Xocai – Healthy Chocolate Review

Xocai - Healthy Chocolate Review 1

Xocai – Healthy Chocolate Review

  • Xocai is based out of Reno, Nevada.
  • They are a health food company.
  • The product is chocolate based foods and ingredients
  • This MLM company uses the binary system
  • $39 is paid out yearly to open and keep a wholesale account (Plus 100 PV or 200 PV purchase every 4 or 8 weeks based on your status)


The Products

The company is mostly chocolate based foods using unprocessed cacao and acai powder.  Many of the products already have beneficial ingredients such as cinnamon.  The product line includes protein bars, omega squares and chocolate nuggets among other things.  Some people have attested its effectiveness on such physical ailments like headaches and arthritis.

The Compensation Plan

You can make money 8 different ways (mostly bonuses).  Distributors can make up to 50% on commission volume.

Final Thoughts on Xocai

The company is taking advantage of the ever stable yet saturated health product industry while using the advantageous psychological aspect of the binary system to grow.  Plus with a great product that people seem to be extremely passionate about – what's not to like about Xocai chocolate – some people consider this a winner!


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  1. This is without a doubt the best thing my wife and I have ever done!!! We got into this business for health reasons and have helped so many others with their health problems. Now we are making a good residual income that we can bank on for the rest of our lives!!!

    This is so simple, we simply educate people about substituting the bad chocolate with the good chocolate!!! The testimonials just from our group of friends and family are breath taking and have truly changed peoples lives!!! We are so blessed to be associated with Xocai and the people in our upline!!!

  2. I’ve been into health & nutrition for almost 30 years and would never have believed my involvement in a network marketing company until MXI came along. Not only is the company and it’s founders of the highest integrity but the products are like none other in the marketplace. I am simply stunned at the health results.

  3. Dark chocolate has proven to be very effective dealing with chronic inflammation which is the cause of many diseases facing society today. It should be noted in your review that this chocolate does not contain any refined sugar which is good news for people who are dealing with inflammation in the body.

  4. I can’t say enough about Xocai products.. For more info check out my website or follow me on facebook @ Xocai The Chocolate Revolution.

  5. This product and company are amazing. My husband and I saw such positive changes in not only our health but family and friends health as well. We had never done an MLM before but we both quit our jobs to do this one full time. The products are delicious and healthy and unmatched as far as ingredients and nutritious value.

  6. Xocai is a powerful opportunity with as little overhead as anything I’ve seen. My best advice is to warn you off from 3rd party people promising they have the “secret” to network marketing. There are no secrets! Network Marketing is synonymous with Referral Marketing. It’s real people talking to other real people about their own real experiences. Rarely do individuals take action over something they read on the Internet and it doesn’t matter how many emails you send out/how wonderful your web site is or if you’re using buzz-word techniques like “attraction marketing” and “funneling leads”. With few exceptions, people act (financially) based on the trust and advice of other people they personally know. This is what makes Network Marketing work. You can spend a lot of time and money developing a big “lead list” from strangers all over the planet. Unfortunately, that’s exactly all you end up with. A big lead list of people that although may well have filled out some form because they wanted to hear more about a certain subject are no more likely to act upon it they were from the beginning. Not until they get some type of confirmation from someone they actually know. So if anything approaches being a secret, it’s that honest business that builds honest wealth is never going to be a get rich quick scheme and you can’t conduct most of it in your pajamas. If you’re thinking about getting into a home based business of your own and would like to work with helpful/straightforward people that will suggest ways to build build your business instead of spend money – send me a message. [email protected]

  7. My wife and I, also like Brad, joined Xocai for the health benefits one month ago tomorrow. She had Ovarian cancer and after the chemo had no energy whatsoever. We found out that she had the cancer 2 months after our only son was born, so it was a hard thing to deal with. A week ago, after eating the chocolate for 2 weeks, my wife looked at me one morning and said, “I feel almost normal again”…this week, she’s told me 3 times she feels like the Energizer Bunny again. I used to call her that before the cancer and chemo. This is by FAR the best thing that has happened to us in three years! We love the product, have signed up two people so far and they have felt amazing from the use of these products as well! I now hope to develop the MLM marketing side into a residual income!

    Ron and Cherie Durbin

  8. Hi,
    I started eating Xocai healthy chocolate in March last year and cannot imagine not having it now. My health improved, my back is not aching so much and the overall energy level and well-being has never been higher.
    My team is working very seriously in Norway, we have started in Poland and UK. If you are from thie countries and want to work together with a strong team that can teach you and support you send me a mail.

  9. Just got started eating this awesome DARK HEALTHY CHOCOLATE and feeling great emotionally and physically. If you have a sweet tooth and want or need to eat/need chocolate..this is the one way that is guilt free–great tasting!! NO refined sugar and packed with high antioxidants. Makes GREAT GIFTS TOO! Its all referring, not selling–and its easy as Chocolate pie!

    OPEN TO ANYONE that is interested in eating/sharing HEALTHY CHOCOLATE with earning freedom and income that just happens to be an added bonus– 9 out of 10 people eat Chocolate!! Its an easy sell!
    Pass the word..Call Marne in Naples, FL. at 239 514-2745


  10. I have a Disease called Marfan Syndrome. I can be in a lot of pain and I just double up on my Healthy Chocolate! I have been sharing this Chocolate for over 7 yrs. My favorite part is when people I share it with tell me how much it is helping them!! I feel like I am Paying It Forward for a Living….Improving Health and Checkbooks. darkhealthychocolate4u.com Click Contact 4 my story!

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