YouTube Automation vs. Traditional YouTuber #shorts #youtube

YouTube Automation vs. Traditional YouTuber #shorts #youtube

#shorts #youtubeautomation #traditionalyoutuber

I like to look at YouTube automation as More of an investment of money than an Investment of creativity and time which Traditional YouTubers probably view in Most cases that is the path to growing On YouTube it's investing your time and Your energy into creating the best Videos you can and hoping of building an Audience conversely when building YouTube automation channels I'm looking At trying to build the lowest costs Processes and videos possible and Getting return on every video I produce So from the very beginning it's just Focusing on the input and output of the Channel rather than how much time and Energy I can put into a single video to Make it as good as possible uh you know The traditional YouTuber is probably Looking at views and looking at Subscribers but from a YouTube Automation perspective all those numbers Are important for growing the channel And kind of tracking your progress over Time the number I really care about is The revenue so I could care less if we Have a thousand views or a million views As long as the revenue is producing a Good return on the input that I'm Putting in

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