Avoiding Content ID Match on YouTube #shorts #youtube

Avoiding Content ID Match on YouTube #shorts #youtube

#shorts #contentid #youtubeshorts

Another thing we do as you'll notice Throughout the intro here is just we use Very small clips from each uh show that We discuss and specifically we use the Eclipse from different episodes or Different parts of a movie if we talk About it and this goes back to the uh The fair use rule about The substantiality or the overall Portion of the work that you're using Again we're not going to take the entire 30-minute television episode and put it In our video we're going to take 10 or 15 seconds out of it and use that clip And maybe 10 or 15 seconds from another Episode and piece them all together so That we have content that is completely Unrelated to the original works but Still gets the point across that we're Talking about a specific TV show and Maybe some of the details behind the Scenes Again just trying to use small small Portions of the original work Um to put us in that fair use category

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