10 Side Hustles You Can Start in 2022

10 Side Hustles You Can Start in 2022

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Here are 10 side hustles you can start this year as a complete beginners.

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In this video revealing 10 side hustles You could start this year and how Complete beginners earning 100 a day to 5 000 a month in their spare time with No experience more at that after the Intro [Music] Hey guys how's it going mike fasil here Welcome to this video before we actually Begin i remind you that some spots have Opened up for this week's wii workshop Where it's the fastest and easiest way To make money online sign up for it in The link below we literally have a 62 Year old grandmother go from zero to a Hundred and sixty thousand dollars Profit in 90 days so check it out now so Back when i first initially started one Of my first side hustles to go ahead and You know get more freedom in my life to Not have to worry about money at the Dates not have to worry about the Soul-crushing debt that felt like it was Slowly squeezing the life out of my soul Right there was a point in my time where I was like okay i need to go ahead and Make money because i don't want to live The same life that my parents live right And in my mind i was like if i could Just find a way to go ahead and make a Hundred dollars a day profit i could Start positioning my chest moves gaining More freedom to then focus on maybe Making six figures right and that was

Like my biggest goal right i was like Okay i didn't care about making millions I didn't care even about making six Figures i was like if i could just find A way to make a hundred dollars a day That will free up my time From my job and then guess what i will Have all of that energy that the job Essentially took away for me To go ahead and literally start Something for myself right but that was Like the hardest thing because literally Guess what the job took most of my time The job took most of my energy and the Hardest thing as an individual when You're first getting started in side Hustles is finding a way to kind of like Get rid of b being dependent on that Nine to five paycheck and it's literally One of the most addicting things in the World to become addicted to a Nine-to-five paycheck salary getting Paid every two weeks right so what did i End up doing well it's very simple i i Started doing these ten side hustles and I started freeing up my time but it was More important on how i did it and i Knew no matter what okay i might have to Wake up an hour or two earlier and do This get it out of the way so that when I get my job right guess what the hard Work is in the beginning of the day Right you know mark 21 said it a man That literally swallows this frog the

First thing in the morning there's no Other surprises for the rest of the day So what i did in the morning was swallow My frog and literally go ahead and start The side hustles right away so what were Some of the side hustles that got me a Point where i was finally making 100 a Day well this first one you don't need That much time you could literally do it 15 30 minutes a day i did this when i Woke up before i went to either classes Or went before i went to work and like i Said this thing alone got me 100 a day Profit so what is that it's essentially Arbitrage right so literally what i did Back in the day is out copy and paste Pictures on walmart throw it up on ebay Now check this out this is 900 on ebay Four have been sold and on walmart it's Literally two hundred dollars less so After ebay fees you're profiting a Hundred dollars per sale right so you Could literally do this in the beginning In your spare time in the spare time What i would do When i would wake up i would wake up Just a little bit earlier i'll copy and Paste pictures on walmart amazon.com Overstock.com wayfair.com on ebay and Guess what when i would make a sale i Would get the money Already in my bank account i'll get the Shipping details already set up i'll go Over to walmart i would buy it then at

The lower cost and ship it directly to The customer on ebay it's known as ebay Arbitrage great i got this point where i Was making a hundred dollars a day Profit guys a hundred dollars a day Profit right And at that point i was like this is Great i don't have to go ahead and work A job anymore because if i can make 100 A profit and i won that time that's when Things start getting fun now this is the Perfect side hustle if you have no time Whatsoever if you have no experience or Text avenues whatsoever it's very easy To create an ebay account and if you Have no money whatsoever right now once You start making money your next goal in Your chess game of life and money and Finances is to start getting into side Hustles where you have to learn a Specific skill oh but mike i'm so afraid I don't have any skills i don't have to I don't know exactly what skills go out And learn well i'm telling this right Now learning the skills in these side Hustles like in this case it was Learning how to rank for certain Keywords so that when people type in Hardtop gazebo i'm on the top That skill set alone and learning that Was very very lucrative for me later on When it started getting into businesses Where it came to learning how to rank For things right like that when i

Started learning that skill later on Like years down the road i didn't Realize that that skill that i learned On ebay now pays me 35 gs to 46 gs plus A month right so you could see how the Next level you want to do is like okay You want to learn how to stack these Skills in these side hustles because all These side hustles what they'll do is They'll teach you a skill and each one Of these skills could be huge skills Later down the road like like doesn't Make sense right so where can you learn These skills and where can you go ahead And sell these skills right So an easiest way to go ahead and do This is for example fiverr right you Could literally get a job on fiverr Charge an upfront fee to set up a Certain thing and then once you do Really well with them you could go ahead And for example charge them or tear on The back end like i remember back in the Day i hired somebody to create like Video ads right um to go ahead and Essentially take uh pictures for like my Physical product i charge them like they Charge me like 100 or so bucks right but After that they're like well if you want To run video ads to this we'll make you Commercials full-blown commercials every Single month just pay us five grand a Month and i'm like Well if i could turn that five grand a

