YouTube Shorts Hack #shorts #youtube

YouTube Shorts Hack #shorts #youtube

#shorts #youtubeshorts #hack

What we've done is take some of our most Popular videos and go into the retention Analyzer and pull these 60 seconds or Less that are the most interesting from The video that viewers have already been The most engaged with pull that and Release it as a short and it's had great Success for us so you can see we did This video about I Dream of Jeannie that Had over a million views so he knew it Was successful and there was something In here that audiences liked so you go Down here to the retention graph and it Shows you the most effective parts of The video so we actually had an ad Integration here that kind of caused Some drop off but this x this following Part of the video was so good that the Video retention actually bumped up Higher than what it was before during That section so what we did is we took a Clip from this section of the scene that People think ended the series and uh Turned it into the short and it shorted More views than the original video did Getting over 2 million views 2 000 Subscribers and again bringing in Audiences that we know are going to go Back and like the rest of our content

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