How I Run My $500,000 Brand in Just 20 Hrs/Week

How I Run My $500,000 Brand in Just 20 Hrs/Week

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I went from earning $20,000 a year to earning over $40,000 a month. Would you believe I work just 20 hours a week? Learn how I run my $500,000 brand by delegating and selling offers that strategically leverage my time in this video.

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Today I want to tell you how I run my Online business in just 20 hours a week But before I get into breaking down Exactly what my tasks look like every Week I want to give you a little bit of Context so before I ran the online Business that I run today I ran a local Business called Northwest School of Music now in a lot of ways this was a Great gig and it was fun to teach the Kids music but one of the big downsides To it was that after all of our expenses And there were a lot of them I was only Able to take home about twenty thousand Dollars per year in profits which as I'm Sure you can imagine wasn't really Enough to comfortably live on and it was With working about 50 hours per week Today on the other hand my online Business as you can see from the title Of this video it brings in more than Twice that every single month so more Than forty thousand dollars in profits Every single month and that's with me Working less than half the amount I used To only about 20 hours per week so you Might be wondering like what is the big Difference Gilly and why did the one Business business earn so little I mean I was effectively earning about eight Dollars or a little less per hour back Then versus now I'm earning over 375 Dollars per hour so what is the radical Difference between these two businesses

And what am I doing that is working so Differently and earning me so much more Money now I think the first thing I Should point out is the very obvious Fact that I'm the same person I was back When I was earning only twenty thousand Dollars a year and the reason I think I Should point that out is because it's Really easy to feel like well some People are capable of earning two Hundred thousand dollars a year like if You're a lawyer then of course you earn That much and then other people they Just can't because they're only a Cashier so they only earn twenty Thousand a year but I'm the same person I was back when I was earning way less And you being the exact same person you Are today have the potential to earn any Potential amount so don't put yourself In a box don't think well she can do it But you know I'm only capable of this Amount what you really need to change is Just what you are doing and specifically By this I mean what business model You're using so the basic idea here is That different business models have the Potential to earn different rates of Profit so back when I ran the music School I spent most of my time providing One-on-one services to clients and then I spent the rest of my time doing Administration and just running the Business now I could only make money

When I was doing that billable work when I was actually working with the clients And when I was doing that billable work I was literally just trading my time for Money and my time was obviously very Limited so to be able to increase my Income I needed to change one of two Things either I needed to sell something That was a lot more valuable than music Lessons so that I could earn a lot more From each customer I was serving or else I needed to sell a product that was Actually scalable something that I could Sell thousands of units of and was isn't Limited based off of my time maybe even Something I could sell to multiple Customers at the same time now how I Ended up doing this was I switched from Selling local personally delivered Services to instead selling digital Products because the digital products They're just so much more scalable Meaning that for every additional one You sell you don't have to greatly Increase the size of your business or Increase your overhead costs or anything Like that this is the perfect time to Talk about the sponsor of today's video Which is you screen because you screen Is one of the most powerful ways you can Create digital products online today There's no doubt about it when it comes To selling digital products packaging Matters a lot people will pay way more

For a course than they will for an ebook Even if the two products actually Contain the exact same information and That's exactly how you screen can come In and make your business way more Successful because if you're thinking About selling a course or a membership Site or maybe you already do but it's Not being as successful as you'd like it Too then youth green can come along and Make it look like a much more high-end Product using you screen you can set up Your own Netflix style subscription with A website as well as apps that people Can use to subscribe and access your Content creating something like this From scratch would cost hundreds of Hours of coding time and thousands of Dollars but you screen makes it so quick And easy now not only can you screen Make your content look really good but They also take care of pretty much Everything else from facilitating your Payments to managing your members to Making it easy for your members to Manage their own accounts you screen has You covered if you'd like to learn how You could use u-screen to set up and Monetize your own platform like this Then check out the link in the Description so now let's get into the Meat of this video what exactly do I Spend my time on each week to be able to Run this 500 000 business in just 20

Hours per week I spend about two hours Working on the products themselves Developing products creating courses Improving our existing courses then I Spend one hour on customer service the Reason I'm able to spend so little time On customer service is because I've Spent quite a bit of time working on Developing my business and developing a Customer service team and training a Customer service team so that that team Can provide the very highest quality of Service to the customers without my Direct involvement however I still like To spend about an hour a week answering Those questions that maybe the customer Service team isn't 100 sure how to Answer or helping to train them even Further and that leads me to the next Category I spend my time on which is Admin and Team Management I have a small Team of people who practically run my Business for me and do a lot of the Heavy lifting so I make sure to Prioritize serving them and supporting Them so that they can do their job to The best of their ability now the last Category of tasks is the thing that I Spend the biggest amount of my time on And that is marketing and free content Creation we create free content for Content marketing I spend about 11 hours Per week creating free content this Includes YouTube videos writing blog

Articles recording podcast episodes Email marketing sometimes running ad Campaigns all of this lumped together 11 Hours per week now something that you Will probably notice you probably have Noticed already is that none of these Categories are directly billable I mean The closest thing we've got to billable Hours would be creating those paid Products or customer service but they're Not technically available because no one Pays me based on how much time I spend On those things people pay my company For the results they get they pay my Company to get the product in hand so They can use it and it doesn't matter How much time we spend or don't spend Creating that product and this is a big Part of what has really freed me up Freed my time up and also enabled my Business to be so scalable because we Sell a product that we can sell over and Over and over again instead of selling a Service where we constantly have to Trade our time or my time for the Dollars that we're earning now if you're Interested in starting a business like This for yourself then I think a great Starting place would be to go to my Business's website to better understand How the business itself actually works And actually makes money so you can find That at and while You're there you might be interested in

The program itself because I believe in This business model so strongly that This is exactly what startup Society Actually specializes in helping our Customers accomplish building scalable Online businesses that sell digital Products and earn passive income the Program covers all the basics of how to Actually launch your business online how To build your brand and how to create Consistent monthly income so again you Can learn all about the program itself As well as just study my business as a Case study at Recently I've been thinking about how I Would like to end more of my videos with Action steps so that you can really take What you learn from my videos and put it Into practice and use it to get results So my action step for you today is to Think about what product could you sell At scale what could you sell over and Over and over again without having to Spend more of your time every single Time you make a sale maybe it's you Write a book or you create an online Course or maybe you could create an app Or hire someone to create an app or some Piece of software or maybe you sell Templates like I know someone who sells Templates for notion which is like a Productivity and organization software It just sells templates that enable People to better organize their thoughts

And ideas inside of notion and he makes A couple million dollars a year just Selling those templates next up if you Are already running your own business Then check out this video right here About how to plan a productive work Schedule or if you're just dipping your Toes onto this online business thing Then watch this video about how to Decide what business to start

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