The Most Underrated Side Hustle to Make Money Online in 2023 #shorts #saas

Most Underrated Side Hustle Of 2023 #shorts #saas #makemoneyonline

As an avid entrepreneur always on the lookout for lucrative opportunities, I stumbled upon what I believe to be the most underrated side hustle to make money online in 2023. Join me as I delve into the world of #shorts and #saas, revealing the untapped potential that lies within these realms. Stay tuned as I unveil the secrets, strategies, and success stories that showcase the immense financial prospects awaiting anyone willing to embrace this thriving online trend. It's time to harness the power of #shorts and #saas and unlock a world of limitless possibilities for financial independence. So, come along with me on this exciting journey and let's tap into the unparalleled earning potential that awaits.

The Most Underrated Side Hustle to Make Money Online in 2023 #shorts #saas


In today's digital age, there are countless opportunities to make money online. While many people are familiar with traditional methods like freelancing or e-commerce, there is one side hustle that often goes unnoticed – leveraging the power of online reviews. In this article, I will share my personal experience and guide you through the steps to make a substantial income by helping local businesses improve their online reputation.

Step One: Find a Local Business

The first step is to pull up Google and find a local business in your area. You can choose any niche or industry that interests you. It could be a restaurant, salon, or even a boutique shop. The goal is to find a business that you can offer your services to and help them boost their online reviews.

Step Two: Identify Businesses with the Most Reviews

Once you have identified a local business, scroll past the ads and focus on businesses with the most reviews. These businesses have already recognized the importance of online reviews and understand their impact on attracting new customers. By targeting them, you can offer your expertise and help them automate their review process for better results.

Step Three: Offer to Help Automate their Reviews

Now that you have identified a potential client, it's time to contact them and offer your assistance. Explain to them the benefits of automating their review process and how it can significantly improve their online presence and attract more customers. Assure them that you have a simple software solution that can manage their reviews effectively.

Connecting Google Business Account to the Software

Once the business agrees to your offer, the next step is to connect their Google Business account to the software you provide. This step is crucial as it allows you to monitor their reviews and take necessary actions to enhance their online reputation. By automating this process, you can save the business time and effort while ensuring a continuous flow of positive reviews.

Generating Review Links and Requesting Reviews

With the software in place, you can now generate review links and send them to the business's customers. These links make it easy for customers to leave reviews, which will help boost the business's online reputation. Emphasize to your clients that the more five-star reviews they receive, the higher their chances of attracting new customers.

Getting Paid for Boosting Reviews

The beauty of this side hustle is that you get paid for your efforts. Typically, you can charge around $500 per month per client for managing and boosting their reviews. As you grow your client base, you can earn a significant recurring income, even reaching the six-figure mark. By assisting local businesses in improving their online reputation, you gain financial stability and the ability to start each month with recurring revenue.

Leveraging the Model for Success

What sets this side hustle apart from others is that it allows you to leverage the success of your existing clients. As you continue to automate and boost reviews for businesses, they will see tangible results in terms of increased customer traffic and revenue. These success stories become valuable testimonials that attract new clients who want to achieve similar outcomes.


1. How long does it take to see results?
Results can vary depending on the business and the current state of their online reputation. However, most businesses start seeing noticeable improvements within the first month of implementing an automated review system.

2. Can I do this without any technical skills?
Absolutely! The software solutions available are user-friendly and require no technical expertise. You just need to understand the process and be able to effectively communicate the benefits to your clients.

3. Is there a limit to how many clients I can take on?
There is no set limit, but it's important to manage your client load effectively to ensure quality service. As you gain experience and build a team, you can take on more clients while maintaining the same level of service.

4. Can I use this side hustle as a full-time business?
Yes, definitely! Many entrepreneurs have turned this side hustle into full-fledged businesses by expanding their services and client base. It offers great potential for growth and scalability.

5. What if a client has negative reviews?
Part of your role as a review manager is to monitor and address negative reviews. Through the software, you can promptly respond to negative feedback and work with the client to resolve any issues. Your ability to handle such situations professionally adds value to your service.


The most underrated side hustle of 2023 is leveraging the power of online reviews to help local businesses improve their online reputation. By offering automation and management services, you can generate significant income while providing a valuable service. This lucrative opportunity allows you to start each month with recurring revenue and grow your business by leveraging the success of your existing clients. So why wait? Start exploring this underrated side hustle today and unlock your potential for financial success.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research before engaging in any business venture.

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