How to Create an Online Course THAT SELLS (from a 7-figure course creator)

How to Create an Online Course THAT SELLS (from a 7-figure course creator)

Are you looking to create an online course? In this video, I share the key steps that will help you create a course that sells. From understanding your audience, knowing how to speak to them, building your audience, and more. I cover everything you need to know in order to create a course that people will love and want to buy!

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So you want to create an online course But you want to make sure that you are Not wasting your time because while Online courses have huge potential for Earning they also can be massive wastes Of time because a lot of people create Online courses because they want that Upside but they create the wrong online Course or they don't create their online Course in the right way and they end up Making no money from it at all now trust Me because I have definitely been on Both sides of this the first three or Four online courses that I made were Complete flops and did not earn me a Penny but now in the past few years I Have made a few courses that have earned Me over 2 million dollars which yes is Super crazy and I never thought I would Be able to say that even when I saw the Potential for earning with online Courses I never thought that I would be One of the successful course creators But I have to tell you that at this Point we have a formula now that works It's so predictable it creates such Predictable results and it's honestly so Simple so that's really what I want to Share with you in today's video is what Goes in in to creating a course that Sells and sells easily and you can Easily scale meaning sell more and more And more of it without having to work More and more and more so let's get into

It the very first thing I think you need To know is that happy customers don't Tell their friends but successful Customers do so here's the thing nobody Cares about your course about any other Product but they do care about the Results that they get and everybody Loves to talk about themselves so if you Can get people Real Results they're Excited about with your course then they Are going to tell their friends about Those results and they will be Mentioning your course at the same time Which will start to get the word out More and more and you will start to get Organic traffic and organic leads and Organic sales which is going to be what Allows you to scale your course truly Effortlessly but the big question is how Can you get people those real results And how can you get people to understand That your course is going to give them Results so that they're willing to buy It in the first place so I want you to Imagine that there's this a river and Your leads want to be able to cross the River they want to get to the other side Why because they want some sort of Result Okay so we've got some sort of Result up here and here's the thing the More tangible you can make this result The more interested they will be in by Your product if you say that their life Will be better in general they're not

Really going to believe that that's Possible and they won't be confident That they will even know if they really Got that value or not but if you tell Them this course will help you to Advance your career okay that's a little Bit more specific but it still isn't Practical enough for them to really Imagine it really Envision it really Understand what that value is going to Be but if you tell them this is going to Allow you to get the next promotion in Your company in the next two to three Months suddenly that is really specific That's really tangible they understand Exactly what they're going to get and Suddenly your course or your product or Whatever it is becomes insanely valuable In their mind and they understand why it Is actually worth the money so I like to Call this the primary tangible result or PTR that specific result that you are Promising your customers that your whole Course is geared toward getting them Okay but how do you get them from here Where they are right now to the other Side of the river to get that primary Tangible result well that shift that Movement that journey is called a Transformation so we need to get them From this side of the river to this side Of the river and really ultimately that Is what people want when they buy your Course if they buy your course they want

To go from where they are right now to The other side of the river to get that Result but they want to have this Transformation and if you can clearly Articulate to them if you can explain to Them okay this is where you're at right Now and this is where I'm going to take You this is who you are right now and This is who you will be at the end of The program then you will have their Buy-in and that is what will emotionally Drive them to purchase your course okay But the last big question is how do you Get them from this side of the river to That side and once they are in inside of Your program how are you going to Convince them to actually do the work Because a lot of the time we think that The hardest part of making the sale is Just getting people to buy the product And hand over their money but so often What is much harder is to get them to Actually use the product after they've Bought it and you might think well why Don't I care I've already made the money I already won now I'm moving on to my Next Prospect but if you want to be able To scale your course and not just have a Successful first launch but to be able To scale your course to six figures and Beyond then you need to get them to Actually complete the program so that You have that successful customer that Goes and tells their friend so how we do

This is that we are going to have these Stepping Stones across the river these Are the stones that someone will use to Walk across the river we don't want to Have too many of them okay because it is Much easier to explain to people and for Them to understand how they're going to Get the result if there are only a few That we can easily explain so then They're going to be hopping across these Stepping stones and even before they Have purchased your product if you can Explain to them this is the process we Call this the proprietary plan of how I'm going to lead you to this result Then they will believe that you will be Able to get them that result if they Don't understand how you are going to Get them the result then they won't Believe you can get them the result but If they can see what that process looks Like then you will have their buy-in so Again this is called the proprietary Plan the end result that we're trying to Get them is the primary tangible result And that Journey that you are trying to Take them on that is called the Transformation and so in short what is So magical about structuring your course In this way with these three specific Components is that you get your buyers True Buy in which means that they not Only buy your course but they complete Your course and get those results and

