12 Side Hustles You Can Start During The 2022 or 2023 Recession: Episode 1

12 Side Hustles You Can Start During The 2022 or 2023 Recession: Episode 1

In this video I shared 12 side hustles to start during the 2022 or 2023 recession that will pay upwards of $3500 monthly working part-time and that are recession-proof side hustles. The video has two episodes. The side hustle ideas shared Which are ideal side hustles for extra money during difficult economic times include options to make money online to work from home and to start your small Recession proof business while you make money from home and online. These are ideal side hustles to start during the recession and are considered recession-proof jobs with the advantage of working from home. These options will provide an opportunity to earn passive income and allow you to make money while you sleep in a recession using options like affiliate marketing and various online business initiatives. The options include becoming a video editor and working online while working from home, writing and publishing low-content books, and selling them on the Amazon KDP with the use of Amazon print on demand which is an ideal online business. Being an e-commerce business coach and helping people to start small online businesses selling products online using Amazon FBA is also another recession-proof side hustle that’s covered. Affiliate marketing using Clickbank affiliate marketing and impact.com affiliate marketing Netwerk is an option covered as well in addition to graphic designing, content creation, creating and selling digital products online which will allow you to make money online in a bad economy and profit from a recession with your business idea is covered. Website design using WordPress and YouTube script writer as well as being a coach and using eBay to flip products I am starting an Airbnb marketing agency is it to rent real estate are other ways to make money online that are included in these 12 recession-proof business ideas or side hustles to make money online in 2022 or 2023.

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Now just before I started to record this Video my rock stars I had posted in Reference to my candy video that's now Up which is how to make millions selling Candy I did a post on social media Specifically on Instagram about a candy Jar I saw at a particular place that I Went to to buy some products and the Fact that they were selling the candy a Lot more than I would sell it for but Nevertheless people were buying that Candy at that rate and the comments were Very interesting because the comments Weren't focused so much on the model of Leveraging candy to make money it was More focused on the impossibility of Using candy to make money and that's why I wanted to start this video This Way Especially since we're gonna be talking About 12 amazing side hustles that you Can use to make good money on the side During a recession or during difficult Economic time and these are times when Money is in short supply because either You have lost your job you have gotten a Pay cut or prices in the economy due to Inflation are so high that your current Income cannot make ends meet anymore and What I realized from a few of the Comments on that video is that people Are still looking for realistic Solutions to make them money I would Have thought by now that everybody would Come to the realization that it's been

Different finding a niche creating a Differentiator in business or coming up With an idea that's Innovative that Results in you being able to get ahead Financially I did not realize people are Still out there looking for average or Normal so I want to start with a little Precursor and please this is not meant To be offensive but I want to ensure That I set the expectations right for The content that I'm sharing on this Channel if you are pursuing realistic Solutions to Achieve Financial Freedom Or to be debt free understand that Realistic leads to normal average and Mediocre and quite frankly my rock stars You do not need my help to be normal Average or mediocre everybody can do That on their own so if that's the Aspiration that you have you really Shouldn't be watching this channel Unless you're watching it for Entertainment and I'll continue to try To give my little corny jokes and try to Edit it as best as I can to keep you Engaged but I'm gonna assume that the Fact that you're here watching this Content is because unless you want more Out of this life than normal because Remember normal people work for 45 years And retire almost broke and die leaving Their families nothing when I say change In lives by change in mindset it's not Because I want mediocre or average for

You it's because I want phenomenal Because unrealistic or something that Takes you outside of your comfort zone Or demands that you make some sacrifices That's what leads to phenomenal Exceptional and extraordinary and Financial Freedom is something that not Many people are able to achieve and That's because they have to step outside Of their comfort zone do things that are Different that many perceive as Unrealistic and that's the only way to Achieve what everybody else is failing To achieve and the reason why I wanted To share this my rock stars is because If you are not developing that kind of a Mindset where you are prepared to step Outside of your comfort zone and do Something different to achieve your Goals everything that I'm sharing on This channel it's going to seem like a Piped dream that nobody achieves despite The fact that many people are making Millions and using these same Concepts And strategies that I'm sharing to Achieve their Financial Freedom but You're gonna think it's not realistic It's not possible it's improbable and With that mindset you'll not be able to Go very far with me but that said my Rock stars I'm still grateful if you're Watching because not everybody is coming Here for the education part of Entertainment some of you are coming for

The entertainment part and for that I'm Very grateful and I'm glad that you're Here and I hope that you'll continue to Watch and you know what I'm gonna Continue to do my best to be as Entertaining as I possibly can be Although quite frankly I've never seen Myself as an Entertainer but Nevertheless I'm gonna work for your Loyalty because you're still spending Your valuable time with me here so I'm Gonna do my best to make sure it's worth It however if you have phenomenal Aspirations to achieve a debt-free Status before you retire to retire not Broke but blessed and living in Abundance and eventually to Achieve Financial Freedom it means that you're Here for not just entertainment but for Edutainment and if that's the case it's Time to grab your pen and paper and Let's get down to business Is on my own understanding Only if I let it be Welcome back to the channel my YouTube Family my Rockstars it's such a pleasure To have you back No the first side hustle is to be a Video editor and hold on before you say I'm not technical or debtor and I don't Know anything about editing a year ago I Had no clue about video editing yet look At me over here on YouTube recording Videos and editing videos and having

