YouTube Shorts Warning #shorts #youtube

YouTube Shorts Warning #shorts #youtube

#shorts #shortswarning #youtubeshorts

A little over one year ago we were Experimenting with shorts on our Channel Facts verse and we posted a clip that Went viral getting almost 150 million Views it also got us over a hundred and Fifty thousand subscribers and you might Think these are great stats to bring Into your channel but this is actually One of the worst things that could have Happened to us but you can see the video Went viral here in early May Um and right around that time Is when our views started to taper off For the next couple months and this is Where we think we were feeling the after Effects of the short going viral and Then YouTube pushing our content into Now the wrong audiences those new Subscribers those new viewers who are Coming in who actually weren't Interested in our main library because The shorts have the potential to get That huge traffic tons of views tons of Subscribers to bring new people to your Channel the trick is again make sure Those shorts are similar to the rest of Your content so that when those new Viewers come to your channel they see Other videos that they're going to be Able to enjoy and engage with

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