Tell their friends now to take this a Step further you want to make sure that When you do this you are using Proprietary language you're giving these Components that are in your course Unique names so you might have seen how I did this right here we've got the Primary tan tangible result okay that's A proprietary name that I gave that Outcome you're trying to get your Customers we've got your proprietary Plan again that's a unique name I gave It and this journey it's called the Transformation some other people use That terminology but certainly not Everyone and so by giving these things These unique names you understand this Process and you understand it how I Taught it and you want to do the same Thing when you are presenting your Course in a sales presentation or when You're teaching inside of your course Give things unique names because then Your course becomes one of a kind sure They could buy a course that promises The same result but it promises it Through a different process and if your Process sounds better well then they're Going to buy your course because no Other course will have the same process If you've used unique language to Describe what your course does the Result that it gives how it gets that Result okay so now that you understand

Hey you need to structure the course to Be able to successfully scale it let's Talk about how you actually start Selling it in the first place and to do That let's start by talking about what Doesn't work so I'm sure you've heard Heard a lot of gurus tell you these Things you have to build your audience First because people have to know like And trust you or else they won't buy Your product okay but is this actually True first of all this is not how most Businesses most successful businesses That you can look at today were actually Started we will look at the process that Most of them do use in a minute but most Of them do not start by creating content For years to build a big audience and Then finally launching a product that Actually is the very slowest way to Successfully launch a product the Slowest way to take a product to market The slowest way to start earning money There's no reason you have to wait until You have a big audience you can have a Successful first launch right now even With a tiny audience or really no Audience at all and then those first Customers can give you a lot of fuel for Your fire to be able to scale because You have Revenue that you can reinvest In your business you have their Testimonials and you have them spreading The word about their course since they

Were happy satisfied customers who got Results also do you need customers to Know like and trust you well let me ask You this have you ever bought a product From Walmart was it because you know you Like you trust Sam Walton I don't think So I think it was because the product Had utility and you could see the Utility of that product you had a basic Level of trust that the product would Give you the result and you were aware That the product existed so you know you Knew the product kind of you didn't like Know the product inside and out you Didn't have deep familiarity with it but You were aware of it because you saw it On the Shelf in Walmart and you trusted It would get you that outcome so you Bought it whether you knew the person Who created it whether you knew Sam Walton or not now as far as how this Relates to selling your online course The thing is that you can convert a cold Lead into a paying customer in as little As 30 minutes or less if you have a Strategic sales process that is built on Proven sales psychology principles you Don't need to get that person into your Audience and then spend months warming Them up with free content via an email Newsletter via YouTube videos via Podcast or anything like that there are Some people who will buy in that way and So it's worth doing those things

Especially as you are working to scale Your course because you will make the Most sales if you get that slow build if You are able to have that Snowball Effect where your audience is getting Bigger and bigger and so gradually You're making more and more and more Sales every single month but especially For that first initial launch especially For the first several thousand dollars Your business makes you do not want to Wait until you build your audience Because like I said before that is the Slowest way to get your first dollars Made now the other thing is that there's Actually a big problem with this Strategy okay if you build your audience First if you are selling to people who Know like and Trust to you most course Creators end up making a huge mistake They build a product that is designed For people who do know like and Trust to Them and so they aren't very careful With the products that they make they Don't really go go out and do their due Diligence they don't go out and do the Market research they don't have a beta Launch that is designed to learn whether Or not people want their product or why People want their product or how to Effectively sell their product they just Make a thing because they know their Audience has some interest in that topic And then they launch it and a large

Number of people in their audience buys It okay so they have sold it because People liked them but what you need to Do is you need to create a product and You need to Market your product in a way That people buy it because they want the Product where they see the utility of The product they trust that the product Will give them the outcome they want and Not just because they trust you nearly Everyone Falls prey to this nearly Everyone who builds Their audience first And is a content creator first and Foremost ends up creating a product that Is just what they know their audience Wants and then what happens is they try To scale it but they can't because They've already tapped Their audience Out everyone who is In Their audience Who knew like and trusted them so so Much and who also happen to want that Product bought it in their first Launcher two or three and then they Can't hardly sell it at all anymore Because the general public doesn't want It and when I say the general public I Just don't just mean like everyone in The whole world doesn't want it it's Okay if your product is Niche it's okay If it's for a specific audience but it Needs to appeal to people whether they Know you or not because if it only Appeals to people who already know you Then your scaling Journey has to look

