How to Market Your Self-Published Books on Amazon KDP

How to Market Your Self-Published Books on Amazon KDP

Are you a self-published author looking for ways to market your books? In this video, I share five strategies for marketing your self-published books on Amazon KDP. From building a platform to using book reviews, these tips will help you reach more readers and sell more books.

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A couple months ago I made a video about How to earn passive income by Self-publishing low content books on Amazon KDP and it seems like most of you Guys loved it and there's so many Amazing comments below that video but There were a couple people in the Comment section who cried foul and Informed us that Amazon is oversaturated And that it is way too late to make any Sort of real money on Amazon by selling These low content books and of course to A certain extent they're right Amazon is Pretty saturated there are millions and Millions of products on the site and There are thousands and thousands of low Content books and if you try to publish Your low content books then you'll be Competing against those however I have To say that when I look at these Different low content book categories on Amazon I'm actually surprised at how Poorly done most of the listings are Even the listings that are ranking Pretty well and what that tells me is That there's a huge opportunity here to Be just a little bit more strategic and Try just a little bit harder and get Your books to rank well for the relevant Keywords and start making some real Passive income so in this video I'm Going to be covering five of my top Strategies for marketing your KDP Self-published books on Amazon okay so

The first thing I'm going to do is log Into my book bolt account by the way if You don't have a book bolt account it is Really easy to sign up it's only about Ten dollars a month and it gives you all The tools you need to research to find The right categories to rank your low Content books in and also tools to Actually create the low content books Really easily anyway so I'm going to Click on cloud and this is going to take Me into this part of the tool so this is Just a Search tool that's going to show Us the highest ranking books in certain Categories so I'm going to leave it at The top 100 I'm going to look at this Sketchbook category top 500 000 best Sellers and leave the price range open And we're just going to do this search Here so now if we scroll down we can see That these are the top books in the Sketchbook category now what a lot of People do is they think okay these are The top books in the Sketchbook category That's big popular category so what I Will do is I will try to copy these Designs maybe try to improve them Slightly and try to rank against them This is not the strategy we want to go For it is very difficult to compete in These very broad niches you're going to See a lot more success a lot more Quickly if you instead Target a niche Category on Amazon now I think that one

Of the best ways to choose a niche for Yourself is to start easy start with Something that you already know about so Think about a low content book that you Might be interested in yourself like a Notebook for a certain hobby that you Have for example so one thing that is Sort of a hobby of mine is house plants So I could create a house plant care Journal for example let's see how many Of those are on Amazon now you might be Thinking well not that many people are Looking for this yes obviously not as Many people are looking for a house Plant care Journal as there are people Looking for just a general Sketchbook or Journal but we'll be able to rank a lot More easily for this term there will be A lot less competition if you make a Good one of this niched book then you Will be able to actually start creating Sales a lot more quickly so as you can See here the designs are not exactly Stellar the top listings do not have Very many reviews and even the reviews That they have often are not very good And so there's a lot of room here for You to Edge in and to rank highly for This term I see one houseplant journal And catalog book that has a decent Number of good reviews but for the most Part Amazon is resorting to showing us Other books about caring for houseplants So that's the first strategy is go more

Niche the as some people say the riches Are in the niches I can't say the riches Are in the niches though that just Doesn't work okay so let's move on to The second strategy which is a pricing Strategy so we're gonna go in here To Amazon KDP I'm going to sign into my KDP account and we are going to look at The pricing for one of these books so I'm going to continue the setup to this Because what we want to do is we want to Say what is the lowest possible price we Could sell the book for because if you Start outselling your book for the Lowest price then you can beat out the Competition on price like people will Choose your book because it is cheaper And then once your book rises in the Ranks and is actually ranking well on Amazon and you have gotten enough Reviews then you can slowly increase the Price of your book and that is a great Way to actually start making money with Your book so first of all I'm here in The paperback content section and if you Scroll down to the very bottom of this It shows what your printing cost is so This is how much you could actually Order copies for but we're gonna move Along even further because you have to Sell the book for a little bit more than The printing cost because Amazon doesn't Want to just do this for free they want To actually make a little bit of a

