10 Side Hustles to make MONEY from HOME! ($100k + per year)

10 Side Hustles to make MONEY from HOME! ($100k + per year)

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In this episode of SnewJ Knows. SnewJ list the 10 side hustle's where you can make over $500 dollars per day. Some of these side hustles can even replace your current job and produce you over $100,000 dollars per year. Are we talking e-commerce (shopify), amazon fba, brand deal promotions, who knows? Tune in and find out some of these money making opportunities. Like I always say, this is never financial advice. Please always do your own research. Enjoy! #millionaire #Finance #entrepreneurship
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Many of you think that it requires a lot Of money to start a side Hustle but in Reality these side hustles I'm about to Talk about today requires zero dollars They can also potentially replace your Current jobs some of these side hustles I'm about to list can make you well over Six figures plus per year so let's get Right into it here are 10 side hustles You can do to make money from home Number one your own clothing store now You're probably thinking my own clothing Store does not require inventory does Not require money up front does not Require all these Logistics that I got To go through Believe It or Not zero Dollars a start have you ever heard of The website called printful or Teespring For example from these websites you can Create your custom owned t-shirts right Mark up the price of whatever you have a Set at let's say for example you want to Sell a meme right or your own clothing Brand in these websites you don't need To buy inventory you just mark up your Price from the cost of the product now If a shirt on printful.com costs 20 this Video is not sponsored by the way you Mark up your cost maybe 30 35 that's 15 Dollar profit but here's the thing You're not selling it from the printful Website for example you will create your Own Shopify website you create your own Shopify website customize it make it

Look like your own there's a way to Connect the printful to your Shopify Website so it looks like it's not from Printful every time somebody buys Something from your Shopify website it Looks like they're buying from your Store but in reality is being bought for Printful they create the shirt for you Pack it ship it fulfill it customer Service all that all you gotta do is Promote you never have to worry about Cost of inventory and you never really Have to pay a dime out of pocket that's A good one right and you don't have to Do shorts you could do all types of Clothing hoodies joggers you can even Take it to a level if you want to sell Pillows for example the possibilities Are endless number two on the list Script writer and when I say Scriptwriter it could be a script for Anything it could be a script for tick Tock it could be a script for YouTube There's a lot of people out there that Want scripts that need scripts for Making content let's say you're doing an Informative video on YouTube right Whatever video you want to create There's people out there that you can Hire literally on Fiverr upworks that Will do research on your behalf and Create a script for you and they charge Anywhere between two three four hundred To five hundred dollars even a grand it

Could be from an informative video just Like this one this is coming off the top Of the dome in my heart right now this Ain't no script but the people you watch On YouTube a lot of them hire script Writers and that's okay they're Delegating it they're playing it smart Time is your most valuable asset right There's people also out there that write Skits for YouTubers for tick tockers for Facebook if that's something that you Want to do and you want to make the two Three four five hundred dollars even a Grand per script start showcasing your Work on Fiverr start on Fiverr start on Upwork look for work build your Portfolio number three on the list YouTube there's so many ways to go about This you can do it like me how I make This type of content Finance Entrepreneurship mindset and like I said In other videos have a niche find a Niche and and ride with that and if you Didn't want to put a face to the case if You don't want to show your face you can Start a cash cow Channel let's say you Do a YouTube channel of showcasing Celebrities Mansions how it works is you Hire a narrator you either find the Content yourself the visuals or you hire Someone to find that and do that on your Behalf and then you get a script and you Put all together I mean you could even Be the narrator yourself but you put it

All together and it's like showcasing Taylor Swift's house for example right I Don't even know why I'm using Taylor Swift because my girlfriend was Listening to her album and it's just Showcasing Taylor Swift's house Taylor Swift that's been a global icon for many Years you know just something like that She lives in Beverly Hills I don't know Where she lives but that's just an Example and you can create a whole Channel just showcasing celebrity houses And you never have to show your face but Understanding YouTube is a long game You're not going to make money right Away stay consistent post quality Content continue to get better there's No telling some channels blow up faster Than others and there's some channels That just take a year two years three Years but that's up to you just know What you're signing up for when it comes To YouTube it's a slow growth number Four on the list Tick Tock you're Probably wondering can you even make Money on Tick Tock because most of these People are just posting stuff and not Really making money well they do have Some type of Revenue share and if you Post consistently and you get great Views you get a little bit of cash but The way that you actually make money From Tick Tock is brand deals you may Ask what is the brand deal a brand deal

Is simply me grabbing this camera Canon Hits me up and it's like hey snooge we Want you to promote this camera on your Tick Tock and I'm like okay bet I get Creative I create a tick tock and I do It in an organic way or however way you Want to do it you can be promotional but I like to do things organically I Showcase their product you know Link in The bio all that tags and from that Little brand deal depending how many Followers you have from your engagement To views to interactions these Brands Can pay you anywhere from a grand to Three grand to 5 to 10 plus thousand Dollars per brand deal you know how many Tick Tock creators quit their current Jobs because of tick tock almost every Creator that's doing well in Tick Tock Has Brand deals has Partnerships let's Say you're a musician on a tick tock Platform right and you're just promoting Your music but the thing is you're Promoting your music you're getting the Views and that traffic those Interactions are migrating to your Spotify to your Apple music and Spotify And apple music they pay you and that's Just a perfect example of how Tick Tock Can make you money brand deals or taking Them to other platforms like Spotify if You're a musician Apple music or even YouTube you can start a YouTube and get Paid more because your Tick Tock is

