How to Use ChatGPT as a FREE Virtual Assistant

How to Use ChatGPT as a FREE Virtual Assistant

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Do you need a virtual assistant but are not quite ready to hire? ChatGPT is a great, free solution! In this video, I show you 7 ways you can learn how to use ChatGPT to get help with online tasks like email marketing, content ideas, client work, and more!

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[Music] If you are a small business owner then You've probably at least thought about Hiring a virtual assistant for your Business I mean wouldn't it be nice to Have someone to just help out with all Those little tasks like answering emails Or writing content for your website and So chances are you're doing a lot of Those tasks yourself but what if I told You that there was a way you could have A virtual assistant for free I'm talking About someone who is a good writer which Trust me is super hard to find good at Doing research and has quite a variety Of different skills well I'm here to Tell you that this today has actually Become a reality with chat jpt probably Already heard some people talking about It it is the latest in artificial Intelligence they went from like zero to A million users in just five days after They launched back in November of 2022 And did I mention it's completely free So in this video I'm gonna walk you Through seven different ways that you Can use chat GPT as a virtual assistant To save you time and help you make more Money in your online business starting Off with number seven chat GPT can write Emails for you now you're probably not Going to use it to just answer Individual random emails that you get But it can write some of the emails for

You that are harder to write I'm talking About things like writing pitches to Potential new clients or writing Proposals to leads who you've already Started having a conversation with it Can be hard to figure out exactly what To say how to word it to make it be as Persuasive as possible and get them to Keep reading all you need to do is ask Chatgpt something like write me a Persuasive email pitching a potential Customer on and then describe your Product and then you can add a few Details about your product if you want Those details to be included the email Or you could say something like make the Email short and friendly and just like That chat GPT will write the email for You in as little as about 30 seconds Number six chat GPT can help you out With content marketing now this is huge Because content marketing is really Powerful but also super time consuming It takes a lot of time to write content And it takes time to come up with ideas For Content well chat gbt has those Skills and not just at a base level at a Pretty advanced level so you can start This process off by asking chat gbt to Help you come up with content ideas for Your particular industry now I would Recommend that you don't just ask that Simple question but that you go a step Further or multiple steps further and

Ask for more specific content ideas Within each of the more General content Ideas that chat GPT initially suggests Within just a few minutes you'll have More content ideas than you know what to Do with so then all you need to do is Decide which ones you want to turn into Content and then you can ask chat GPT to Write titles for articles or for videos On those topics that you chose but it Doesn't stop there because as a final Step you can ask chat GPT to actually Write the articles for for you now this Tends to work best if you break the task Down for chat GPT so instead of just Saying write an article about this You'll want to First say something like Write an outline for an article about And then enter the topic then once you Have the outline then you can feed it Back into chat GPT and say things like Write an introduction for a Blog article About this topic with this title and Follow this outline and that is really How to use chat GPT to its greatest Potential for Content creation and how To get the very best results from it now This doesn't just stop with article Writing though you can also do the exact Same thing to have chat GPT write video Titles and video scripts for your YouTube videos and also writing scripts For podcast episodes there's no doubt About it chat GPT can make creating

Content really easy but if you want to Actually have this be a productive and Profitable thing for you to be spending Your time doing then you also need to Think about how you're going to be Sharing this content with the world Sharing it with your perspective or Potential customers and to do that one Of the main ways that you would share Written content would be with a Blog now I know that blogging might seem a little Bit Circa 2005 or so but the fact is That most businesses still have blogs a Lot of them don't call them blogs Anymore but they have lots of articles On their websites and this is a huge Part of how content marketing happens And how new potential customers get Attracted to businesses so you need to Think about how you're going to get a Blog set up on your website so that you Can be sharing the content that you Create with it if you're tracking with Me then check the description box right Now because I've teamed up with HubSpot For this video as today's sponsor and They are giving away a free ebook about How to start a blog this free ebook will Show you how to choose a purpose for Your blog and identify goals for your Blog and map out the content that you're Going to put on your website but Hubspot's guide doesn't just stop with The planning aspect of your blog they

Also walk you through how to set up the Blog itself how to write your first post And get it published and they go into The very important part of actually Promoting your blog because just Publishing a piece of content on the Internet is not enough to get people to Read it we need to actually learn how to Market our content so that we can get it In front of potential readers who then Later become potential customers and That's exactly what you're going to Learn how to do in this free guide from HubSpot so check the description box Right now to download a free copy for Yourself number five chat GPT can help You out with your email marketing chat Gbt can write all sorts of different Emails for you to help you sell more of The product or service that your Business sells and not only can It Actually write the emails but it can Also help you come up with ideas for Your email so even if you don't know Anything about email marketing you could Start out by asking chatgpt to teach you About email marketing and to explain to You what some of the most popular types Of marketing emails are and then within Each of those categories you can ask Chatgpt to come up with ideas for Specific emails of that certain type Once you know what emails you want to Write and send to your email subscribers

You can of course ask chat gbt to write Those emails now this is a good time to Mention that chat GPT when you're Talking to it back and forth it is an Ongoing conversation so if you asked it To write a certain email you can follow Up with something like make it longer or Add in more interesting language or add An example into this email or something Like that and chat GPT will do it number Four chat gupt can write your website Copy so if you have a website there Needs to be some words on it probably Well you can just tell chat gbt a little Bit about your business and then say Write a home page for my website or Write write the about page for my Website write some details for the blog Page on my website and chatgpt will do It again in just about 30 seconds number Three is pretty Advanced so you might Just skip this one but it does have huge Potential if you have someone code a Simple app for you and so specifically What I'm talking about here is like a Widget that would be on your website That is just like a chat interface well Once you have that simple chat interface You can integrate it with open ai's API Code and so now you're talking directly To the server basically and in kind of Like a more private way and you can Train the AI on whatever you want it to Know so for example you could train it

All about your business you could train It how to answer your customers you Could train it on your scheduling Process and integrate it with your Calendars or your scheduling software so You can basically create an app that can Talk to your customers can schedule with Your customers can answer your queries Can give you information you need all Sorts of things number two on my list is Chat GPT can do client work for you so Any of these things that we've been Talking about that chat gbt can do for You well it also could do for a client So for example if you have an email Marketing agency well chat GPD could Write marketing emails for your email Marketing clients if you have a branding Agency chat gbt could help you write Their websites or who could come up with Slogans for their businesses or name Their businesses if you have a virtual Assistance agency well there's just so Much you could do like chat gbt could Write all the blog content for your Customers or could write the emails for Your customers or could answer emails For your customers I mean just like Basically chat GPT can do all your work And you can work way less while still Making the same amount of money and Finally number one on my list of how Chat GPT can help you out as a virtual Assistant goes really A Step Above chat

GPT just being a virtual assistant chat PPT can be a mentor a coach a teacher For you now Thai GPT doesn't know Everything and it's not necessarily Going to give you the best advice but it Does know a whole lot of information and A whole lot of how to do things if you Want to learn even more about chat jbt I've done a couple more videos about it Over the last couple of weeks mostly Talking about different business ideas That you can start with chat gbt where Chat gbt does most of the work for you So I will be sure to leave some links to Those in the description box down below And also in the card up here so you can Check them out and also if you happen to Be new here on my channel and you want To learn more about online business and Digital marketing and learn how to scale Your online business to six figures and Beyond then I would love to have you Join me and you can just hit that Subscribe button and ring the Notification Bell to find out when my Next video comes out thanks so much for Watching my name is Gillian Perkins I Hope you have an amazing week and I'll See you back here again next time

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