the “$100K Method” for PASSIVE INCOME

the "$100K Method" for PASSIVE INCOME

Are you looking for a way to make passive income? Check out this video where I share the “$100K Method” for creating a sales funnel that will bring in consistent passive income!

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Funnel that's marketing industry jargon For a sales process a series of steps That introduce your product to customers And sell it to them and it's how every Business makes money and if you want to Start making money online and become Your Own Boss then it's how you're going To make money too but this video isn't Just about funnels in general it's about A specific type of funnel called an Evergreen sales funnel and I'm focused On this type of funnel because that's The kind of funnel that has the ability To earn passive income Wait seriously passive income I mean is That even realistic well at least not in The way some people present it no you Can't earn a living just laying on the Beach doing nothing at all but you can Chill on the beach doing nothing if You've already earned a living and There's two ways you might do that one Is the traditional way to slave away at A nine to five for 50 plus years until You're finally ready to retire or you Can do it the new way where you build Something a system of sorts that Continually generates you an income Probably still sounds too good to be True I know so let's check out a few Examples exhibit a you just closed the Deal on 2.4 million dollars in stocks Dividend paying stocks now you're Getting consistent checks in the mail

Every single month okay so is that Passive income well yes obviously but is It realistic not for most of us right so Let's move on to exhibit B you start Buying real estate properties at age 26 And by age 40 you have a portfolio of Dozens of rental properties you've also Established a healthy relationship with A trustworthy property management Company now sure they take their cut but You take home the profits which is a Couple hundred dollars per month for a Property and all told is several hundred Dollars per month in passive income then Inflation hits and rents go through the Roof which means that your income Increases in fact it doubles now you're Earning over ten thousand dollars per Month in passive income and you hit the Beach now personally that sounds pretty Sweet to me but still it would take a Little while right so let's look at one More example Exhibit C after a few years Of college and working at a local Service Company you start to notice that There are a few mistakes that your Clients are making that are consistently Costing them a lot of time and money and When you help them overcome those Pitfalls they're really grateful to you Which gets you thinking would people be Interested in paying for this advice Could you go into business for yourself As a consultant or maybe write a book or

Create an online course after studying Up you decide to go the online course Route because courses sell for way more Money than ebooks do and because unlike Consulting courses can generate passive Income three months later you've filmed Your course set it up for people to buy And build a passive sales funnel what I Call a 100K funnel that allows people to Purchase it day in and day out a few More months go by and you've also build Some passive Traffic Systems now leads Are being passively attracted into your Sales funnel and the funnel is closing Them automatically and now whether you Step foot in your office or not you're Earning thousands of dollars per month In purely passive income and the best Part it only took a few months to set up Now did it still require time and effort Absolutely and this is where a lot of People get tripped up you see passive Income is not at all all effortless Income and it's not a way to get rich Quick but it is a legitimate alternative Way of earning a living that allows you To front load your effort build a system That makes you money and then leave you A lot more time to sit back and enjoy The income that you've worked for but How exactly do these 100K funnels Actually work well the short answer is That they use systems and software to Automate the sales process okay so I

Know that sounds like a real Buzz Kill I Mean systems software I don't know about You but personally I'm not very techy I Definitely don't know how to code and it Sounds like you'd have to be a real nerd That part's a little bit true you have To get a little bit nerdy to make this Work but you definitely don't need to be Super tech savvy when I built my first 100K final I did not know how to code a Website I didn't know anything about Email marketing systems or webinar Software or anything like that at all I Started completely from scratch and Taught myself what I needed to know and I know it's not just me because every Single day I see our clients launching Their own 100K funnels that they built From scratch in just a couple of months Over the next several videos of this Short 100K method series you're going to Learn all the basics of the 100K method Itself how these 100K funnels work and How you can set one up for yourself Right now though let's get started by Looking at an example the very first 100K funnel I ever built and one that's Still earning me a healthy six figures Today okay so this is the funnel that Sells our YouTube strategy program Creator Fast Track and every funnel Starts with potential customers somehow Discovering your brand and with Creator Fast track this happens right here on

YouTube now I know that this is a little Bit meta since the program is about YouTube strategy but I think that that's Part of the beauty of that so here on YouTube I've published numerous videos About YouTube strategy and so whenever Someone does a search on YouTube like How to start a YouTube channel with your Phone for example and they find one of My videos and they click on it then they Okay get introduced to my brand and to Me and in the description of the video There is a link for them to attend a Free workshop and that brings us to the Second step of the funnel because in Order to successfully sell a product you Don't just need to introduce people to It you have to also show them how it Will make their lives better okay but I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself Step two like I said is the free Workshop so people click on the link They get taken to this page where they Can sign up for the free event and when They do this my business gets their Contact information which is really Important and of course we are Incredibly careful to keep it private And keep it safe and we'd never sell it Or anything like that but what it does Is it gives us the ability to follow up With this potential customer and to see If they are interested in buying the Product but after someone signs up what

