Avoid Copyright on YouTube #shorts #youtube

Avoid Copyright on YouTube #shorts #youtube

#shorts #copyright #copyrightfree

Fair use is something that's thrown Around all the time when it comes to Content creation especially on YouTube And they have articles dedicated to this Exact topic so for those of you who are Looking to incorporate copyrighted Material into your videos you can do so Safely as long as it falls under fair Use and Google describes the four Factors that courts look at when Determining whether something falls Under fair use or if it is copyright Infringement we have the purpose and the Character of the use the nature of the Copyrighted work the amount and Substantiality of the copyrighted work Used and the effect on the potential Market for or value of the copyrighted Work so if you use these four factors And work through them to create rules Around how you use copyrighted content You can safely use all copyrighted Materials or merely all copyrighted Materials so that they fall under fair Use and you can use them safely

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