The Cost of YouTube Success #shorts #youtubesuccess

The Cost of YouTube Success #shorts #youtubesuccess

#shorts #youtube #success

You even see these top YouTube creators Like uh Mr Beast who still spend six or Seven days a week more than eight or ten Hours a day working on their videos and There's no doubt that they're wildly Successful but the fact is they're Trading that for spending every hour of Their day working to grow on YouTube and Continue that growth whereas someone Who's building a YouTube automation Business can work maybe a couple hours a Week on the high end and still earn a Full-time income and this was a big Realization for me because while I Admire YouTubers who are able to create Content like this and grow and reach Huge audiences I realize that it's not For me to put in 12 hours a day six or Seven days a week to achieve that kind Of success mostly because I worry about Burning out at some stage and being Unable to continue that momentum on the Other hand with a YouTube automation Business I can earn a livable income While working only a few hours a week on A channel and that's a much more Sustainable lifestyle that gives me Plenty of time to do other things that I Enjoy

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