$0-$100k in 2022 With Fiverr + Side Hustles

$0-$100k in 2022 With Fiverr + Side Hustles

Is it possible to make $100k in just 1 year by making money online with fiverr and side hustles? In this video I'm going to talk about how I plan on making $100k in 2022 with only fiverr and side hustles, no 9-5 job! I'll be breaking down the different online income streams I'm going to be focusing on this year, and my strategies for making money online with each of them. The goal of this little experiment is for me to test out various strategies for making money online, document my progress throughout the year, and create tutorial videos to teach you how to use these same strategies to make money online if you're interested in doing so as well. So make sure to watch this video until the end and check out upcoming videos in this $0-$100k series for more fiverr tips and side hustle tips throughout the year!

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0:00 $0-$100k
1:05 Income Stream Categories
2:43 Fiverr
4:39 Coaching and Consulting Income
5:42 Photography Business
7:30 Service Income Goal
7:43 YouTube Adsense Income
9:29 YouTube Sponsorships
10:53 Affiliate Income
11:33 Medium
13:13 Monthly Newsletter
13:57 Content Creation Income Goals
14:25 Passive Income

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$0-$100k in 2022 With Fiverr + Side Hustles

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So in this video i'm gonna show you my Game plan for going from zero dollars to A hundred thousand dollars in 2022 using Fiverr freelancing youtube and some Other cool side hustles ultimately i Wanna show you the strategies i'm going To be using to try to make this hundred Thousand dollars so that you can try to Do the same if it's something you're Interested in doing for yourself now if You're watching this and you're like A hundred thousand dollars zero to a Hundred thousand dollars in one year That's impossible Mike's crazy all i ask is that you hear Me out regardless of who you are Where you're located in the world what You do or where you're at in your career Great success starts with a mindset We can do this start there and let's go So with that being said let's get into My game plan for going from zero to a Hundred thousand dollars in 2022 so to Start things off i'm going to throw a Couple of different slides up on the Screen to show you all of the different Income streams i'm planning on targeting In 2022. i sorted each of these income Streams based on the type of activity They all fall into to start things off We're going to start by talking about The category that i'm calling service Based income streams in this category we Have fiverr income coaching income

Consulting income and any income made From photography these are all income Streams that i consider to be pretty Active they're active income streams That require me to trade my time and Energy for some sort of money or Compensation the next category of income Streams i'm going after fall under the Content creation umbrella these income Streams will both generate active and Passive income from the content that i Create this bucket includes youtube Adsense youtube sponsorships medium Revenue and my monthly newsletter i Consider this content creation bucket of Income streams the highest potential Because for each piece of content i Create it has the potential to earn me Money for a long period of time it's an Asset that i create once that could Potentially earn for me indefinitely and The last category of income streams that I'm going after in 2022 is passive Income basically you do it once one and Done you do the work once and you're Making money passively And for this income stream it's going to Be book sales that fall into this Category now that you know what i'm Going to be doing to try to make a Hundred thousand dollars using pretty Much side hustles this year i'm going to Break down each give you my thoughts on My game plan for how i'm going to go

After each income stream as well as my Estimation of how much i expect to earn With each this year so we'll start with The service based income streams Starting with fiverr i've been selling Copywriting services on fiverr for over Three years now and i'm at the point Where i have a pretty steady or Consistent income stream coming in from Fiverr this year i plan on offering the Same popular gigs i've offered for the Last three years email copywriting Linkedin copywriting product Descriptions kickstarter pitches and Things like that i'm gonna keep offering Those but to try to up my income through Fiverr this year i'm gonna add a couple Of new gigs that i think could be very Profitable the first gig i'm going to Add this year is a youtube coaching gig I don't currently offer that but i think There's a market to be had there and the Second new gigging offer this year is One where i write medium posts for People so i've been dabbling on medium As a blogging platform over the last Year and i've made a couple bucks doing It so i'm going to try to sell my Services to write medium posts for People looking to farm out their media Content strategy and i think that i'm at A point where i can add substantial Value to people's lives by offering These two new gigs so i think it should

Be able to bump up my earnings in 2022 Pretty substantially so to estimate my 2022 fiverr earnings i think it Definitely makes sense to base things Off of my 2021 earnings that's that'll Be the foundation that we use to Estimate in 2021 i earned 28 702 dollars for the year and i completed 245 orders it's important to note that Around may i was promoted to fiverr pro In the email copy category which Accounts for the majority of my revenue So in estimating 2022 revenue i'm going To take the monthly averages from may to December and add 15 For the two new gigs that i'm Introducing this year so for 2022 i Think it's reasonable to assume that I'll be earning 34 635 dollars on fiverr next we're going To break down my estimates for the Coaching and consulting income i plan to Bring in in 2022. this one's a pretty New income stream for me but in 2022 i Do plan on ramping up how many coaching Sessions i'm taking every month from Paid clients and i'm gonna base this Estimation on the rates i was charging For most of 2021 and that's about 300 Per hour throughout the course of 2022 My goal like the baseline is i'd like to Offer one full hour of coaching every Month on average i plan on setting this Up through my website thenardyblog.com

