How to Outsource YouTube Video Editing | Part 2 – Hiring Freelancers

How to Outsource YouTube Video Editing | Part 2 - Hiring Freelancers

Here's how to hire great freelance editors at affordable rates!

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00:00 – Intro
0:55 – Best Freelance Hiring Platform
2:38 – Opening a Job Request on FreeUp
8:41 – Selecting Freelance Candidates
9:33 – Hire for a Test Edit
11:10 – Hire the Freelancer (& Set Expectations)
12:26 – Monitor Your Freelancer
13:38 – YouTube Automation Course Teaser

Hey everybody first off I want to Apologize for taking so long to get this Video out we have been really hard at Work on our YouTube automation course it Is coming along swimmingly and we are Really excited to get it out probably Come out here in the next one or two Weeks and I'll give you a bigger update On that towards the end of this video But first we need to talk about Outsourcing your video editing by hiring A freelancer and on my previous video Here we walked through the first step of That process which is everything you Have to do before you go out and hire Your freelancer and those are very Important steps that a lot of people Often Overlook these steps mainly focus On creating template videos for your Future editors to use as examples when They start editing your content and Creating step-by-step guidelines that Show them exactly what you want them to Do with each of your edits once you have These steps done you're ready to go out And hire your freelancer and give them These materials so that they can get up To speed quickly and start editing Content for your YouTube channel so in This video we're covering the process For hiring new Freelancers and all the Steps that it takes along the way to get A good freelancer at an affordable rate Of course there are tons of these out

There you have big sites like Fiverr Upwork but my favorite and very vocal About it on the channel is Now I did a whole video a couple months Back comparing some of the top freelance Sites and why free up is my favorite but I'll give you a quick rundown of my Favorite things about it now first you Can see right here they give you access To the top one percent of online talent And what this means is that they Interview and vet all of their Freelancers before they're even allowed On the website so usually with freelance Marketplaces anyone can join and apply To your jobs and that results in you Sifting through a lot of subpar Candidates but with free up these Candidates have already gone through an Interview process they've already been Vetted to make sure that they have the Skills they're on here to apply for so When you finally get on here and go to Hire people you know they're going to be Qualified for the job in the end this Just saves you a ton of legwork and Vetting that you would otherwise have to Do yourself another reason we love to Use free up is that they have a ton of International talent and these are Highly skilled individuals that come at A much lower hourly rate than most of The us-based Freelancers what if we talk To people outside of facts first about

Hiring International Talent a lot of Them seem super skeptical about hiring People outside of the US most mostly Because of the language barrier and they Worry that the quality of work just Won't be as good as hiring us-based Freelancers and this is where free Up's Vetting process comes into play because They've already done all of that work to Make sure these Freelancers can Communicate efficiently and have the Skills necessary to do the jobs you need So while I might be a little hesitant or Nervous to hire International Talent on Other websites without any sort of Background information I know when I go To free up that they're going to be high Quality candidates regardless of where They're from and we've personally hired Dozens of international Freelancers Through free up and have not had any Issues yet so that's my Spiel on why we Use free up obviously you can hire Anywhere you like I just think there's a Lot of value here and would highly Recommend it to anyone getting started With hiring editors or most other Freelancers for that matter so now I'll Quickly walk you through the hiring Process and how easy it is to find good Freelancers so when you create your Account on free up you're going to go Right here and do the create new job Request then it'll take you to this page

Where you can fill out all of the Details of what you're looking for in a Freelancer so the first spot on this job Request form is just entering the name Of the job request so you could simply Put something here like YouTube video Editor we also like to include the Editing software we want our editors to Use which is typically Adobe Premiere so We might put Adobe Premiere video editor For one video a week for example just to Kind of summarize what you need in the Job post then you can put the skills That you need your Freelancers to have And these are all sorts of basic you Know business and technological skills That you can put in here that you need Your freelancer to have in order to be Successful at the job that you are Posting for so we're going to scroll Down here and go to the design and Creative section and select probably Video editor uh maybe some animation if There's any sort of additional kind of Video style animations you want in there And maybe some audio editing just in Case the voiceover needs some tweaks Here and there uh so those would be all The skills we want to have for our Freelancer then you've got the describe The project section here and that's just Going to be explaining what you want Your freelancer to do so you're going to Say you need a YouTube video editor you