Blown up it's a faster growth than YouTube I'll tell you that because the Algorithm is crazy here's a quick tip You got to catch a viewer in the first Three seconds so when they're on Tick Tock and they see your video those first Three seconds which is the hook you Gotta catch it and when you get them The Tick Tock algorithm will notice that and Push your content out more and that Becomes more views more followers more Traction which means more brand new Opportunities And more money next on the list is YouTube video editor you can make decent Amount of money as a video editor my Video editors charge between two to Three to four five hundred dollars per Video it just depends on how long the Video is and how much work they're Putting into the edits if this is a Skill you can acquire it's not so hard To learn how to edit videos but if it's Something that you're interested in Learn how to use Final Cut Pro learn how To use Adobe Premiere practice makes Perfect it's not going to be easy at the Start but once you get the hang of it And especially if you're a Visionary You're great at storytelling you have a Sense of humor you can be really well Diverse in this space or if you want to Think larger scale you can have a team Of video editors and just delegate it

And give them work and you take a Percentage of each video editor I'm just Trying to activate your mind that's it But there's a lot of money to be made Number six on the list a brand deal Manager you probably haven't heard about This before what a brand deal manager is Is they connect the influencer to a Specific brand where a brand will pay Them to promote their product just like I was talking about the tick tock Situation but you're the manager you're The middleman you're connecting Influencers with brands for example Essentia right excuse me if I'm Pronouncing it incorrectly let's say I'm Snoo just brand manager right I'm like Yo snooch I'm gonna get you a brand deal Brand manager contacts essentios but hey Snooge uh he has a million subscribers He's getting this amount of views and Engagement per video you guys want to do A brand deal instead she was like yeah Sure let's do it and then the manager is Like okay uh you want to do it for two Thousand dollars he could do a 30 second Post and they're like yeah let's do it For two thousand dollars the brand Manager takes 20 of that two thousand Dollars and the rest goes to snooge it's A lot of talking on the phone it's a lot Of testing and emailing but it's in high Demand it's where the world is number Seven on the list YouTube thumbnail

Artist or graphic designer like I've Said before a thumbnail is one of the Most important thing about a YouTube Video if not the most important thing About a YouTube video because what People see before they click on the Video if the thumbnail ain't popping if It looks too messy nobody clicking on That video if you're able to create Beautiful thumbnails I think it's a high Demand hustle because if you're really Good at thumbnails and you can learn you Will have a lot of clients you'll be Able to charge anywhere from 20 30 40 50 100 depending on how great your Thumbnails are thumbnails usually take Anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes that's Just based off my experience and I'm Pretty good at making thumbnails I'm not The best but I'm pretty good but I still Hire thumbnail artists graphic designers To make it for me and you can obviously Promote your work on Fiverr you could Obviously promote your work on upwork I Think you should hit your favorite Creators up or whoever is making content And offer to make thumbnails for them Charging your rate whatever that is uh 20 30 40 50 it's competitive if you're Reliable your turnaround time is fast These creators will love working with You number eight on the list Tick Tock Repurpose sir I don't know if that's a Word someone that can create content for

You like rip out your videos from YouTube whatever platform and create Tick tocks for you or reels or shorts Edit it by putting text on the screen And you know little visuals here and There everybody's losing Tick Tock Nowadays everybody's looking at reels Everybody's watching shorts so there's An opportunity there to learn that for Example you can hit somebody up and be Like hey I watch your YouTube channel Whoever it may be this particular person On YouTube you hit them up and you're Like hey I love your YouTube videos let Me repurpose it for you that way I can Create your own Tick Tock Channel and Each video you can charge you know Whatever fee you feel like it's Comfortable obviously the more Experience you are the more you can Charge I know there's people out there Charging 100 per Tick Tock fifty dollars Per Tick Tock it's really up to the Experience and quality of work but if You're offering a whole service for Example of creating somebody else's Tick Tock for them and running it I'm pretty Sure you can charge a great amount Number nine on the list Discord Moderator uh anybody can be a moderator There's people out there that will just Moderate chat depending on how active a Chat is if there's a live stream going On whatever the case may be somebody's

There making sure everyone's following The rules no one's saying anything out Of the norm and these moderators get Paid you know two three hundred dollars Per week for example there's nft Moderators like actual moderators that Have a set schedule let's say they work At nine to five eight hours a day They're moderating that active chat to Answer any questions to inform anybody About any upcoming events or Announcements just making sure Everything's aligned everything's Secured and people pay for that number 10 on the list coaching you could be a Mindset coach whatever the case may be You got experience you feel like you got That knowledge you feel like you can Help people sell your services reach out To people create content revolving Around your coaching for example my Buddy Marcel he's a life coach he's a Success coach no certificate is needed He's doing online live seminars talking To people on the phone FaceTime doing 30 Minute sessions one hour sessions this Guy's probably charging six figures for A session for example I talked to this Financial coach that helps me sometimes He charges 350 per hour it's very Beneficial to both parties because one Is getting paid which is you you can be The coach and the other one's getting Valuable information that can help Excel

Them and give them so much value to Whatever it is they're trying to get Into those are 10 side hustles you could Do from home with zero dollars always Think about how can I get better how can I innovate how can I learn how can I Grow how can I maximize my time so keep Striving for excellence no has you on The mind But baby you know that I'm bad for you Yeah why you gotta be so nice If I treat you like one I don't want Then you know I'm just so hard to please [Music]

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