And i know calendly has a pretty nifty Package it's pretty cheap like ten Dollars a month where you can actually Accept credit card payments people can Book their time slot and it kind of Automates that whole back end so i think I'll probably implement that on the Website to make this a whole lot easier So my estimated profit at the end of the Year after subtracting calendly's 10 a Month fee should be around three Thousand three hundred and fifty two Dollars from coaching and consulting in 2022 next up is photography and i know You're probably wondering mike's not a Photographer and you're right i don't Currently run a photography business but Photography has been something i've been Very interested in for a long time so 2022 is the year i'm planning on finally Jumping into photography with both feet To kind of get the ball rolling with Photography to improve my skills and Build a network of people that know that I'm you know actually trying to be a Photographer in some capacity i'm gonna Offer to do a hundred free photo shoots For anyone and i've already started this Friends families co-workers whoever Wants a headshot a family portrait even A wedding if they trust me I will do it for free for a hundred Different occasions i think this is a Good plan because i think that by the

End of doing a hundred photo shoots i Will have inevitably improved as a Photographer and i think that's really Important before you decide to start Charging people for your services you Want to be good enough to offer them Value but at the same time in doing These 100 free photo shoots i'm building A network of people who are getting Something for free from me a great piece Of value if i do good work and provide Them with great portraits or family Photos they're going to remember me and When i do flick the switch and start Charging for my services these are going To be the first people i reach out Asking for referrals and this one's a Total stretch goal i don't know if i'll Be able to schedule or fit in 100 free Photo shoots in 2022 but i'm gonna do my Best i already have two three down Actually i did two portrait shoots and i Did a friend of mine's condo for real Estate listings but if i can bang out These hundred practice shoots in 2022 And start selling for my services i Think i could probably earn a thousand Dollars before the end of the year with Photography so if we bucket together These earnings estimates for all of These service based income streams we Come to about 38 987 dollars from service based side Hustles in 2022 now i'm gonna dive in to

The content creation streams of income And we'll start here with youtube Adsense so in 2021 i had a pretty Awesome year on youtube i grew my Channel to over 40 000 subscribers and i Also had two videos go viral and Continue to go viral to this day last Year my adsense earnings were just over Eleven thousand seven hundred dollars Estimating my 2022 youtube adsense Revenue is gonna be tough because i'm Starting 2022 with six times the amount Of subscribers i started 2021 with but I'm gonna try my best so considering That i'll be starting 2022 with six Times as many subscribers as i did in 2021 and i'm really making efforts to up My video production quality my estimate For 2022 youtube adsense revenue is Around 35 000 And honestly my gut tells me that that Might be a little bit low bit of a Conservative estimate but this is Totally uncharted territory for me so if I could pass thirty five thousand Dollars on youtube adsense that'd be Fantastic to get to thirty five thousand Dollars in adsense in 2022 here's my Plan i'm going to continue to make three Videos every week monday wednesday Friday on youtube i'm going to continue To try to up my production quality make Fantastic thumbnails and more thoughtful Video titles and lastly i'm going to try

To bake in a couple more collaborations In 2022. i did a few in 2021 and they Were awesome the audience loved them and Since we cross marketed on both of our Youtube channels It really helped pump up the the Subscriber base and the viewership on my Channel so if i can lock down a couple High quality video collaborators in 2022 That's something i'm going to do as well The next content creation income stream Is youtube sponsorships now this is one That i think has a lot of potential in 2022. so in 2021 i started getting Sponsorship offers about midway through The year in 2022 with a much bigger Subscriber base a much bigger following More views and better videos coming out I think it's fair to say that the Sponsorship game is going to be pretty Strong this year using 2021 as my Baseline i made about 6 100 from youtube sponsorships for 2022 I'm estimating i'll probably crack the 15 000 mark so how i'm gonna hit this Goal i'm not really going to change up Too much how i've been managing Sponsorship requests i get quite a few Organically so i'll probably sift Through the inbox and you know select Really high quality sponsors this year But one thing that i am going to focus On to try to pass that revenue goal for Youtube sponsorships at fifteen thousand

