Why Your Freelancers Suck #shorts

Why Your Freelancers Suck #shorts

#shorts #freelancers #whyyourfreelancerssuck

Now there will inevitably be a small Percentage of Freelancers who are just Poor at their work and might never be a Good fit for you regardless of how good You are at hiring them but I'm going to Walk you through three ways to avoid These Freelancers so you can have huge Success with hiring 99 of your freelance Talent so the very first thing you need To do when looking for a freelancer is Vet them for basic skills the second Thing you need to do when hiring a Freelancer is provide them with thorough Training documents or Sops which are Standard operating procedures this step Is super important and is where you Should spend probably 90 percent of your Time when you're hiring a freelancer and The point of this is to tell your Freelancer exactly what you want them to Do but there's one more step that we Like to do and that's giving them a Trial gig before you officially hire Them for the long term this is just one More chance to check your freelancer and Make sure they're going to be a good fit For you

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