Month in some of these you know uh like Like commercials in advertising to go And scale my like digital or my physical Product business to go from zero to 530 Days to 1.6 million the first year Obviously i would spend more in what was Scaling that business which was ads so i Started paying them five grand a month Right and you can see exactly how that Works right learn a skill set and then You could sell that to people that have The money to spend so what is the skill Set that you can learn obviously i just Said it advertising right but oh mike i Don't know any advertising you can Literally go to skillshop.withgoogle.com Learn google ads get really good at Proficient at google ads and then like You check this out it's a full-blown Course for free you can then set up and Sell a gig on fiverr right get paid to Set it up and then at the back end you Can literally charge for a retainer to Go ahead and continue managing the Google ads the person that ran my google Ads charged me four grand a month four Grand a month and i'm not their only Client so that would be a second status To learn because guess what you learn Off of the dime of your clients But then when you want to get into your Own business be it digital or physical You already know how to run advertising Does that make sense that's what made me

So lethal is because when i get into any Business i understand the concepts of Sales and marketing in advertising does That make sense now the third side also That you could start is literally very Simple right it's social media right so My sister had this side hustle when she Was first getting started now she Manages full time to go travel around The world with her boyfriend because she Understands how to manage social media But essentially what it is it's someone Like me or someone that i interview in My podcast right They're successful this 11 year old girl They're 230 million dollars this guy That makes a million dollars from profit We need our social medias handled right We can't be the ones that are always on Our social media so we'll literally come Over to fiverr and get somebody to go Ahead and manage your social media and Again do an upfront fee a 45 65 150 Bucks and then the moment they bite get Them on retainer you know my sister Charges like like a thousand or so a Month to either manage their pinterest Or their instagrams right so you can see That this is something very simple you Literally just manage uh you help them With their content strategy you they Tell you what to post and at certain Times you essentially become another Version of them and how cool would it be

To essentially get mentored by them for Free but they pay you because they're Honestly posting on social media because They're getting paid well if they're Getting paid and you're the one posting You start learning exactly the business Model behind it right then the fourth Step a good side hustle would just be E-commerce photography i spent money on It if i was putting money on it there's An opportunity there it's a really good Side of soul which leaves me the fifth One learn how to edit videos editing Videos is a really good side hustle Because get was guess what more and more People like me want to create content More and more people want to go ahead And create content and edit it right you Can literally have a side hustle of Video editing and be anywhere in the World i know people that literally Travel around the world just from those Two side hustles learning photography And learning video editing and because Of those skills you literally it's like A cheat code hack to meet the wealthiest People in the world because the Wealthiest people in the world Understand that they need to go ahead And create content what is content Photos and videos what do you need about Photos and videos you need photography You need you know a video editor right So those skills alone you can literally

Start like meeting any people that you Want and then learning exactly what Business that they're doing and modeling It right Now the sick side hustle is literally Just becoming a virtual assistant right At the date the thing that business Owners don't have is time but if you Could literally free up that time by Doing medial tasks like web research Social media data entry email management You can literally support them to make More money in return they'll pay you for Your service the seventh side also that You could go and start is literally Writing an article right so i literally Go ahead and write on my blog because my Blog is like a digital real estate my Blog will make me more money so when i Make more money guess what i want to go Ahead and scale that even more what is The the number one thing that will scale My blog even more more content on my Blog so check this out you can literally Write articles for other people's blogs And look at this uh 50 125 50 100 30 60 Tech articles right what do you enjoy Doing what do you enjoy talking about if You write about it guess what people Will literally pay you for it does that Make sense now at the under there of Things the other side of sort of start Would be the seventh thing would

Literally be a blog right but it'll be a Blog because if i'm doing it it would Behoove of you to go ahead and start Doing it as well because if it's going To make me money long-term wise guess What it's probably going to make you Money too and the thing about blogs it's Great because in the beginning you start Off just documenting what you're already Learning if you're learning ebay guess What blog about it if you're learning About fiverr guess what blog about it if You're learning about losing weight Guess what blog about it because what's Gonna happen is you're gonna naturally Start ranking for certain keywords in Search engines and the moment people can Actually go ahead and find you that's When you start getting monetized right The eighth way to go ahead and start a Side hustle is literally go ahead and Start a clickbank account clickbank is Actually great because guess what you Can literally get started with a Business where someone else has the risk Of getting the inventory they have the For example products and services they Will do their shipping and handling and The customer service you just get to tap Into them right literally with clickbank There are little people that are getting 153 to 140 per commission clickbank i Like it because i went from zero to Eight grand in 30 days and i didn't have

To do any shipping i didn't have to do Any handling i did not have to do any Customer service right and it was a Beauty about it because i was able to go Ahead and scale that right now the ninth Side hustle that you could go ahead and Start once you go out and do all these Things is literally starting a youtube Channel Starting a youtube is a great side also Because number one it gets you really Good at your personality i get to go Ahead and test a lot of things that Allows me to be more of a charismatic Person because at the day my goal is to Literally be the best version of myself And youtube is that thing because i can Literally go back in certain videos i Can be like wow Look at me being weird there look at me Not being cool there and i can literally Get paid for how awesome of a human Being that i can become right that's the Beauty about you know creating content Especially video content because you can Essentially see how much you've grown Over the years right and i think the Tenth side hustle to start this year Which is one of the best right where we Literally have people in our community Go from zero to 30 grand a month in five To eight weeks like dina stay-at-home Mom and he's 47 years old is literally What we are revealing this week in this

Week's free workshop below that you can Sign up for it right now as well check Out this video in this podcast video and I'll see you guys later [Music] You

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