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Done-For-You Services 2

In order to make a name of yourself in the home business industry and to be regarded as an expert, you need to be EVERYWHERE.

The fact of that matter is that people are becoming savvy at marketing online, so you need to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition.

This can take form in various ways but it starts with having your own branding and knowing what you have to offer to your target prospect.  This is the idea behind YOU INC.

Now when we started in the industry (this is Marie writing this post 🙂  Andrew and I got very good at doing things (building our own lead capture pages, writing our own autoresponders, learning copywriting, video editing  – you get the picture, we did everything!)

Problem is we were never scaling up.  Other people were building bigger business and freeing up more of their time because they were not doing all the work – they were outsourcing it.

You know as entrepreneurs, we are control freaks (and I say this in the nicest way) but we want to get things done right so we figure we need to do it ourselves but this not true, especially in this business climate online.

So here are the services we offer and all of this “do it for you” services are being outsourced to the teams we have personally used to make multiple 6 figures a year.

The other thing is that we know that as entrepreneurs, sometimes your budgets are limited, so we have truly put together service packages that are AFFORDABLE, even for someone on a shoestring budget!

We understand that importance of getting started properly, and being efficient with time.  Everyone has other things going on, jobs, kids, families and we can't do it all.  So if you are looking to scale up, to make a mark, to be everywhere so that your target prospect can join you in your business, then take a look.  I know we can help you build the business you envision for yourself!

Branding – Need a brand?  Don't know how to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition?  We can help.  We'll work with your strengths and come up with a concept that you love!

Social Media Marketing – In order to compete you need Facebook, Twitter and other social media machines.

Search Engine Optimization

Backlinks and Link Wheels

Content Creation (Articles, Press Releases)

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  1. To be successful you never give up.There are times you want to throw in the towel.My goal is to be successful and once you know you have it go and move on forward.

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