Personal Branding Secrets of a Million-Follower Brand

Personal Branding Secrets of a Million-Follower Brand

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Today, I'm pulling back the curtain from my million-follower brand to teach YOU how to build your own personal brand, establish your authority in your niche, and blow up your audience.

Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro
1:53 Step #1 Establish your brand.
3:17 Step #2 Step #2 Design your brand visuals.
3:47 Branding Guide
4:10 Step #3 Set up your website and socials.
5:11 Step #4 Step #4 Beta launch (+ get a few amazing testimonials).
6:47 Step #5 Step #5 Produce a few epic free resources.
7:37 Step #6 Team up with established brands.

Establish Your Brand Questions
— What is the value your brand offers or how will you help people?
— Who are those target customers?
— What will you name your business?
— What is your brand's personality/style?

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[Music] Hey there okay so today we are going to Be talking about personal branding I've Built a million follower brand online And in this video I'm going to explain Exactly how you can do the same even if Right now you are starting at absolute Zero So first let's just chat for a moment About why a personal brand so I have two Brands I've got my personal brand Gillian Perkins and then I've also got An in-personal brand called startup Society and I've built both of these Brands up together I started with my Personal brand but there are some big Benefits to both personal and impersonal Brands personal Brands give you tons of Opportunities like anywhere you go at Any time you can start a new business on The back of your personal brand and it Just jump starts it and can help it to Be basically instantly successful in Personal brands on the other hand have Some strong points too they can be a lot More flexible in a different way because They're more separate from you and so You don't necessarily have to be Directly involved you don't have to be The face of it you can Outsource Everything if you want to and if you Ever decide you want to exit you can Sell it so really I'd recommend you Build both a personal and an impersonal

Brand but today we're going to talk About personal branding because that's What I'd recommend you start with and I'm just going to start out by reading a Quote from Donald Miller in this book Building a story brand he says every day Most Business Leaders make a mistake That costs them thousands if not Millions of dollars they don't clearly Explain what it is their company does And I'll just add to that that you can Never clearly explain what your company Does if you haven't already decided what Exactly it is your company does so the Very first thing you need to do is Establish your brand Now this comes down to just answering a Few simple questions first what is the Value that your brand offers or how will Your brand help people so you want to Make sure that you boil this down to one Main way in which you are going to help Your Target customers and then the Second question is who are those Target Customers now of course you could narrow It down based off of your target markets Gender or age or hair color or any sort Of demographic like that but what I'd Really recommend you focus on is by Defining the type of person based off of What problem or desire they have Question three is what will you name Your business and if it's a personal Brand most likely you're just gonna go

With your own name maybe your first and Middle or your first and last or you Might choose a pseudonym and then Finally you want to Define your Brand's Personality and or style now the reason Why this is important is because you Want to create a unique look for your Brand that sets it apart from other Brands also that invokes the feeling That you want your target cost customer To have when they experience a brand and Finally you want your brand to be Recognizable so that every time someone Sees content that you created online They can immediately recognize it Because that is what will really enable Your brand to build momentum with its Growth over time now I know you'll Probably need to spend a few minutes Thinking about your answers to these Questions so I'm going to put them in The description below so that you can Take your time thinking about them Now once you have established your brand You've decided what your brand is all About and what its style is like then You get to move on to actually creating The visuals to communicate those ideas That you've come up with so we need to Create visuals to communicate a brand That is fun or quirky so you want to Choose colors and you want to create a Logo for your business maybe you want to Define some fonts that you're going to

Use and that sort of thing now I think That hubspot's guide for this is really Helpful which is why they are the Sponsor of today's video you can grab a Free copy of their branding guide down In the description to help you with Creating these visuals as well as the Entire process of establishing your Brand and figuring out exactly what it Is your business does you can clearly Communicate that to your audience next I'd recommend that you set up a simple Website and some social media channels For your brand Now don't overdo it here I think that's The biggest mistake people make is they Over complicate these things really you Can have the simplest of websites just Like two or three or four pages on your Website just to tell a little bit about Who you are and what you do and how you Help if you have any products you want To sell you can put them on there and Also just linking people to your social Media channels where they can consume Your content or maybe you have the Content on your website itself and then When it comes to social media channels Again just keep it simple you don't need To be everywhere I'd really recommend That you just choose one or two Platforms to focus on because it is way Easier to create a ton of growth on one Channel because you will be putting that

