Viral YouTube Script Ingredients #shorts #youtubescript

Viral YouTube Script Ingredients #shorts #youtubescript

#shorts #youtube #scriptingredients

We fine-tuned these writing guidelines Over a couple of years uh basically Built around a couple of key factors in A YouTube video first we wanted SEO Friendly so that it ranks in Search and Gets suggested views from other videos And so on we also want it designed for Retention which means it's an engaging Script that keeps viewers around to Watching the video longer again boosting Videos performance and finally because Of our unique writing processes we want To make sure that we're very careful With plagiarism and copyright most of Our channels are built to run Researching other topics and using that Information to create scripts so it's Not original content that just comes out Of our Freelancers creativity Although we do rely on our Freelancers To bring their creativity and their own Perspective to the writing we do base a Lot of our scripts on other information So it's very important that we do so Very carefully so that we do not get in Any legal trouble and all of these Components are present right here in our Scripting documents

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