Happens on the back end is we send out a Series of three emails that's called a Show up sequence to remind them about That they signed up for the event and What they're going to get out of the Event and kind of hype it up so we've Got these three emails here plugged did Inside of our webinar software now these Emails are so key because if you don't Send a show up sequence then you're Looking at about a 10 show up right like 10 of the people who sign up for your Free Workshop free training whatever it Is are going to show up but if you just Send these three emails then your show Up rate goes up to more like 30 or 40 Percent the third step of this 100K Final is the webinar itself which is Based on our win-win webinar framework Have you ever attended a webinar before I know I certainly have I've attended a Lot of them now every once in a while I Hear someone say that webinars don't Work anymore but I think that most of The time this is just because they have Personally attended so many webinars That they've gotten tired of them and They're not interested anymore but That's not most people I mean think About it if you asked a dozen or so of Your friends and family if they have Attended a webinar or how many webinars They've attended probably most of them Would say that they've only attended one

Ever and I'm sure plenty of them would Say they've never attended a webinar and So they would still be really interested In an opportunity for a free training But something that they're truly Interested in and even in the pitch at The end if there is a product that could Help them further now the reason why the Win-win webinar framework specifically Works so well and converts such a high Percentage of prospects into customers Is because it is based on proven sales Psychology it seeks first to serve which Creates trust and helps to establish in Your prospects Minds how you will be Able to help them now this alone makes The attendees want to purchase your Product but it's also highly persuasive In so many other ways so that customers Simply cannot refuse the offer you make Them of course though not everyone who Attends the webinar is going to buy some Of them just aren't going to be the Right fit for the product others will Have questions and still others will Simply need more time to think about it Before they're ready to pull the trigger But instead of ramping up the pressure On the webinar which I'm sure you know Makes everyone uncomfortable we give People the time and the answers they Need to be able to make a truly informed Decision and not only is this simply the Right kind thing to do it's also

Incredibly effective from a sales Standpoint converting five to ten Percent of our leads without any direct Involvement from me or my team so the Fourth step of this 100K final is our Webinar follow-up series which we call The double your sales email sequence and I bet you can guess why we call it that Most of our 100K a mastermind students Are able to double the sales that they Generated in their webinar using this Short sequence of about seven emails so We'd like to condense the emails into Just a 72 hour period because it keeps It short and sweet so that nobody gets Annoyed nobody gets bored and it Generates the maximum number of sales The fifth and final step of this 100K Funnel is called The Evergreen Newsletter this is an email sequence That's sent out to leads who still Haven't bought even after registering For the webinar and receiving the double Your sales sequence because of course There's still a big group of people About 90 percent or so who are still on The fence you know maybe they're not the Right fit but maybe they're still Thinking about it so we send them Through this long series of emails Instead of trying to constantly create New content every single week we've just Planned out six months of emails so that Every single week they can keep getting

New information that moves them closer To buying some of this information is Just to build trust their trust in me That I am in fact able to help them by Just giving them useful information and Helping them to work on their goal of Growing their Channel and then others of The emails give them opportunities to Attend the webinar again or to sign up For the wait list for a Creator Fast Track or Flash sales this sequence is Truly the long game working to convert Those prospects who initially said no But really meant not yet altogether this 5 step funnel is incredibly effective at Selling our creator Fast Track program And without any direct involvement from Me or my team meaning that it generates Truly passive income which is exactly What I was looking for from day one of My business now I know that you might be Thinking that this funnel works for me And is so profitable for me because I Have such a large audience but I have to Tell you that this funnel has been Earning me over one hundred thousand Dollars per year ever since I first set It up well over four or five years ago Now long before my audience finally took Off throughout the rest of this short Video series we'll take a look at how You can take action and Implement a Money making system like this for Yourself including first of all how you

Can create a system that consistently Generates leads you have someone to sell To even if you don't already have a big Audience or any audience at all we'll Also be taking a look at how you can Structure your funnel to consistently Convert five to ten percent of your Leads into sales and how you can and Scale that system to consistently earn You ten thousand dollars or more per Month in the very next video we're going To be looking at how to craft an online Course that has ten thousand dollar plus Per month potential because the truth is That all online courses are definitely Not created equal and don't have equal Earning potential so many people pour Tons of time into creating online Courses that never end up earning them a Penny and I definitely don't want that To be you to get notified when that next Episode Drops make sure you are Subscribed to this Channel and have Notifications turned on and I'll see you Then If you're ready to build a 100K final of Your own then now is the time to start Taking action check the description box Below or head to 100K to find out how you can build a 100K funnel of your own and set it up to Start making you money within the next Three months or less I know you're Capable of this and I know it will

Change your life so head to 100K right now to Find out how you can make it happen

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