How to Plan a Productive Work Schedule

How to Plan a Productive Work Schedule

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how to plan a productive work schedule, but there are some general principles that can help you plan your week get the most out of your time. In this video I'll share 3 tips for creating a work schedule that works for you.

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If you're anything like me then you Probably have way more things that you Want to do than you have time to do and Especially if you are working on growing Your own business then you probably Wonder what you could possibly do to Help that happen more quickly both so That you can get to having a successful Business more quickly and also so that You can spend less time on it every Single day and start to really enjoy the Benefits of being your own boss before You even necessarily get to the point Where you have a big successful business I remember early on when I was trying to Grow my own business I felt like I just Was being so inefficient I was spending So much time every single day trying to Grow my business and seeing very little Results so in today's video I want to Share with you three of my top tips for Planning a productive work day so that You can get a whole lot more done in a Whole lot less time So the first thing we need to talk about Is what it really means to be productive Because a lot of the time we feel Productive when we are just being plain Old busy when we are doing a lot but Really productive means that we are Producing something and so the first Thing you have to think about if you Want to be more productive is what are You trying to produce maybe you're

Trying to produce a YouTube video or a Blog post or maybe you're trying to Produce a proposal that you're going to Send to a client or maybe you're trying To produce new leads for your business Or something completely different but What are you actually trying to produce You'll be the most productive if you Have a specific thing in mind you're Trying to create and at the end of your Workday you can see that you have in Fact created that once you know what you Are trying to produce the next thing You'll want to think about is what are The top three things that I could do That would make the most progress with This project what are the top three Things I could do that would have the Biggest impact on the results that I get Or on my goal a lot of people find that The easiest way to think about that like What is my goal okay what are the top Three things I can do to make progress On my goal obviously there's a million Different things you could do right but Some of them are going to have a much Bigger impact on the results you create A much bigger impact on your success a Much bigger impact on how much progress You're able to make today so what are Those top three things it's totally okay To start by making a longer Messier list Kind of brainstorm all the different Things you could do and then narrow it

Down like what three things are going to Have that biggest impact and then put Those three things on your to-do list For today and do them first I know you Probably won't want to I never want to I Always want to leave them to last I want To do all the easy work first and There's a time and a place for that you Know sometimes you have a hard time Getting started with your day and it's Good to check off some easy things first But really if you want to make the Biggest progress if you want to be the Most efficient and have the most Productive day possible then you do want To start with those top three things Because if you leave them till later in The day there's a high probability you Won't have time to do them because They're probably things that take a Little bit more time and you're going to Have less time later on in the day and Also you might lose motivation as you've Been working you might feel like well I Already did a lot of other things so I'll just leave those things till Tomorrow or you might just plain will Get tired so if you want to be the most Productive do those top three things First my next tip is a bit of a mindset Shift so here's how I used to think About work I felt like I had all these Things I had to do and a certain amount Of time I wanted to work each day but

There were things that I had to get done And so I just thought well I'll just Work until I get these things done and I'll work as long as I need to but I'll Try to motivate myself to work faster by Saying that I can stop working as soon As I get through my to-do list and of Course there is some sense in that you Know sometimes that can be motivating But I found that well maybe it was Motivating in some ways it was also very Demotivating and made me work a lot Slower because I felt so overwhelmed by All these things that I was telling Myself I had to do and so ultimately my Work ended up taking longer and I had a Much worse work-life balance because I Would work for a lot longer than I said I was going to or that I wanted to Because I felt like I had to check off All those things off my to-do list so The mental shift that I made that has Helped so much is now instead of saying I'll work until I get all of this work Done now I say I'm going to work for This amount of time and I'll get as much Done in that amount of time as I can but At the end of that time I'm going to Stop working and the reason why this was So helpful to me was because it made my Work so much less overwhelming I knew That at the end of those four or six or Eight hours I was going to clock out I Was going to stop I was going to go back

To my family go get to do something Enjoyable and get to stop working and That allows me to feel a lot more Relaxed and less overwhelmed about my Work and so I actually end up working a Lot faster and also enjoying my work a Lot more and then my final tip for you Might sound like it has nothing to do do With productivity or getting more done In less time but it does and it is to Ask for help as I mentioned earlier on In this video when I was at those Beginning stages of running my business Trying to grow my business I felt like I Spent so much time trying to get things Done and my progress was so slow I Especially remember struggling so much With tech things not because I'm not a Tech savvy person but there is just so Many questions you know such a steep Learning curve when it comes to Especially using different software to Run an online business and so every time I wanted to do anything set up any new Little system in my business I would Just find myself spending hours and Hours and hours Googling and Troubleshooting and trying to make it Work and that was why my work was so Inefficient because I would run into so Many little problems throughout it the Thing that finally made a difference and Finally allowed me to work a lot more Efficiently and see a lot more progress

A lot more quickly was when I joined Some groups when I got into some Mastermind groups and I joined some Communities of entrepreneurs like myself And now instead of having to spend hours Googling a lot of the time I could just Ask the group hey does anyone know how To solve this problem or hey I'm trying To accomplish this does anyone know how To do that and a lot of the time I would Get an answer within a few minutes or You know maybe I just asked the question And then a few hours later I'd go back And check and there would be an answer And so I was able to go and work on Other things and not only did this mean That I got to save all that time Googling which you know I'm a big fan of Googling I've learned so much just from Googling and I mean really that's how I Figured out how to build most of my Business but a lot of the time it is Such a shortcut to just ask someone who Has already done what you are trying to Do already overcome whatever the Challenges that is slowing you down well There you have it those are some of my Top tips for planning a productive work Day I hope you enjoyed the video if so Give it a like and leave a comment down Below to tell me which of those tips you Found most helpful or to share your more Top productivity tips I always love Learning new tips for being more

Productive and more efficient and Getting more done in less time and Obviously everyone who's watching this Video does as well so I'm sure that they Would love to hear your advice as well If you want to see more videos like this In the future then consider subscribing My name is Gillian Perkins and I make a New video every single week here on YouTube all about how to work for Yourself and to successfully build six Figure online businesses so if that's Something that you're interested in Learning more about then we'd love to Have you join the community thanks so Much for watching this video I hope you Have a wonderful rest of your week I Love you and I'll see you next time

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