How the YouTube Algorithm Works 2023

How the YouTube Algorithm Works 2023

Want to know how to grow your YouTube channel in 2023? If you're a YouTuber, understanding the algorithm is key to reaching more viewers. In this video, we'll explain how the algorithm works in 2023 and share strategies for optimizing your videos to get more views and engagement.

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In just a minute here we're going to be Looking at how the YouTube algorithm has Changed over time because it is not what It used to be if you don't understand How the YouTube algorithm works today Then you will not be able to compete on YouTube today you won't know how to get Your videos to rank on YouTube or get Them into suggested on YouTube so in This video I'm going to be walking you Through exactly how the YouTube Algorithm works and how you can work With it to get the maximum number of Views on your videos and grow your Channel as quickly as possible [Music] Thank you So an algorithm is essentially like a Black box you put input into the box and Then some sort of output comes out of The box if you put this in then you get That out and how the YouTube algorithm Works very simply is that users input Their input they tell YouTube what they Are interested in they tell YouTube what They want to click on what they want to Watch and then YouTube suggests a video To them but the question is the big Question right here is how exactly does The algorithm determine what video to Suggest because if you understand that Then you will know how to work with the Algorithm and how to get it to suggest Your videos because that is the key to

Viral growth and millions of views but If you don't understand how the Algorithm picks the videos based on the User input then your videos will not Rank they will not get suggested and you Won't get any views on them now to Understand how we got here we're going To do a quick little bit of time travel And look at how the L algorithm has Changed over time so starting back in 2008 when YouTube was created YouTube's Algorithm it didn't really even exist YouTube was completely based on Subscriptions and tags so if you Subscribe to a channel it showed up in Your subscription feed again no Algorithm really involved here and then People input tags to tell YouTube what Their videos were about and those tags Were a basic just search return type of Algorithm where if someone typed Something into YouTube then it would Give them the results that most closely Fit based off of the tags now pretty Quickly on YouTube realized that this Didn't work very well because people Could really play the system really game The system and just type in any popular Topic into those tags and get their Video to rank for anything so they Introduced the algorithm now when they First introduced the algorithm it was Optimized for views meaning that just The more clicks of it you got and

Therefore the more views it got the Higher that video would rank in Search And they started suggesting videos to The viewer is on the home page and even In that side column well then in 2012 They realized things needed to change Again because people were once again Gaming the system with clickbait and if You think click bait is bad on YouTube Today you should have seen it back then The thumbnails were ridiculous often had Nothing to do with what the video was About but if a video had an eye-catching Thumbnail and a catchy title then people Would click on it and this was leaving Them dissatisfied with YouTube overall Because often what was advertised was Not at all what was delivered in the Video itself so in 2012 they decided to Again re-optimize the algorithm and now It was optimized for watch time so the Longer someone watched a video the Higher it would rank and search the more It would be suggested so starting in 2015 and on until today but more and More and more so as time has gone on They are catering to individual users Input individual users engagement and Reactions to things so let's look at Exactly how that is happening over time And to do that we need to understand YouTube's number one goal the number one Goal of the algorithm is to find the Right video for each viewer it means the

Video that the viewer is most likely to Click on the video that the viewer is Most likely to watch for the longest Amount of time and a video that will Give the viewer the highest level of Satisfaction and by the way when I say Satisfaction that has to do with whether Someone likes the video whether they Comment on it whether they share it that Tells YouTube that the person really Enjoyed the video and you might be Wondering why is this YouTube's number One goal and that is a great question Because if you understand why this is YouTube's goal then you can work Together with YouTube YouTube wants People to spend as much time on YouTube As possible now this is a huge Opportunity for new YouTubers and small Channels because unlike back in 2008 When your views were directly dependent On your subscriptions the more Subscribers you had the more views you Would get just automatic radically Because those were the only people who Your videos were being shared to now Subscriptions hardly matter at all if a User is not clicking on your video isn't Watching it for an extended period of Time and isn't coming back to your Channel for more well then YouTube is Not going to suggest your videos to them Even if they are subscribed but like I Said huge opportunity for small channels