Like you slowly slowly slowly building Your audience and as your audience grows You're able to get a few more sales a Few more sales a few more sales but if Your audience has that cold traffic Appeal then you're able to just put an Ad up and anyone who sees the ad who is Interested in that outcome that your Product provides will buy it without Having to come and be in your ecosystem In your audience consuming your free Content for months okay so let's talk About how to avoid these problems and Make a course that makes money from Month one and is easily scaled beyond That point okay so first of all you want To make sure that you are creating a Product that Taps into a Unique Edge That you have what I mean by that is you Want to take advantage of the Transformation that you've personally Experienced because if you create a Product that helps other people with That same challenge or you get that same Result then you are going to have a Unique Edge in the market and you'll Face a lot less competition and you'll Be able to create a much better product Number two we already talked about this But you need to be clear on what your Product's primary tangible result is What the transformation is you're Creating for people and have a Proprietary plan a simple like

Three-step or so plan so that you can Clearly and effectively Market your Product and get people's real buy-in Third talk to real people as you were Launching and before you launch okay you Need to learn what your target markets Desires meaning what they want their Motivations meaning why they want those Things and what obstacles or at least Perceived obstacles they are facing Because in order to successfully Market Your course you need to tell them that Your course is going to give them their Desire you need to explain to them why They want and why it matters and explain It in a meaningful way and you need to Be able to explain to them in a way that They understand how the course is going To be able to help them overcome the Obstacles that they perceive are Standing in their way because if you do Not speak to each of these things They're not going to buy your course but What's so key and why you need to talk To real people is because you are going To have so much more success Communicating these things to them and Getting people to believe you if you use The exact language that they use to talk About those things so what words do they Use to describe that outcome they want If you use different words they might Know what you mean but it becomes a Gamble it's a coin toss they might

Understand they might not and your odds Of success with each individual sale go Way down meaning that you end up making About half the sales on average that you Could have otherwise if you'd use their Actual language fourth thing you need is A simple checkout page we're going to Talk more about this in just a few Minutes about what tech you actually Need what tech you don't and why but in Short you need a checkout page number Five beta launch live you don't need to Create your course before you launch it You do not need to create the course and Then launch you can launch your course That is going to be a live experience The lessons will be taught each week as Live videos or if you're uncomfortable With that and some of my clients choose To do this you can simply record and Edit your videos each week but don't Create them before people have bought it For a couple reasons one is because it's A huge gamble with your time so you want To make sure people actually want it Before you create it so you're not maybe Wasting your time and second because we Also want to create it live because you Will create the best possible program if You are answering people's questions Every week and you are giving them what They need based on what they told you They needed based on the obstacles that They face at as they go through the

Program and that is super key for Getting those successful customers who Tell their friends and getting those Testimonials that enable you to sell More easily and just recently I got a Message from one of my clients her name Is Jane Combs and she said the workshop On Friday went great I was definitely a Little bit nervous but I currently have 27 students signed it for my class and I'm talking to a few more prospects my Validation goal was six and my Beta Launch goal it was 20. so my results Have been Way Beyond my Dare To Dream Number which is really crazy because not Only did Jane actually end up going on To sell 42 spots and earn over eight Thousand dollars by the end of her beta Launch but she did that without an Audience she did that without even Having created her course which I know That might sound crazy too people's Minds are often blown when I tell them They don't have to create their course Before they can launch it before they Can sell it but it's totally possible And it's actually what I recommend for Quite a few reasons now this episode That you're listening to right now it is A part of the 100K method limited series So this series is all about how to Launch a successful course and scale it To six figures and Beyond and so we have That end goal in mind of like we want to

Go Evergreen but a lot of people jump to This step they think oh I want to make Passive income so I will create a course And I'll build an evergreen sales funnel And well bam I'll start making passive Income right I know this because I see a Lot of my clients do it and because I Made this exact same mistake myself First I got too hung up in the initial Planning phase for a while and I wasn't Making any men because of that so I Thought okay I need to actually just do The thing make the course set up the Funnel and I'll start making passive Income it did not work you really have To have a successful beta launch because Of everything you learned through this Process and because it enables you to Create the best possible course that Actually gets your customers results and Then as step two you can set up that 100K Evergreen funnel all that earns you That passive income and that you can Scale to six figures and Beyond okay now The last thing that I want to cover Today that is so important for creating An online course that sells is something That a lot of people get hung up on and That is Tech so many people think that They need to build complicated tech Systems that they need complicated Expensive software to be able to sell Their course because they see that's What a lot of successful online course

