How to Build a $100K Funnel in THREE MONTHS (step-by-step plan)

How to Build a $100K Funnel in THREE MONTHS (step-by-step plan)

You've probably heard the term “sales funnel” before, but what does it actually mean? How do I create a sales funnel? How much money can I realistically make? In this video, I'll show you how to build a sales funnel in just three months!

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An automated sales funnel can completely Change the way you do business saving You the time of having to individually Close customers one at a time earning You way more money every month and Allowing you to serve a whole lot more Customers but here's the thing automated Sales funnels they can only make you Money if you actually finish building Them if you build half a funnel then you Don't make half the money you don't make Any money at all and because of this a Whole lot of optimistic online Entrepreneurs end up wasting massive Amounts of time like I'm talking Hundreds of hours here trying to build Automated sales funnels and then not Making any money at all because they Don't finish the process so in this Video I want to walk you through exactly How you can build a 100K funnel of your Own in just three steps and just about Three months and then how you can fuel It with ready to buy leads so that you Can develop a consistent stream of ten Thousand dollars or more per month of Passive income make sure you watch till The end so you can learn the complete System and with that said let's get into This [Music] Okay so the very first app is to Validate your idea with a successful Beta lunch that I'm talking about here

Is taking the product that you want to Sell with an evergreen funnel and doing A quick dirty live lunge with it to make Sure that there's really demand for it And to learn how to sell it and also and This is so key to actually create the Product live so you can make sure you're Creating a product that really gets People results okay now I know that it Is super tempting to skip this step Because you think okay I know what I Want I want to build this automated Funnel I want to create passive income So I don't want to live launch I know That's not what I want I don't want to Be trading my hours for dollars and Trying to work for every single Transaction I make I want to build this Automated system but here's why this is Such a big mistake if you do that first And you are doing it with an untested Idea because you don't know yet whether People actually want the product like That you're building the funnel for you Don't know if they are going to respond To the marketing messages that you are Writing throughout your funnel and all The emails that you write and all the Content you create in a webinar that you Produce and so you might be just wasting All of that time and finally you don't Even know for sure if your product Really works and really gets people Results if you've never live launched it

And actually sold it and actually had Customers use it so that is Step One Beta launching your product to validate The idea you can do the step in just About one month you start by just Clarifying your offer what exactly do You want to sell what is the outcome it Will get your customers who is it for Why would they want it that sort of Thing then you move on to doing some Market research and I would highly Recommend here that you actually get out There and you interview real potential Customers and you find out what exactly It is that they want and why they want That thing and what is stopping them From just getting it right now doing These interviews is invaluable we have Our students do them inside our validate Program inside 100k a mastermind and Students over and over and over again Tell us that this was the most valuable Part of the process for them that they Learned the most in that and that that Is the thing that changed their business After you do those interviews you'll Want to Simply set up your product to Sell this does not need to be Complicated inside 100K Mastermind we Have the students do this without even a Sales page without an email sequence Without a webinar anything like that They just set up a simple checkout form That people can use to pay for the

Product and then a really simple product Delivery system that sends the product To them automatically after they Purchase it and then the final part of This first step of validating your Product is to actually do the beta Launch and actually sell your product so This is where you get out there and you Share your product with potential Customers and then you close sales using Individual sales conversations now I Talk a lot about why I recommend that When you are first starting out and You're doing your beta launch when your Audience is Tiny you close with Individual sales Converse stations but The long and the short of it is that if You try to use Mass marketing tactics Like email marketing or webinars or that Sort of thing then you are going to see Conversion rates like one two or five Percent meaning if you have a hundred Leads you only make like one or two or Five sales but if you have a small Enough audience that you can actually Talk to each individual potential Customer then you can greatly increase Your conversion rates up to more like 30 Or 40 or 50 percent meaning that if you Had 100 leads you'd be making 30 or 40 Or 50 sales now later on when you want To scale your business and you have an Audience of thousands and thousands of People you can't have individual sales

