I Found the EASIEST Way to Make Money with ChatGPT

I Found the EASIEST Way to Make Money with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a new way to make money online easily. You can make over $800 per day and you don't even need to know how to code. There's a huge opportunity to start a business using ChatGPT. In this video, I'll show you how it works!

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I found the absolute easiest way to make Money with chat gbt it can make you over 800 a day and you don't even have to Code anything all you need to do is take This idea and put it into action there Is a huge opportunity here right now but The opportunity is not going to last More and more people are jumping on this AI bandwagon and I know that you might Be worried that you are going to be Replaced with AI but that is not the Case at least not right now right now What is going to happen is you are going To be replaced by another human who is Using AI if you are not not only is Chatting with you the world's smartest Robot it is blowing people's minds by Its ability to break information down And make it super easy to consume and Understand even the most complex Subjects not only that but it is Completely free and it has a unique Capability to build on a conversation so It remembers what you said to it Previously and it takes that into Account as it answers your subsequent Question it went from zero to over a Million users in just five days back When it was launched in November of 2022 But the big question is how can we Translate this into making money well Here is the absolute easiest and most Profitable business idea that I've come Up with so far to use chat GPT for

Millions of businesses recognize the Power of email marketing and they Utilize this tactic to drive billions of Dollars in sales every single year so They're willing to spend money on email Marketing because it makes them money But writing quality email content and Persuasive email content that drives Sales takes skill and time so a lot of Businesses Outsource the work of writing These emails for years now business Owners have been hiring freelance Writers on websites like Fiverr and Upwork to write emails for them and they Regularly pay between 100 and 500 per Email now when you think about the fact That most businesses send out between 1 One and seven emails per week you can See that that adds up pretty fast both In terms of how much the businesses are Willing to pay for it but also in terms Of how much a freelance writer can earn From writing emails for businesses if They're worth their self in fact based On those numbers I just shared one to Five hundred dollars per email one to Seven emails per week that means that Freelance writers earn anywhere between 400 and about fifteen thousand dollars Per month from each and every single Email marketing client that they have And that means that you could easily Earn ten thousand dollars or more per Month with less than 10 clients okay but

I don't just want to share this idea With you I want to actually walk you Through how you can put it into practice And start making money with it in just The next few days so let's get into it First things first make a free chat GPT Account it will only take you like a Minute next just ask chatgpt to write You a short Punchy friendly email Pitching email marketing Services now I Would recommend that you then ask it to Regenerate the response for a total of Three different versions because you Want to end up with three different Versions to test sending out the next Step ask stratgpt to generate a list of Types of local businesses now Chad jbt Can't go out there at least not yet and Actually give you the names of Businesses but it will help you to Figure out which types of businesses to Go after if you have a list of different Types of businesses so chat GPT will Tell you things like hair salons pet Stores photography studios and more next You can hop over to Google and you can Use Google to find local businesses in One or more of those categories now you Might pick a category that you want to Really Target and focus on maybe Something that's interesting to you or You have some knowledge about already or You can just start at the top of the List and go from there and now we come

To a part of the process where you do Need to do a little bit of the work Yourself you're going to take those Templates that Chad GPT wrote and you're Going to send them out to 500 businesses Now now yes this is going to take you a Few days to do but that's okay because Every single client that you Successfully land is going to start Consistently paying you month after Month and so this is a one-time project For long-term benefits now two little Tips as you are doing this pitching First of all make sure that you are Customizing the template each time you Send it out customizing it for the Specific business you're sending it out For their industry maybe customizing it With a few different examples of emails You could write for them yes this will Take a little bit more time to do but it Is going to mean you are much more Successful at getting clients and then My other tip is you've got these three Different templates that chat GPT it Generated for you well at first you want To rotate through them but then if you See that one of them is working better Than the others well double down on that One and just send that one to all the Businesses now if you need a little bit Of help figuring out how to customize That email well just ask chat jbt ask Chat jbt to come up with a list of

Educational content ideas relating to The industry of whatever business you're Pitching next up ask chat gbt something Like this say I offer email marketing Services to businesses help me come up With a list of questions to ask a new Client to learn about their business so In this way Chad GPT is essentially Going to help you come up with an Onboarding survey for your new clients But you're not just going to use it to Get to know your new clients once you Close them you're going to use this as Part of your sales process then what you Can do is use Google forms which is Completely free and just plug the Questions that chatgpt gave you into This form so now you have this sort of Onboarding form to learn about the new Clients now here's where you get really Clever with your marketing and you way Increase your results everyone who Responds to your initial pitch you're Going to respond to them and ask them to Fill out your assessment so that you can Assess their need and give them a quote Now why this is so smart is because it's Going to get the those potential Customers invested in the process and Make them a lot more likely to end up Hiring you okay so at this point you'll Have some people who have filled out That form and now you need to follow up With them and give them that quote well

Just ask chat DPT to help you out you Can ask Chad GPT to write an email Pitching a new potential client your Quote and you'll want to tell chatgpt How much the quote is for and what it Includes I would recommend quoting these New people about 100 per email per month But you also want to make sure that you Are legally protected and that these People actually pay you so just ask chat Gbt to write you a contract for your Email marketing Services then with that Contract in hand in the first month's Payment secured here's all you'll need To do every single week just reach out To each of your new clients and ask them What emails they would like you to write For that now some of them might need Some ideas and you know where to go for Those right then once you and your Client have decided what emails need to Be written of course you just ask chat Gbt to write those emails for you you Can ask it for things like write a Marketing email promoting house painting Services or write an educational email Teaching customers how to choose plans For their yard or write a promotional Email for an upcoming open house for a Four bed two bath house in an upscale Area located at 123 Elm Street you'll be Amazed at what chat GPT can come up with And so will your clients because once You have those emails from chat GPT you

Can just send them off to your clients To share with their email subscribers And finally one more admin thing you'll Want to send each of your clients an Invoice at the beginning of each month I'd recommend you make it payable by the Fifth if you need help writing that Invoice of course chat gbt can help you Out with that as well and you might Wonder well are they going to keep Paying me and I would say definitely yes Because once you have started giving Them email content to send out to their Potential customers they are going to be On the hook for it and they are going to Definitely want to keep getting those Emails from you every week so that they Can keep sending out that content and Keep closing more sales every single Week now you might be wondering why in The world would a business pay you to do Something like this for them when they Could just use chat GPT themselves and Get the same results in just a few Minutes of their time and for free but You would be surprised the fact is that Most people are slow to adapt to new Technologies and this is especially true When it comes to small business owners Especially local small business owners They are strapped for their time and Normally understaffed and they don't Have time to be testing out new Experimental software or experimental

Technology so while some of them Definitely are going to start using chat GPT it's going to take others of them Years and some of them might never even Adopt the new technology but that's Where you come in because you're a real Person and you take the initiative and Approach them and you ask them would They like your help and you give them Examples of how you can help them Because of course you can just include Some emails that you wrote for them well Chat GPT wrote for them for free even in Your pitch and they will see the value Of that and it's an easy answer for them To just say yes and at least try out Your services so you can easily get your First 10 or 20 clients just by sending Out those initial 500 pitches and you Immediately have a business that only Takes you a couple hours a week maximum To run and earns you over ten thousand Dollars a month now like I said at the Beginning of this video I found a ton of Genius ideas for businesses you can Start with chat GPT so if you'd like to Hear about more of them then make sure You give this video a like to let me Know and if the video gets at least a Thousand likes then I will do a Follow-up video next week and share five More of my favorite chat gbt business Ideas with you

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