Unlimited Listicle Ideas on Wikipedia #shorts #listicleideas

Unlimited Listicle Ideas on Wikipedia #shorts #listicleideas

#shorts #listicleideas #wikipedia

Wikipedia is such a gold mine of Information the page I'm looking at Right now is the list of lists of lists So this is like every single topic on Wikipedia that has a list Um associated with it so I could almost Guarantee no matter what your Niche is On YouTube there's a list here that Shows you a list of items that is Relevant to your audience this is just So primed to turn into listicles and It's really great because everything on Wikipedia is just linked so thoroughly Another great feature about Wikipedia is They link all of their sources here on The bottom so obviously you don't want To just copy everything on Wikipedia Because that's super lame but you can Come down here and find these sources That Wikipedia has used to compile all Of their information And get even more unique uh materials to Use for your script

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