Conversations and so there comes a point Where you get to this kind of like Economy of scale Tipping Point where you End up making more sales even with those Much lower conversion rates using those Mass marketing tactics but until you get To that point you're gonna make the most Amount of money and even in less time Really if you have those individual Sales conversations and that way you can Maximize the 10 or 20 leads that you're Able to to come up with and make your First three five ten sales with your Product idea validated you get to move On to step two which is to build your Sales system so at this point you should Have earned at least your first thousand Dollars again proving that there is Demand for your product and now you can Work on creating a Content that Eventually will be the mass marketing For your product eventually will enable You to sell hundreds or thousands of Units of it but first of all that Content has to get created and what I Really recommend is that you put this Content to work as you created so what I Mean by that is that like let's say you Create a webinar to sell your product Planning to use that webinar later on in Your Evergreen sales funnel and have it Be what's called an auto webinar okay so This automatic video sales message but When you first create it I would

Recommend that you present it live even If that's not what you're planning to do Long term now you'll probably notice That a lot of these things like having Those individual sales conversations or Presenting your webinar live there They're not things that produce passive Income and they're also not things that You can scale infinitely but you have to Do those things that don't scale at First because that is how you learn when You're actually getting in there and Doing the work manually then you get That direct feedback that immediate Feedback and then you can improve from There you can work on improving your Process on changing your message on Improving your product if you create all The content and you just set it up on Automatic you don't know if it works Well you will be stuck with a system That converts really poorly or doesn't Convert at all and it will be really Really tough to scale but if you create The stuff live you get that instant Feedback and you are able to improve it Before you go Evergreen then you will Have a really easy time scaling Evergreen okay so like I said this Second step is building your Sales Systems and this is primarily about Creating your sales content but I don't Want you to get me wrong here because When I say creating your sales content I

Know a lot of you might be like oh Content I know about content marketing But that's actually not what I'm talking About here content marketing is Typically about creating Instagram posts Tick tocks YouTube videos blog posts That sort of thing to attract your Target customers and that has its time And place but I'm talking here about Sales content the content that your Leads interact with after they become Leads that actually sells your product So this is things like sales emails a Webinar a sales page those things that When a customer is thinking about buying Your product it pushes them over the Edge and it prompts them to actually Make the purchase you won't be able to Scale your business you won't be able to Build a 100K funnel without this content So after you've made some sales and you Have that proof of concept now is the Time to actually create it if you want a Checklist for exactly what you need to Create here are the things that I would Recommend first of all create a simple Sales page for your product then create A strategic webinar in 100K Mastermind We specifically use What's called the a Win-win webinar framework because I hate Sleazy webinars I don't know if you've Ever been on one I've been on way too Many but they just kind of make my skin And crawl and it doesn't need to be that

Way you don't need to trick people into Buying your products if you really have A product that actually helps people That adds value to their lives that they Want then you don't need to trick people Into buying it so you've got your sales Page you want to create a simple webinar And you might think like do I need a Webinar but honestly it increases your Conversion rate from about like one or Two percent with just email marketing up To more like five to ten percent if you Just add in that webinar and then for Years after you will make more than Twice as much money from your automated Sales funnel so you don't have to but I'd highly recommend it then after the Webinar you will want to write a series Of sales emails that get sent out after The webinar and then you may want to Also write some emails to invite people To your webinar and also to send to People after they sign up for the Webinar to get them to show up that's Called a show up sequence you don't have To do all those parts but those are all The different pieces of content that you Will need to build the 100K funnel so I Would recommend just going ahead and Creating each of them but like I said Launch each of them live so that every Time you make one of those things you Then share it with your slowly growing Audience and with your leads that you

