This ONE trick makes Chat GPT way more useful.

This ONE trick makes Chat GPT way more useful.

Use this one hack to make ChatGPT more useful! ChatGPT can really speed up so many tasks for you but is it always accurate? Keep watching to learn my ChatGPT trick!

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For every person out there who's been Talking about how useful chat jbt is for Creating content online there are Probably three more cynics who are Complaining that chat gbt can't really Be useful at all because it's not Reliable it's not trustworthy and if it Gives you facts or if it tells you Stories or if it shares statistics or Anything like that in the content that It creates you have no idea if those Things are true or not or if it tells You how to do something you have no idea If that is accurate and if it's good Advice well I just figured out this Little hack that largely overcomes this Issue and I think makes strategy BT even More powerful and useful for creating Content so I just wanted to make this Quick video to share it with you so Basically all you need to do is ask chat GPT to fact check itself now you Probably don't want to use those words Because I'm not sure if the AI will Really understand what you mean for Example the other day I was making a Video about how to write an about page And I wanted a great statistic for the Intro of my video talking about how Important about pages are on your Website and how they're one of the most Popular pages on most sites and I knew I'd heard a statistic like that Somewhere but I wasn't really sure so I

Decided to ask chat gbt if it could tell Me any statistics or facts about the Popularity or the importance of about Pages but I included this a very Important thing I asked chat gbt to cite Its sources and sure enough chatgpt Immediately dished me up three relevant Pieces of information along with sources So I knew that chat jbt wasn't making This stuff up these were real numbers Based on real studies and I was able to Decide whether or not the sources were Good enough because just because Something came from a verifiable source Or was based on some sort of study does Not necessarily mean that it is true and I want to be able to vet for myself Whether or not it was a good source or a Reliable study and by chat gbt including Those sources with length I was able to Do that but I'd love to know what you Think does this make chat GPT more Powerful more useful does it make you More inclined to use it when you are Creating content I know I'm definitely Going to be using this trick every Single time I rely on chat GPT from now On because I want to make sure that the Content I'm creating is factually Accurate okay well that's all for today Just wanted to share that quick tip with You if you happen to be new here and you Haven't subscribed yet and you're Interested in online business and

Marketing then you might consider Subscribing and if you're looking for Something new to watch right now then Check out this video right here all About the very most profitable business That I figured out you can start with Chat GPT

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