Is Shakeology a Scam?


One of the popular diet aids that people are talking about on the Internet is Shakeology. Many people are talking about a shakeology scam. But what is Shakeology? Is it a scam? Or is it another overpriced dietary supplement?

What is Shakeology? Is Shakeology A Scam?

To begin with, Shakeology is what is considered a meal replacement product. It is designed to replace one of your three meals in a the day. By providing low calories and lots of vitamins and minerals it helps you lose weight and stay healthy at the same time. The makers of Shakeology also claim that it will work to curb your appetite. It takes the form of a powder, that is mixed with skim milk, to create a shake.

There are many who have used this product as a stand alone diet. It is used for all three meals to lose weight. Others have used in it conjunction with a diet plan they are already on and substitute the shake for their breakfast or lunch. The testimonials are naturally positive, but analyzing the product objectively, there is much to like about it. There are over 70 vitamins and minerals in each serving, so a dieter need only drink one shake a day and not have to worry about nutrition. In general, people who have used the product claim that it does in fact reduce a person’s appetite. The thickness of these shakes may have something to do with this; Shakeology is known to be one of the thickest on the market.

Shakeology is created by BeachBody, the MLM/Infomercial company.

Shakeology-The Product

shakeologyOn the downside, there are only two flavors: green berry and chocolate. Neither are considered to be delicious and other shakes on the market do better in taste tests. But the biggest problem with Shakeology meal replacement shakes is the price. The cost calculates to be $4 per serving. To be fair, this is no more than the price of a breakfast or lunch that you are making yourself, but there are other meal replacement shakes that offer better value. So before you decide on whether to use Shakeology, simply because of its popularity, shop around and look at the alternatives.

Shakeology-The Benefits

The price of Shakeology is often justified because of the number of nutrients in the drink. But many of the ingredients are herbs that have limited research attached to them, therefore, their benefits are questionable. It would be best to start with a lower priced meal replacement shake that has the standard vitamins and minerals that are recognized by the Food and Drug Administration and have daily allowance numbers associated with them.

There are also more flavors available on the market than the two from Shakeology, and with less herbs as ingredients, they have a tendency to taste better. And to have a product that you enjoy drinking will make it more likely that it will be used on a daily basis helping you to lose weight. In conclusion, people who talk about a shakeology scam are not being fair. But at the same time, the shake probably has more ingredients than are needed which contributes to a higher price as well as a flavor that is not the best on the market. Shop around and decide what is best for you. And this concludes our review of Shakeology.

Shakeology Alternative

Are there any alternatives to Shakeology?  Watch the video below to see one of our recommended alternatives to shakeology.


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