Dollars is i'm gonna try my best to Negotiate better more favorable Sponsorship terms and maybe some longer Term sponsorship so in 2021 most of the Sponsors we're doing one or two videos I'm going to try to lock down some Month-long sponsorships to make it Easier to hit this revenue goal doing That will also add a layer of Consistency and stability to my youtube Earnings which is always a good thing Next up is affiliate income and this one Really surprised me i had no clue i Earned this much in 2021 from affiliates In 2021 i brought in just over 2 700 from affiliate links and i basically Put them in the descriptions of every Video in the occasional email newsletter And i think i have a couple of them Scattered on my website somewhere now For 2022 i don't really plan on bringing On more or new affiliates but with my Content schedule now at three videos per Week which is more than the majority of 2021 i think it's fair to say that for 2022 i should be able to crack 5 000 in Affiliate income all right so last on The list for content creation income Streams is medium.com medium is an Online blogging platform where people Can post their writing for other people To read now the cool thing about medium Is that in order to read more than three Medium stories per month you need to buy

A membership which is five dollars per Month now as a writer every time someone Reads one of your posts on medium you Get a piece of that five dollars that They pay per month based on how many Other articles they read on medium for That month it's a pretty cool way of Making money in 2021 i definitely didn't Take medium seriously i wrote a handful Of posts between may 2020 and december 2021 i only wrote seven medium articles And believe me they weren't all my best Work some of them were just expanded Versions of some of the stuff i was Putting in my email monthly newsletter i Was really just experimenting with the Medium platform but sure enough people Actually started reading these seven Posts and it may not sound like a lot But those seven posts brought in 39 Of revenue which is crazy they took me No no time to write and they've just Been sitting there i haven't done any Marketing in 2022 i have some more Ambitious plans with medium i plan on Taking it a lot more seriously and i Plan on publishing at least 30 times This year with a big focus on a lot of The content being a long form evergreen Content because this is the type of Stuff that performs well over a long Period of time so for medium in 2022 if I write some awesome posts that provide A ton of value i think i could pass two

Thousand dollars earned next up is my Monthly email newsletter if you didn't Already know i run a once a month Newsletter where i talk about making Money online and all the stuff i'm Working on every month it's been gaining Popularity and i think that by the end Of 2022 i should be able to get it to About a thousand people subscribed now If you're wondering how i plan on Monetizing it i don't plan on charging For it ever but one thing that i am Exploring is selling sponsorships so When people reach out to me to sponsor My youtube content a lot of these Companies can't afford the rates i Charge per video so i plan on offering Up the newsletter as a lower cost option If i can find sponsors that suit that Audience and wouldn't be total junk for My newsletter subscribers so if i do a Good job negotiating with potential Sponsors and filling a couple ad spots In this newsletter every couple months i Think it's reasonable that it could net Me two thousand dollars this year so Here's a summary of my game plan for Earning using side hustles in 2022 so Far so far we have 38 And eighty seven dollars from services Income and fifty nine thousand dollars From content creation that puts me at Ninety seven thousand nine hundred and Eighty seven dollars so to get me over a

Hundred thousand dollars the last income Stream i'm going to be chasing in 2022 Is the most passive of all of them and That's book sales so for the past little While i've been working on a self-help Book for freelancers and side hustlers The goal is to make something that's a Quick reference easy to reference book That can be very helpful for people when They're in a bind or have a question but Don't know who to ask for help now the Book isn't done yet but in my mind if i Can get the manuscript completed get it Edited formatted and published by june i Think i should be able to start selling It bring in enough income to get me from 97k over that hundred thousand dollar Threshold when it comes to how i'm gonna Price this book i imagine it'll be Pretty affordable like five or ten Dollars if that's feasible and to launch It to make sure it actually sells i'm Gonna do a bunch of giveaways and you Know send out copies to other youtubers To try to jump drum up some interest for Launch day if i sell it at ten dollars a Pop and i do a good job drumming up Interest i think it's very reasonable to Sell 500 copies netting me five thousand Dollars so if i hit it out of the park With all of these income generating Strategies in 2022 i should be left with 102 987 for the year now for the rest of

2022 i'm going to be providing updates On my progress and making tutorial Videos that you all can follow if any of You are interested in trying out these Income streams for yourself this is a Big goal but i think it's very doable And i think i might be able to pull it Off and like i said my goal with this is Twofold the first goal is i wanted to Challenge myself setting a hundred Thousand dollar earning milestone for Side hustles in 2022 Is a new height for me and it would Really i think help me focus on taking These side hustle businesses a lot more Seriously and the second goal for why I'm doing this is to create content Documenting this journey from zero to 100 000 per year with side hustles so Other freelancers other entrepreneurial People and basically anyone interested In doing a side hustle can discover new Ways that they or you might be able to Make money online and who knows maybe it Might help you free you from your nine To five one day so those are my goals i Want to challenge myself and i also want To create some cool content that will Show you some interesting ways that you Might be able to make 100k a year Without working a formal standard 9 to 5 Job so let me know what you think do you Think this is doable do you think i Missed any low hanging fruit any income

Streams that i should add into the mix Here leave me a comment down below i Look forward to hearing from you and as Always thank you so much for watching Can't wait till the next video take care Cheers

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