.M yet and now I feel Like I just have the whole day ahead of Me to spend on anything I want the next Thing I decided to tackle was my workout

Routine now I want to work out I really Do but it's always tough to find the Time to actually go to the gym we live a Little bit out of town so the closest Gym is 10 minutes away and it's not even Really the gym I want to be going to but It's the gym that I'm currently a member Of because to go to another gym would be Like half an hour and I just can't Justify half an hour there half an hour Back plus the time working out but I've Always felt like I could really motivate Myself to get a way better workout in if I went to the gym but here's what I Decided to try I wanted to figure out What the the most efficient workout I Could do is and what I mean by that is Like what is the thing I could do that Would take the least amount of time but Give me the best overall workout give me The best results and so that I don't Have to motivate myself to work out for As long this seems like a win-win to me So I did a whole bunch of research Including even reading a few books about Exercise and I narrowed it down to three Different workouts that burn the most Calories and work out the most different Muscle groups in your body at the same Time and those were first of all just High intensity interval training you've Probably heard of that before hit that's Going to burn the most calories in the Least amount of time by varying your

Heart rate second is Tabata I hadn't Really heard about this before but I Guess it is a four minute high intensity Workout that again burns the maximum Number of calories and is mostly or all Done with body weight exercises and then The last one I got from Tim ferriss's Book the four hour body and it is the Two Hand kettlebell Wing this is a full Body workout that literally takes only About 90 seconds and even I have time For that so while going to the gym three Times a week would cost me four to five Hours of my time at least these new Exercise strategies cost me practically No time at all and should get me the Same or possibly even better results and That means that I'm saving those four or Five hours a week Oh okay that was exhausting okay so this Next one's a doozy I know you know it I Know you don't want to hear it but I Decided to delete Instagram from my Phone so this actually isn't the first Time I've deleted Instagram I've Probably done a couple times but Specifically I know about a year and a Half ago I deleted it and I had it off My phone for about a year because I just Felt like I was spending way too much Time on it and it just was not healthy And it was a really good change to have It off my phone I immediately just felt Like lighter and Freer and it was so

Good but then after Ezra was born and I Was just spending all this time Breastfeeding I spent a lot of that time Reading but there was times when I was Just too tired or it was late at night And I didn't feel like reading or I just Read so much so I put Instagram back on My phone for the last couple of months And while it has been better than it Used to be and I have not been wasting As much time and I haven't felt like I Was as addicted to it at all it still is Costing me three four five five hours a Week that I could be spending on other Things I could be spending that time or Reading or reading my Bible or praying If I don't feel like reading or talking To my husband or even just relaxing you Know and just being calm and quiet I did it I imagine that you're probably Watching this video because you need to Or want to save time yourself and I know That for you it might not be Instagram That's being a huge time waster you know Maybe it's tick tock or YouTube or Facebook or something else like that but Comment below let me know what do you Think your biggest time waster is now This next one is one that I kind of Don't want to admit but I want to be Real with you guys I definitely waste Too much time on shopping this mostly is Me browsing on Amazon looking for the Next thing that will just kind of like

Bring a little spark into my life or you Know be entertaining or solve some Problem but I know that this is not the Most healthy habit and it definitely is One that is costing me time and it's not Just about the time spent browsing on Amazon or shopping at a store it's also About all the time spent because I'm Bringing all of these additional things Into my life and it's just that much More stuff to manage to organize to Clean eating stuff for my kids to throw On the floor that I then have to pick up And it's just overall a huge time waster So Timothy and I have been doing this Thing where we have to tell each other If we're going to buy something just to Provide a little bit of accountability And like to make us have to think before We push that by now button about you Know that we're going to have to tell The other person what the other person Will think and that sort of thing and It's really working we are shopping so Much less and spending so much less Money but it's also really uncomfortable Just to not like have that go-to it's Almost kind of like how social media is Addicting just because of like the Dopamine that it gives your brain when You you know get those likes on social Media or even just like scrolling and Watching funny videos that sort of thing Well like scrolling on Amazon finding

That thing that is like the solution to The problem and buying it it kind of Gives like the sudden dopamine rush and So yeah I feel like it's really Addictive so it's been really Uncomfortable to not constantly be doing That but I think it's for the best I Heard this little Mantra on Tick Tock a Couple months ago and I've just been Like repeating it to myself as we've Been trying to shop less it's all that I Need I already have all that I have is All that I need so just kind of to get Myself in mindset of like I don't need Anything else I already have everything I need I am totally taken care of and All my needs are supplied so I don't Need to buy anything else this last Habit is one that I've been working on For a while but I'm recommitting to it Doubling down on it teaching my kids to Clean up after themselves my kids are Always asking me if they can help or if They can get themselves a snack and that Sort of and I just want to say no Because I know that if they do it They're going to need help and it's Probably going to take longer than if I Just did it myself and they'll probably Make a mess in the process that will Take even more time to clean up but I'm Trying to change my mindset about this And just like lean into letting them do Things for themselves because I feel

Like that's such a valuable skill for Them to learn how to take care of them Themselves and also long term it is Going to actually save me time because I'm not going to have to keep doing These things with them every single time After I help them with something three Or four or five times then they know how To do it themselves and then I won't Have to spend the time doing it anymore Also they will make Messes in the Process and they'll get to learn how to Clean up those messes especially because They'll learn how to not make those Messes as well since they have to clean Them up so I'm trying to let them do a Whole lot more themselves and I think That it's both best for them long term And also saves me a lot of time how much Time will this save me well I would say That I probably spend most of an hour a Day taking care of and cleaning up after Each child and I have five kids you know Maybe 25 hours a week that I spend on This sort of thing and that's huge right There I don't know about you but my Biggest takeaway from this whole process Has been like oof I was wasting a lot of Time like well more than 25 hours ever Every week that's more than a whole day Every weekend I mean if I think about it In terms of a year 25 hours per week Times 52 weeks a year I mean that ends Up being over 52 days a year almost like

Two months every year that I was just Completely wasting I'm sorry because I Don't want to end this video on a downer But I do think that it is important to Figure out what our biggest time wasters Are I mean the first step to creating Change is always just to recognize what The problem is so let me know in the Comments below what is your biggest time Waster let's just get it out there maybe Help me feel like I'm not alone in Wasting massive amounts of time up next Watch this video right here about how I Run the business that supports my family In just four hours a day and for even More videos like this make sure you Subscribe

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