Because what this means is even if you Don't have any subscribers if you can Get people to do these three things on Your videos then YouTube will start Recommending them to people and can Share them with thousands even millions Of people again whether you have a lot Of subscribers or not so the three Things are first of all do people click On the video second how long do they Watch it for and third what do they do Next do they leave YouTube do they watch Another video if so what video do they Watch another video from your channel do They go to your channel and those are The things that if your video checks Each of these three boxes it will rank Higher and higher on YouTube but here's The thing YouTube does not just have one Algorithm YouTube actually has at least Three distinctly different algorithms so Let's take a look at each of them the First is the algorithm that determines Whether or not a video shows up on YouTube's home page so here is how this Algorithm works first of all the Algorithm checks out people's recent Interests what topics has the user Recently watched videos about including What channels YouTube basically Considers channels like topics if Someone watched a video from a channel Well maybe they're interested in more Videos from that Channel or more videos

On the same topic is your video within Their recent interests if yes then it Stands a chance of getting featured on The home page but then the second thing Is of the videos that are within their Recent interests video performance how Is your video comparing to the other Potential options and this is where Things like click through ratio view Duration and satisfaction come into play Of the videos that YouTube could Recommend it's going to recommend the Ones that are performing the very best Because those are the ones that are most Likely to get the person to click and End up being satisfied okay now this was The last page I had on the flip chart so We're gonna do a twofer here next we're Going to look at the suggested algorithm Algorithm is optimized for one thing and One thing only and that is what is the Viewer most likely to watch after Watching the current video so this takes Into account both basic things like the Topic of the video as well as that User's specific interest and past Behavior YouTube is trying to recommend The perfect video for them to watch that They are most likely to click on and be Interested in and enjoy after the Current video so if you want to optimize Your video to get suggested next you Need to make sure that first of all your Channel is about one specific focused

Niche now that doesn't mean it can only Be about one thing but it needs to be About one main category appeal to one Main type of person one main type of Viewer so that if YouTube tries to Recommend your video next the viewer is Going to be interested in it because it Has been designed for them design all of Your videos for one viewer okay and Finally we're going to look at the Search algorithm so the search algorithm Is a little bit more multifaceted we've Got two different things that happen Here when you first upload your video YouTube analyzes the video both the Metadata the title description keywords That you input as well as the video Itself it listens to your video and Transcribes the entire thing so it can Understand what you're actually talking About in the video it also will be Looking for text that is in the video so Like graphics and that sort of thing as Well as images and scene changes and all Of that so it analyzes it based off of Its analysis of what your video is about It will potentially rank your video for Search as far as We Know YouTube tests Out most videos in search but at first It's not going to rank at number one of Course it's gonna throw it in there Somewhere based off of what it thinks Your video is about how well it thinks It will perform and then it is going to

Measure how well forms now this part of The YouTube algorithm is extremely like How Google's algorithm works the more People who choose to click on your video And the more satisfied they seem to be With this result that they selected Based off of how long they watch it for And whether they click the like button And those sorts of things the higher it Will rank now if people quickly click Off of your video after clicking on it When they found it via a search then YouTube will stop ranking it for that Keyword at all but if they do continue To watch it then it will rank higher and Higher over time and once a video Secures a high spot in the ranking YouTube is not going to spend any more Resources retesting that video and so it Often keeps its ranking for years now One thing that all three of these Algorithms have in common is that YouTube is only going to recommend your Video if it is within that pool of the Topics that the viewer is interested in Has expressed a recent interest in so Now that you understand the basics of How the YouTube algorithm works the next Step is to learn how to find those Topics that people are actually Interested in watching videos about so Check out this video right here to learn How to do exactly that

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