Know you might want to talk about how Many videos you want them to edit on a Weekly or monthly basis and any details That are relevant to the project this is A really good spot to pay paste your Editing guidelines or whatever other Instructions you have for your Freelancer so they can review those Instructions and make sure that they're A good fit before they apply for the job The next option lets you select how long You want them to work with you and Hopefully if you are building a Successful YouTube channel you want them To be around for a long time so you can Select long term and then they know that They have a commitment with you to work With you for a while and then Conveniently if you're working on Scaling a channel rapidly from the Beginning or you're just ready to hire a Bunch of people you can select to hire Multiple people with the same job Posting and just save yourself the time Of submitting multiple postings for the Same job next you're able to select your Budget whether you want an hourly rate Or a fixed rate now obviously this will Vary depending on the type of project or How you want to pay your Freelancers and It's nice to have the flexibility of Doing both if you want a flat rate for Your videos we use hourly for our Editors and that's something that's

Worked really well for us and we Actually just give them an hour limit That we want them to spend on a video so For example we say videos should not Take longer than eight hours to edit now We could give them a fixed price and Just multiply the hourly rate times that Eight hours uh but there are some cases Where we have our editors work on longer Videos or shorter videos and we need to Kind of uh tweak the expectations for The the time period they're working on It so uh Hiring Our editors with hourly Gives us that flexibility so that's the Reason we choose the hourly rate then You can select the location of the Freelancer again if you want the lowest Rates you're going to want to do Worldwide candidates Um and this still allows people in the US and Canada to apply to your job it Just also opens it up for other Freelancers who are likely going to be Offering lower rates and as I explained In the previous video if you have really Clear editing guidelines you don't need A super skilled experience Advanced Editor to create your videos for you in Most cases as long as your freelancer Can follow instructions and has basic Editing skills your guidelines should be More than enough to go off of to create The videos that you want to see so for That reason we typically hire in the

Entry level range and that will allow Freelancers to submit their hourly rates To us and then we can choose the Freelancers we want to pursue based on The rates that they offer but as you can See here that typically falls in the 5 To 15 an hour range which is a perfectly Affordable range and again much more Affordable than you typically find for Us-based Freelancers at least for video Editing next you're just going to set Your availability or your expectations For how much you want your freelance to Be working with you again this is where You need to have a little bit of Knowledge about the video editing Process you need to know how much time It's going to take for one Editor to Edit one video and then you need to know How many videos are you going to edit on A daily or a weekly basis and using that Information you can come here and set The expectations for your Freelancers so That when you hire them they know They're going to have X amount of work You have to think a lot of these people Especially video editors spend a lot of Time working this might be their Full-time gig I mean it is a freelance Gig but it might spend most of their Time throughout the week working on your Videos so it's important to have clear Expectations for them uh so that they Know they're going to get the work that

You're advertising and likewise you're Going to get the work that you need out Of them the good thing about video Editing is it pretty flexible job you Don't need them to be online certain Hours of the day so you can let them Pretty much set their own schedule and That's an option here of course if you Want them to be online at certain hours That is something you can specify here Also if you plan on talking to your Freelancers over a video chat just phone Call or talking to anybody else that is Something you should specify here so They make sure that the Freelancers will Apply have the equipment and the skills Necessary to do that this is not Something we require we communicate with All of our Freelancers through just Written Communications just uh emails Slack messages Etc so that's not Something that we need for our video Editors I only have a few options here For preferences this one lets you Expedite your job requests for 50 and That 50 is then applied to your first Billing so it's not like an additional Fee you're still going to get the value Of that 50 that you spend Um so if you're really hurried to get an Editor that is perfectly fine but uh Most cases that we've hired from free up We get job candidates within 24 hours so Unless you really need one ASAP this

Probably is unnecessary and finally There are some agencies on free up so It's basically an organization that is Taking jobs and then assigning those Jobs to people within the organization Not directly on the platform Um and some people would rather work With somebody directly maybe you like The idea of working with an agency That's just something that you can Decide uh we personally don't hire any Agencies it's all direct Freelancers Because we want to onboard them into our Own Programs like Trello and slack and Things like that and we just want that Direct communication so we personally Check do not include agencies but after You fill out that form you are all set And your job application is submitted Once that happens free up will send you A short list of qualified candidates Within a day or two so what that'll look Like is you'll be able to click into That job application and see the Candidates who have applied for the job For each one you'll see the rate front And center so you can decide right off The bat if that's a rate you're Comfortable with paying a freelancer and If so then you can dig a little deeper And interview them and see if they're a Good fit for the job in many cases these Freelancers will message you immediately