Creators are doing but here's the thing When you are first starting out that is Not what you need at all big successful Marketers the biggest course creators They are using mass marketing tactics Because that is what allows them to at The level they're at make the most money They've got thousands and thousands of People in their audience and so if they Can just convert even like one to two Percent of Their audience into paying Customers then they will make way more Money they will make way more sales than They ever could make if they were Talking to individuals but this is the Exact conversion rate that they do get With those Mass Market tactics now the Only reason you need complicated Software is the only reason you need to Automate things with expensive software Is if you're trying to do Mass marketing But when your audience is Tiny when you Only have 10 20 30 50 100 leads you want To use one-on-one marketing tactics you Want to have one-on-one sales Conversations because unlike the one to Two percent conversion rate you could Get with a mass marketing tactic with These one-to-one marketing tactics you Can get 10 to 50 percent conversion Rates and why this is so important is Let's say you only had 10 leads well if You were using mass marketing that would Mean you would only convert basically

Zero of them you would need at least 50 Or 100 leads in order to be able to make One or two sales but if you have these One-to-one sales conversations and you Sell one to one well with those same 10 Leads you can make somewhere between one And five sales one of our 100K Mastermind members just recently sent me A message and she said I just wanted to Say that I reached the threshold of my Beta launch with five purchases I'm so Happy with 100K Mastermind the Step-by-step plan I love it it keeps me Focused on what I need to do I wanted to Test the statistics related to Conversion and they are real from 450 Social media followers to 450 social Media followers I converted one so this Equaled one sale from her email list of 500 people she made one sale and talking Directly to contacts three out of 10 Contacts she talked to she made three Sales so in fact she converted way less Than one percent of her audience on Social media way less than one percent Of her audience via email and then 30 of The leads that she had that she talked One to one to and this is why it is so Important that when you are first Starting out you are using the right Tactics not just trying to copy what you See other people doing and also just Proves that you do not need complicated Expensive Tech and what actually do you

Need well first of all you need to have A person that you are talking to right So you need to somehow be attracting the Leads and then from there you need to Have this conversation with them so you Have a conversation and then from there You do need some way that they can Purchase the product okay so you need Some sort of simple checkout page this Does not need to be a complicated sales Page by any means it just needs to allow Them to buy the product so they need to Be able to type in their information Enter their credit card and click a buy Now button but you need to make sure That you do structure this page Strategically because if it doesn't look Professional enough then of course they Won't trust it and they won't buy but it Really is this simple it's a three-step Process you have a lead you have a sales Conversation you need to know how to Close that lead you need to understand Sales psychology and then that leads you To sending them the link to the checkout Page so to recap what we've talked about So far you need two factors for a Profitable course you can success Successfully scale first of all you need To develop your course so that it has Cold traffic appeal so that people can Easily see the utility of the product And they aren't just buying it because They know like and trust you and then

Second you need to make sure that you Get their full buy-in meaning you have a Proprietary plan that they understand You get their full buy-in which means That you can scale effortlessly because They get Real Results because they trust Your process so they take action on your Program and then they tell their friends So you get to experience exponential Scaling exponential growth over time Even if you don't have a marketing Budget especially not at first alright So that wraps up this episode of the 100K method in the next episode we're Going to be looking at long-term methods For scaling your course to six figures And Beyond because there's two very Different schools of thought on this Some people say that live launching is The best thing the way to make the most Money and other people say Evergreen Funnels all the way because when your Products on Evergreen you can earn Passive income and whatnot but the live Launching people say but you don't make As much money so we're going to look at Those two methods and talk about the Pros and cons of each and how to figure Out which one is right for you and your Specific situation to find out when that Next episode is released make sure you Are subscribed and have a notifications Turned on and I'll see you then If you're ready to build a 100K funnel

Of your own then now is the time to Start taking action check the Description box below or head to 100K to find out how you can build a 100K funnel of your own and set it up to Start making you money within the next Three months or less I know you're Capable of this and I know it will Change your life so head to 100K right now to Find out how you can make it happen

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