Videos that are getting over 500 000 Views in a little over a month who could Have guessed that this is something I Could have taught myself because that's Exactly what editing is it's a skill That you can learn without formal Education now when I decided I was going To create content on YouTube I thought About hiring an Editor to do all of my Editing but then in the back of my brain Somewhere I kept thinking but this Person will not be able to interpret my Thoughts and put my own unique or Special Touch to the that video so let Me start myself and if later on when Things get very busy I want to Outsource Editing I would consider that so you Know what I started to watch the videos On YouTube that talk about how to edit I Decided to choose the simplest platform To learn how to edit in all my videos Are done in iMovie to this day I just Use my tablet where I have a little bit More functionality I don't even use the Laptop because even that to me is a Little bit more complex than it needs to Be but the version of iMovie that's Available on your phone or your tablet Is the one that I use and I find it to Be extremely effective can it do all the Fancy things that are out there from an Editing perspective absolutely not but You know what it can do enough for what I'm looking for so after watching the

Videos I decided to record myself and Then I played around with iMovie until I Was able to get it to a certain level Now obviously after one video I wasn't Perfect but it's one of those skills That it's okay to learn over time Because you get better the more you do It now the great thing about editing With my tablet or even my phone is that I can do it anywhere when I'm in traffic Sometimes and the traffic is stagnant I Pop out my tablet and I start to edit Which means that I can be productive Wherever I need to be without having to Pop out a bulky computer so for me That's a huge Advantage it also means That if you have a nine to five job or If you're running a business in between Sessions this is something that you Could do if you chose to go into video Editing after learning it now since I've Started on YouTube I've gotten a lot of Editors reaching out to me and giving me Quotations as to what they would charge Me if I opt to hire them to edit my Videos and that ranges anywhere I've Heard about a hundred US dollars for a 10 minute video or I've heard two US Dollars per minute for whatever footage That the person is sent so my videos on Average by the time I'm done recording I'm at about 50 minutes worth of footage And that has to be condensed after they Take out all the mistakes that I make

Because I'm far from perfect and then Bring it down to something that's more In the 25 to 35 minute range but what it Means is that for a 50 minute video at Two dollars per minute they're gonna Charge me a hundred US dollars to do This video so I'm sure the question you Have is so Odetta let's say I go and I Learn to edit will people actually hire Me of course they will and here is why The last video that I posted that I Already got paid for was a video titled Top 15 companies that are always hiring Work from home jobs across the globe in Two days that video has made over 803 US Dollars now it takes me to edit this 50-minute footage and to make it the way I want it it takes me about four to five Hours to do so can you imagine if I Could find someone who is good at Editing and I only pay them a hundred Dollars to edit that video it's worth it And quite frankly if I decided to stop Doing YouTube tomorrow for whatever Reason I would probably edit people's Videos because I absolutely love editing And I would make this extra money as a Side hustle because it's one of those High value skills that you can monetize With very little effort and remember Guys this is a skill that I learned Between ages 45 and 46 because I just Started to put videos on YouTube and Edit them now if you opt to start

Editing videos as your side hustle and You're able to do two videos per day now Keep in mind not everybody's videos are As long as mine most people on YouTube Will have videos that range anywhere From I'd say 10 minutes to about 15 Minutes so it's gonna take you a lot Less time to edit a 10 to 15 minute Video but even for a 15 minute video you May get 30 minutes worth of footage and At 30 minutes at two dollars per minute That's 60 dollars that you're making and If you can do two videos in a day now You're making a hundred and twenty US Dollars per day which translates into 3600 US dollars per month if you do half Of that my Rockstars it's still 1800 US Dollars if you do a quarter of that my Rockstars it still 900 US dollars so Editing is a lucrative side hustle that You can take on to make some extra money During this recession the great thing is That content creators are not only on YouTube but they're looking for editors To hire if they're doing Tick Tock Videos if they're doing IG videos shorts Reels stories those videos need to be Edited too even though they're short Form content so there's a lot of work Out there and if a content creator like Myself know that I can Outsource Something that's gonna take me hours to Do and pay someone a fraction of what I'm gonna earn guess what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna take those hours and record More videos and get somebody to edit in Which is why I highly recommend this as A side hustle and the great thing is Social media doesn't lock off during Difficult Economic Times or during a Recession there are still be a need out There for editors now the second side Hustle that you can make money with During difficult Economic Times is low Content book and to become an author now Let me show you the amount of low Content books that I have this one is a Notebook you know why I bought it Because I like the cover because it had It's this reflective cover and it cost Me at least five dollars I'd say Probably about eight dollars if I Remember correctly this is another one And this one comes with a nice little Pen again it only has blank pages and at The top it has a number and it has a Date low content this one is by Michelle Obama it's a journal and yeah there's a Lot of quotes and all of that but the Majority of the pages are blank guys as You can see low content book this one is One that I use in my workshops and I Just go on Amazon and buy them let's say There are 20 people in my workshop I'll Buy about 20 of them and what I'll do is I'll brand it with a company that I'm Doing the workshop for as well as my Branding and it's just a little book for