And say hey I applied to this job and I Think I'm a good candidate because X Y And Z and that's always a good sign that The freelancer is actively interested in Your job posting otherwise you might Have to message them directly and make Sure that they really are interested but Once you get an applicant whose rate Looks good to you there's not much work Left to do all we do at this point is Verify the skills and experience that we Need in the job before our freelancer Can start editing for us so again we'll Just confirm all of the information That's on the job posting you know can You work all of the hours that we need Do you have skills with Adobe Premiere So that you can edit our videos and if All of the questions and answers line up With the stuff that we had in the job Posting that we want to see in our Freelancer then we'll move on to give Them a test edit now you can do this a Couple different ways depending on the Freelance platform but with free up you Will actually move forward and hire them And then you will assign them your test Editing project the test edit is just One last chance to verify that your Freelancer has the skills needed to do Your job and you don't need to give them A full project to do this because that's Just going to be expensive and that's Asking a lot of them for someone you

Might not even hire so what we do is we Trim down one of our scripts in one of Our voiceovers to maybe three to four Hundred words just to give the editor Maybe a minute or two of video to work On and show us that they have the skills Needed to create the videos like we want To see of course this should also come With all the editing guidelines and Editing materials that they might need To produce the exact video that you want Again remember the goal here is to get This freelance Editor to produce a Sample of what their final videos would Look like if they started editing for You this one test edit should tell you Everything you need to know about Whether they will or won't work for your Channel so give them all those materials And then also give them a due date for That test project again this is just to Make sure they can follow instructions They can stick to deadlines and all Those things that you would want to see In a long-term freelancer quick side Notice I keep checking my handwritten List here of notes I want to shout out Bastion pins for sending me this really Cool titanium bolt action pin uh it's Just super dense and feels really nice In my hands and they were gracious Enough to send me one for free to try it Out so if you guys want to check these Out you can go to Bastian uh these are again Just super nice feel really nice in the Hands I'm not affiliate I'm not earning Any money for this I just want to shout Them out because I've been having a lot Of fun using this pen and I just love Holding it all day anyway after the test Project you're going to review the test Edit and make sure that the editor Checks all of your boxes for that video Project and if they're good the last Thing you have to do is hire them once You hire your freelancer you can Officially get them set up in whatever Platforms you use for us that's adding Another slack adding the drillo and Giving them access to our Dropbox Accounts and things like that so they Can work within our automated workflows But you're still not quite done when you Hire your freelance editor because There's a couple things you have to do To make sure that relationship stays Good throughout the future the first Thing you need to do upon hiring is Reiterate your expectations this is how Many videos they need to be producing uh How quickly they need to edit those Videos without going over cost for you How quickly they should respond to your Emails or messages especially if they're International and they're working in a Different time zone you need to be able To have some sort of expectation for

Communication uh because if you can't Reach them then that's going to be a big Problem down the road setting Expectations is another place where a Lot of people go wrong with hiring Freelancers because then the Freelancers Will not do what you want but it's not Because they're bad Freelancers it's Because you didn't tell them what you Expect of them so setting expectations Up front lets them know what they need To do and then if they fail to meet Those expectations you know that you've Laid them out for them and the Freelancer is not following them so you Need to cut ties and find a freelancer Who will follow those expectations and The number two thing you need to do After hiring your freelancer is just Continue to monitor their work and their Billing if you choose to do hourly rates Instead of fixed rates obviously you Should always be checking up on the Quality of your freelancer's work this Is easy to get carried away with I know I've personally done this with our Channels because we have so many Freelancers so many videos it can be Tough to check in on every freelancer And make sure they're doing the job that You hire them for well and in my Experience Freelancers always appreciate Feedback especially if they're going Above and beyond it's nice to recognize

Them for the work that they're doing so Don't forget to take the time from time To time and check out the work make sure They're still editing the videos how you Like and don't wait for somebody else Perhaps your audience viewers uh someone Else on your team to catch it you got to Check out their work and make sure that Everything is good so you can go and Review hours of each of your Freelancers On free up and it shows you exactly how Many hours they're billing each day and How much it's costing you so when you Get a larger team and you get a lot of Different Freelancers some of them Working at different rates it's Important to come and check this at Least every week just to make sure that Things are costing you what you expect Them to cost you but after that that Should be everything you need to know to Hire a great freelancer at a low cost Specifically using there is a Link below to check out free up if You're new to the platform don't forget If you are a member of the channel you Do get access to some of our internal Scripting documents uh zapier automation Formulas and also Early Access to our Upcoming YouTube automation course so be Sure to join if you are interested and Speaking of the courses coming along Very very well we're super excited Planning to launch it hopefully in the

Next week or two uh probably pretty Accurate time frame after this video Releases and again members will get First access to the course as well as a Exclusive discount code only available To numbers Um so we're just really excited to bring It to you guys and hope it can bring you Guys a lot of value and a lot of uh Education to kick start your YouTube Automation Journey now if you missed the Last video about The crucial first steps To hiring freelance editors and Outsourcing YouTube editing be sure to Check out that video on the screen and Check out our other video about overview Of our YouTube automation processes I'll See you guys next video

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