Have and it immediately makes you some Money so you're not doing all this work And waiting to get paid but instead Getting paid throughout the process once That content is created you will be Ready for step three which is to Automate your funnel now this step is Super quick a lot of the 100K students Do it in as little as two weeks but you Definitely don't need to spend more than Three or four weeks on it at most Because all of your content is already Created so all you're doing is popping It into a couple different pieces of Software that will automate it for you So that people can sign up for it and Then just consume that content without Your involvement and can get final Towards purchasing the product basically Two main things you need to automate the Emails that you wrote and your webinar Your sales page probably is already Basically automated and connected to Your cart so you don't need to worry About that part so the first thing You'll need to do is just upload your Webinar to whatever webinar software you Want to use if you want a recommendation I'll leave a few links Down Below in the Description then what you want to do is Add in the show up emails that you wrote So these are emails that people get After they sign up for the webinar Before the webinar actually is scheduled

To happen so you plug those emails into The webinar software itself then what You want to do is set up some email Marketing software I highly recommend Mailerlite for this because they have an Amazing free plan that allows you to Actually build automations and Everything that you need for your funnel And you can use their free plan all the Way up until you get a thousand email Subscribers so anyway so you set up your Email marketing account whether that's Mailerlite convertkit or something else And then you want to create an Automation and an automation is like This automated process that when someone Does something then they experience Something and so in this case what it's Going to be is after someone attends Your webinar or if they signed up for Your webinar and they do not attend then We'll have them get a certain tag so They either get a tag that is attended Or did not attend either way they get Into the top of this Automation and then They go through the Automation and What's in the automation is your Follow-up sales emails that double your Sales sequence so that's really all That's required to automate your funnel Like I said it takes most people just Like two or three weeks to take care of Those things and at that point your Entire 100K funnel will be built but I

Don't know if we can really call it a 100K final quite yet because it won't be Making you any money yet you'll have Made some money along the way from your Beta launch and from live launching Those different funnel assets your Webinar your emails and whatnot but the Funnel itself the automated Evergreen Funnel you built it won't be making you Any money until you start sending leads Through it so there's is one more super Important part of this process and that Is to build some Evergreen lead Generation systems okay now technically You don't have to build Evergreen lead Generation systems you can just Constantly do content marketing do cold Calling stuff like that and go out there And get the leads and send them into Your funnel but you'll be working a lot More if you do that your income won't be Truly passive if you want to make truly Passive income then you need to build Evergreen lead generation systems which Are things systems content that's out There in the world that is constantly Attracting leads and sending them into The top of your funnel so my YouTube Channel is a great example of this I've Made videos over the past few years People find those videos on YouTube all Day every day and then they sign up for A free opt-in offer or for my newsletter Or for one of my webinars and that pops

Them into the top of one of my sales Funnels and then a certain percentage of Those people end up converting into Sales without about me having to do Anything now personally I don't like my Income to just stay stable I am a Goal-oriented person I'm a growth Oriented person and so I keep making Videos I keep making content to keep Attracting more and more leads every Month and keep growing those numbers Every month but you totally don't have To it's completely up to you whether you Want to just build your systems up to a Certain level and then just let it coast And literally for years you can just Keep earning the same income with Passive income or you can keep on Working on building like I do keep Working on building your business Building those Evergreen lead generation Systems and doing collaborations and Joint ventures and that sort of thing to Increase your income from there this Video is the final episode of the 100K Method which is a short series that I've Been doing about how to easily scale Online courses to six figures and Beyond And since this is the final episode I Will make sure to include links in the Description below to all of the previous Episodes so make sure you check those Out if you haven't watched them yet I Would love to know if you had a 100K

Funnel built for your business what Product would you want to use it to sell Just leave me a comment down below and Let me know now as I shared in this Episode the very first step of building A 100K funnel is simply to test out a Product idea so that you can find one That there truly is demand for and then You can build the funnel for it so you Can get started with this process right Now even if you don't have a product yet If you have any interest in doing this Together I would love to work with you To get a 100K funnel built for you over These next three months if so just check Down in the description box for a link Or visit 100K I know that you are capable of this And I know it would change your life Don't visit 100K to Find out how you can make it happen

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