Profit themselves so in this paperback Writes and pricing tab if you scroll Down here to the pricing royalty and Distribution section then it shows here Minimum is 358. so that's the lowest amount that Amazon will publish and sell your book For uh and if you do the 358 price then You don't make anything but honestly It's the best long-term strategy to just Kind of delay that gratification a Little bit don't try to make two dollars Per book right now just settle for Making zero dollars for a book for the First couple months because then you can Increase it and that's when you'll Really start raking in the profits now If you shop on Amazon at all which I'm Guessing you do then you probably Realize how important the reviews are But a lot of self-published authors and Low content self-publish creators seem To miss this and they just publish lots Of low content books or even write lots Of books and they don't really put in The effort required to get the reviews And then they just wonder why their Books aren't don't let that be you okay We need to focus on the reviews more Than focus on just creating great books Or just creating lots of books of course It starts with creating a good book but Once you publish that good book don't Just move on to the next one work on

Getting some reviews for it so for Example if I search for graphic design Notebook this sponsored product here Okay they are paying for ads it doesn't Have a single review so they are wasting Their money they could be so much more Successful If instead they first focused On getting a few reviews and then they Paid for those ads next one here graphic Design layouts for logo creators it's Ranking pretty highly but it has very Few reviews they could be making a lot More sales if they had more reviews and A lot of these notebooks that are Popping up for this relatively popular Keyword don't have very many reviews so How can you get the reviews well first Of all it's against Amazon's terms of Service to pay for reviews so you don't Want to do that but it is totally Amazon Legal to ask people to buy your product And leave a review you and so you want To focus on that type of strategy you Can start by making your product very Affordable like that 358 price I was Just talking about and then asking your Friends and family if they would be Willing to buy the book and leave a Review to help you out you also can join Facebook groups for Amazon sellers and Trade product reviews with them so you Agree to buy another seller's product And leave a review if they do the same For you so all you need to do is go to and then search for Amazon Seller and click on groups and you'll Find a whole bunch of these groups Amazon Seller performance Amazon sellers Amazon Seller Secrets Amazon sellers and FBA groups the list goes on and on I Would recommend joining one of these Smaller but still active ones so you can See here this one is 47 000 members you Still could find success there six posts A day but you want to look for one that Has fewer members but still is quite Active which you can tell by that number Of posts per day that's generally how You will be able to connect with people The best marketing strategy number four Is to advertise your book on Amazon now I wouldn't recommend doing this if you Haven't already on the previous things Especially working on getting some Reviews but once you have some reviews These can be dollars really well spent Because you don't necessarily have to Keep advertising your book forever to Keep making those sales advertising even For just a couple of months can help you To rise in the ranking can help you to Get more reviews and can cause your book To start selling a whole lot more and It's actually really easy to do all you Need to do is go to the KDP website and When you're on the bookshelf tab you Scroll down to the book you want to Advertise and then you hover over these

Three dots and you click on promote and Advertise Um and when I've done this before I did It with absolutely no even tutorial or Anything like that it really just walks You right through the process and guides You to create an ad that can start Running immediately and the last Strategy won't immediately get you more Sales but but it will do a lot for your Long-term sales so this is my book here That I sell on Amazon and I've been Selling it for a few years but Rylan it First came out I did something not very Well but I did it and it had a huge Impact so what I did was I included in The book itself here's the book um I Included a page that just says that they Can get some free resources if they go To my website so as you can see here on This page I tell them to go to my Website so that they can get some free Resources and in the ebook version of The book it is actually on one of the Very first Pages because since they'll Be on a device already I wanted them to Be able to click the link and go to my Website and in just the first week or Two after launching my book I had 800 People join my email list just from that Now what's really good about this is That if someone buys your product on Amazon you can't follow up with them to Sell them your future products but if

They go to your website and give you Their email address then you can so then In the future when you're having a sale You can send them an email and let them Know and that can really help to boost Your future sales this is also a great Way to ask people to leave you reviews That brings us to the end of today's Video thanks so much for joining me I Hope that you found these marketing tips Helpful and that they help you to sell More of your low content books on Amazon And KDP if you want to see more videos About low content books Amazon KDP and Marketing on Amazon then leave me a Comment below to let me know and also Give this video a like to let me know That you enjoyed it and want to see more Videos like it in the future also I Don't normally talk about this but I Have a free email newsletter that I send Out every week all about digital Entrepreneurship and how to make money Online if that is a topic that you are Interested in then you can subscribe to The email newsletter for free promise I Don't send a ton of emails typically Once or twice per week there is a link In the description that you can click to Find out a little bit more about it and And to sign up and of course you can Unsubscribe at any time and finally if You're not subscribed to my YouTube Channel I make new videos here every

Single week and just by the way the Content in the emails is different than The content in the YouTube videos most Of the time there's overlap but if you Want to get twice as much information About making money online then you Should subscribe to both well that's all For now thank you again so much for Joining me for this video I hope you Have an amazing week my name is Gillian Perkins and I'll see you again next time

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