Discovering 3 Unexpected Lessons Learned from a Launch Worth $164,464.40

3 Surprising Lessons from a $164,464.40 Launch

I am excited to share with you the three unexpected lessons I learned from a launch worth $164,464.40. As someone who has been in the world of online business for years, I have launched several products and services. However, this particular launch was different, and it taught me some valuable lessons that I want to share with you. So, buckle up, and let's delve into the three lessons that I learned from this incredible experience.

Discovering 3 Unexpected Lessons Learned from a Launch Worth $164,464.40

As an entrepreneur, I'm always on the lookout for new ideas that can take my business to the next level. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons from a launch worth $164,464.40. In this article, I'm going to share with you three unexpected lessons that I learned from this experience.


In March, I launched my 100K Mastermind program using Uscreen to create a premium, Netflix-style subscription site. It was a promotion that lasted for two weeks and netted over $160,000, making it our most successful launch yet. While I was thrilled with the outcome, I also learned a lot about what it takes to achieve this kind of success. Here are three of the most unexpected lessons I learned.

Lesson 1: The Power of Raising Your Prices is One of the Secrets to Success

One of the things that surprised me the most was how raising our prices actually helped us sell more. In the past, I was hesitant to increase our prices out of fear of losing customers. However, I learned that when you raise your prices, it can actually help you attract more high-end customers who are willing to pay for value. By increasing our prices, we were able to increase our revenue per customer, which ultimately helped us make more money.

Lesson 2: You Can Earn More While Promoting Less

Another unexpected lesson I learned was that you don't have to promote your product all the time to make money. In fact, promoting less could actually help you earn more. During our launch, we only sent out a few emails and made a few social media posts, but we still managed to generate over $160,000. This taught me the power of setting up your sales funnel in advance, so that your customers can easily buy from you.

Lesson 3: Leveraging Your Time is a Crucial Factor for Success

The final lesson that I learned was about the importance of leveraging your time. During our launch, I realized that I couldn't do everything on my own. To achieve success, it's crucial to leverage the talents and skills of your team members. It's also important to automate as much of your business as possible, so that you can free up your time to focus on high-value activities that will help you grow your business.


In conclusion, launching my 100K Mastermind program taught me three valuable lessons that I never would have expected. Raising your prices can help you attract high-end customers, promoting less can actually help you earn more, and leveraging your time is crucial to achieving success. By putting these lessons into practice, you can transform your business and lead to unprecedented success.


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