10 Side Hustles To Start Right Now In 2022

10 Side Hustles To Start Right Now In 2022

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In this video I talk about 10 different side hustles anyone can start today and make either some extra money or scale it to full time

Any of these side hustles can be extremely profitable if you put enough effort and time into them

Be patient and keep grinding!


0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Making TikToks
1:15 – Selling Website Templates
2:16 – Graphic Design
2:38 – Editing
3:05 – TikTok Theme Pages
4:02 – Doing Youtube
4:35 – Affiliate Marketing
5:07 – SMMA
5:55 – Discord Moderator

Having inside the hustle right now is More important than ever everything is Getting more expensive the inflation is Through the roof and of course making More money is never going to hurt that's Why I prepared for you 10 side hustles That you can start today and use them to Make extra income or even scale it to Full time now to start every single one Of these side hustles you only need a Phone or a laptop meaning that anyone Can do it alright let's get into it side Hustle number one make Tech talks for Businesses and creators you'd be Surprised how much creators are willing To pay for someone to take their podcast Episodes or long-form content just chop It up into little tick tocks and shorts Now this job is of course can be done as Part-time but if you're willing to stick With it and if you find a Creator who's Willing to give you a lot more workload You can make upwards of 10 15 even 20 000 per month it's very hard to believe That you can make this much money with Simply editing tick tocks trust me it's A very valuable skill right now trying To edit in a way to keep the engagement And retention high is very important you Can easily find these jobs on any Freelance website or by emailing a lot Of creators and I mean a lot of creators And of course telling them that you will Be able to increase their retention side

Hustle number two selling website Templates now this one is particularly Great because you can do a lot of work Up front and just keep getting paid for A very very long time and of course the Beauty of this side hustle is that you Can work at your own pace you can make As many templates as you please but of Course making more templates will give You more chances to make more money now In terms of how you do it you can go in Squarespace or other website Builders And get some ideas of the templates that They have there after that when you Found a bunch of inspiration you can Find a niche and then keep making Templates on those particular niches Some of the niches that I found are Doing the best are blogging wedding Coaching lifestyle and photography after You made those templates you can list Them on websites like Etsy for example Now for this side hustle in particular People are willing to pay anywhere from A hundred to three hundred dollars per Template depending on how good the Design is so just think about it you can Make a template only once and then sell It for 100 to 300 an infinite amount of Times the side hustle number three is Graphic design are you already good at Graphic design or want to get better at It well I have great news for you so Many businesses are constantly looking

For good graphic designers and they're Willing to pay tons and tons of money Well of course you need to learn the Basics of graphic design and get good at It after that you're gonna go on Twitter Upwork or other freelance websites and Seek businesses looking for your help Side hustle number five is editing right Now video editing skills are in huge Demand long and short pieces of content Are used more and more to advertise Products and grow businesses this side Hustle can pay so much money this is Undoubtedly one of the most valuable Skills to learn right now that will be In demand for a very very long time and Of course you can get better at editing By by editing which means that the more Experience you have the more money you Can charge side hustle number six is Running Tick Tock theme Pages now this One is so easy so easy that after Watching this video you can literally go To Tech talk make a page and start Posting you don't need any skills to Start this honestly the only thing you Need is a phone now Instagram theme Pages used to be so popular back in 2016 2017. a lot of people were able to blow Up their pages in about a few months for Me personally it took two months to blow Up a few Instagram pages to 100 200 000 Followers no we see the same exact thing That was happening to Instagram

Happening to tick tock right now you can Start a theme page and grow it to 100 000 followers very quickly to do Everything correctly and then make money Through selling your own products doing Affiliate marketing or doing shout outs For other people for those of you who Don't know what affiliate marketing is Just hold on I'm gonna get to it in this Video but honestly great side hustle That doesn't require a lot of work that Can make a bunch of money side hustle Number seven is doing YouTube YouTube Especially right now is the best Platform to grow on period recently they Made a division between shorts and long Form videos YouTube is covering every Single basis whether it's long form Educational content entertaining content Or shorts now in terms of how much money You can make with this guys the sky is The limit you can put in as much time And as much effort as you want I mean of Course putting more effort in is always Better but this side hustle pays off by Far the best if you do the work needed Side hustle number eight is affiliate Marketing honestly if you already have a Tick tock theme page or a personal brand On YouTube this will be so easy to do And you can make tons of cash without a Lot of work all you need to do is find a Product you're already using or are Willing to advertise and then just

Mention the product or just put the link To that product in your description You'll be surprised how much money this Can make you even if you don't mention It at all for example make a list of Equipment you're using and find them on Amazon put it in your description and Voila money side hustle number nine Running Facebook YouTube Tick Tock or Google ads for businesses businesses are Willing to pay tons of money for you to Run any form of ads for them and they Will be paying a recurring commission Every single month now why does this Work because it's worth for them to Spend a little bit money to run those Ads and have much more customers it's Simple you bring them value they pay you Good now with this you can charge any Price you want from a thousand dollars To even twenty thousand dollars per Month from any business and you can Easily do it for multiple businesses Since it doesn't take that much time to Run ads all you have to do is watch a Bunch of YouTube because there's a lot Of tutorials on YouTube do a bit of Practicing and then we'll let two three Months into it you will start making Money side hustle number 10 is becoming A Discord moderator a lot of businesses And a lot of content create Traders are Trying to get into Discord since it's Much easier to build a community there

And of course they need someone to Manage their Discord server for them This is where you come in honestly don't Need any experience or any skills to Start this side hustle all you need to Do is make sure the server is running Smoothly make sure the engagement on the Server is high and the community is Constantly growing again depending on How big the community is and how much Work you put in you can charge thousand Dollars and above and of course you can Moderate a few Discord servers at the Same time which will bring you a ton of Cash thank you guys for staying through The whole video and I would really Appreciate if you could like the video If you found it helpful you now should Have a good idea of which side hustles You can start today to be able to make Extra income and even grow it into Full-time my suggestion think of every Single side hustle that I've talked About today pick the one that suits you The best hyper focus on it for the next Year in the next 12 months you'll be Very good at it and you will definitely Make money take care guys and I'll see You in the next video

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