Much more attention and energy and focus Into that one space than it is to try to Build your audience in several spaces it Just spreads you too thin and you can Never really get that momentum that you Need to grow your brand to thousands or Millions of followers Now I know this next thing you're gonna Feel like you are not ready for it is Not time for this what Gillian you know I just need to build my audience first Okay but even before you really start Building your audience I want you to Beta launch a product yeah I know feels Like way too much way too soon but there Are a few really important reasons for Beta launching a product early first of All it helps you to get serious about Your brand and this will really help you To be consistent with creating content For your business when it just feels Like a hobby and it doesn't feel like a Real business it's tough to keep Publishing your newsletter every week or Posting on Instagram every day or Putting out a new YouTube video every Week because those things require time They require effort and if it just feels Like a hobby then it doesn't feel worth It but if you're actually selling Something if you're actually a legit Business it helps you be serious about It so that's one reason but another is Because it's gonna make you also look

Like a legit business which is really Key for getting people interested in Following you and getting other brand Fans interested in working with you also As soon as you make your first few sales You can work on getting some really Great testimonials and it's actually Good if when you first launch a product You only make a couple of sales because It allows you to really double down on Those clients or customers give them the Best experience possible and then they Will write you the most amazing Testimonials and then finally we can't Not mention that launching a product Early enables you to start making money Earlier I don't want this to just be a Hobby just be something you're spending Your time on I don't want you to be Chasing vanity metrics I want you to Have a profitable business from month One Now this next step might feel a little Bit random but it makes a big difference You want to produce a few Epic free Resources so I know you might think like Shouldn't I just spend my time producing Free content like videos or Instagram Posts or whatnot just to grow my Audience or producing paid products that Will actually earn me money but by Producing just a couple free resources The sort of thing that people have to Like sign up on your website to get this

Will do wonders for growing your email List and helping you to build that Momentum with your brand growth and by Creating just a couple really epic free Resources it will set you apart from Your competition what I want you to do Is create a couple free resources that Are better than what some of your Competition is selling as their paid Products this will get people to pay Attention to you like nothing else Now this final step is where all these Pieces come together everything you've Been doing has been laying the Groundwork to make your business look Professional look legit look successful Which helps to get people to follow you But also sets you up to be able to do Partnerships with other already Successful Brands and this is huge Because it allows you to effectively Skip the line and instead of having to Build your brand and your audience one Follower at a time on social media or With your content you can have this like Fast Track ticket to success where you Team up with a brand that already has an Audience and you get visibility to Their Audience and that grows your Audience by Hundreds if not thousands of followers At a time now other brands won't be Interested in working with you when you Are a tiny brand if you don't even look Legit but if you look really polished if

You look professional if you look Successful then even if your numbers are Small they will want to work with you Because they will want to team up with Someone who can create awesome content For Their audience so when I say team up With a brand I mean things like getting On their podcast or being a guest on Their YouTube channel getting to write For their website or teaming up for a Giveaway or even to promote your product To Their audience and then split the Profits okay I hope this video has been Helpful for you because it really is Time for you to start building your Personal brand as I mentioned earlier The last few years have shown us how Crazy the world is and how dramatically Things can change practically overnight So it is important that you start to Create this security for yourself the Security for your business where you Will be able to easily pivot you've Probably heard in regards to networking It's not what you know it's who to know And that's totally true but sometimes Even more powerful than who you know is Who knows you and that's really what Building an audience is all about now For your next step if you're not really Sure what you want your brand to be About exactly then watch this video for Some help figuring that out or if you Know what your brand is all about maybe

We've already started it and you're Ready to really get things moving then Watch this video to learn how to get Visible and start growing your audience And of course don't forget to check out Startup society as soon as you're ready To start building your brand online

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