Guaranteed Paid Signups

guaranteed paid signups

Want To Know More About Guaranteed Paid SignUps?  Now’s Your Chance!

So you want to know more about guaranteed paid signups?  Doing your due diligence is always a good idea and let me tell you why.  The idea of guaranteed paid signups for your affiliate program or overall business is a superb concept and theoretically an effective marketing tool.  The basic of guaranteed paid signups is that you a pay a fee to a company who will provide you with prospects that you can market to and who will purchase from you.  However, something this easy in a very complex world of internet marketing makes this idea too good to be true.  But is it really too good to be true?  Is it better than our suspicions allow us to believe or is it worse?

To know more about guaranteed paid signups is to do your homework on the companies that provide guaranteed paid signups services and not necessarily on the idea or concept.  Most people if not all are suspicious about companies that offer this service because of how the industry used to work way back when.

Marketing Vs Guaranteed Paid Signups

Back then, when the internet and the industry were becoming more intertwined with each other and the old marketing system of asking friends and family and approaching strangers on the street was becoming passé, the next big thing in network marketing was to buy quality leads from marketing companies that would find prospects who were really interested in starting a home based business.

However, what we weren’t told by these companies was that they were enticing people to fill out a form about starting a business from home but offering up some kind of freebie/giveaway to fill out the form.  They were incentive leads and not necessarily qualified and serious leads.  Most if not all who filled out the form were not interested in buying or starting a business.  The kicker here is that no one had any real idea what was going on.

This whole debacle has left a sour taste in a many people’s mouths and some have even quit the industry because of the money they lost on these so called “qualified leads”

guaranteed paid signups

The Guaranteed Paid Signups Challenge

Those who offer these guaranteed paid signups aren’t stupid people.  Guaranteed Paid Signups understand that people are savvier when it comes to internet marketing.  One real unethical move by these companies, although they probably can’t be touched legally, understand that their reputation can be killed and thus hurting their business with just one customer who knows how to work the internet.  This is not to say that some companies out there who offer this service don’t bend the truth or pull out the unethical old school tactics, but there are some good companies out there as well.

Much like joining a new opportunity, you simply have to due your due diligence.  Go to forums, read reviews from reliable sources and ask around your network of friends and colleagues about certain companies that offer this service.  You’ll find the answers that you’re looking for.  And that’s all you need to know about guaranteed paid signups.

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