Persons to take notes you know that I'm Paying good money for these books right Low content book here's another one I Only bought this one because of what it Said on the cover it says and so she Decided to start living the life she Imagined low content book another one I Own here's another one it says stay Curious this one it just has a few pages Like this everything else is blank this One was given to me by pricewaterhouse No content book this one I like because It has the what you call this again the Binder or something like that but you Can open it wide this is another one That Starbucks does and I know I'm Killing you with low content book but I'm just doing it to show you the point This one is a journal has the year and It has spaces for you to make notes Nothing else it has a nice leather Looking cover this is another one that I Got when I spoke at women in energy now This one is branded some people will Order your low content book branded as Well but again just a few words and Mostly blank pages my rock stars so when You hear people talking about low Content book it's books like those as Well as coloring books for kids and Adults because adults are into coloring As well planners journals log books you Know those Ledger books that we use when We were doing Accounting in high school

That just has space for you to put a Topic and it has those lines that's a Low content book as well a receipt book A puzzle book a Sketchbook music Composition book which is where you have The lines where you need to write your Music notes kids learning and activity Book guest books recipe books there are So many low content books out there and They are making people Millions on Amazon what is a low content book a low Content book contains little to no words And are designed to be filled in by the User notebooks planners journals Etc are examples of low content books They usually consist of repetitive Pages You saw that in what I just showed you Or lined pages and have attractive Covers or the back of it may also be Attractive as I just showed you with Some of these books the aesthetic appeal Of a low content book it's usually why The consumers or the customers buy them Now just to give you some perspective a Kids activity low content book will sell For anywhere from six to eight dollars And they typically have about 150 pages A journal like a gratitude Journal as an Example sells for about ten dollars and It has 140 Pages remember most of the Pages are typically repeated so what I See from Amazon is that a low content Book is usually anywhere from four US Dollars to 12 US dollars per book now

Let me tell you what's nice about Creating and Publishing a low content Book the fact that you have to do Absolutely nothing and it's free to do So you go on to Amazon KDP you create an Account and it is free you create your Low content book using whatever app you Choose there are several of them on the Market and you upload that book to Amazon KDP and whenever customers order From across the globe Amazon prints that Book with their print on demand offering And ships that book to the customer so This is truly passive income and money That you will make online while you're Sleeping because you create that book Once and every time somebody clicks and Buys it Amazon does the rest and at the End of the month you see your money Piling up based on what your sales look Like on Amazon now there is a best Selling low content book on Amazon right Now that's selling over 20 000 copies Per month and it's not the only one There are many best-selling low content Books now twenty thousand books per Month it means you're selling over 600 Books per day that's a lot and while we Are not about being realistic because Remember realistic leads to normal and Average when it comes to this I'll say Let's pick a number that's moderate it's Still gonna require you to step out of Your comfort zone and do something

Different which is creating a low Content book but definitely We're not Gonna set numbers that we can't achieve In the short term but definitely we will Have the potential to blow them out of The water in the long term so let's not Aspire right now to sell 600 books per Day let's only work on selling five Books per day and although the average Price for the book is between four and Twelve dollars let's just say we sell One of the cheapest low content books Out there and we're only selling it for Six dollars at Five Books per day at six Dollars per book that's thirty dollars Per day and over 30 days in a month That's 900 US dollars per day that you Could potentially make from selling low Content books on Amazon KDP no of course You're gonna have to deduct Amazon's Cost that they're gonna charge you and You know what my rockstars nine hundred Dollars is not a job replacer but it Definitely a side hustle making money Online that you can do from the comfort Of your home and make passive income That can make a big impact as it Pertains to your bills tell me in the Comments if nine hundred dollars could Help to offset a few of the bills that You have now I'm currently working on a Low content book because I don't like to Just tell you these things I like to Test the model explore it and see its

True potential and stay tuned because I'm gonna keep you posted as to when It's launched and how it's doing okay No the third side hustle that you can Start during difficult Economic Times or During a recession is another Opportunity to make money online and It's not selling with e-commerce Platforms it's being an e-commerce Platform coach and hold on because you May be thinking oh I don't know how to Be a coach na na na just listen to me Give me a moment to explain whenever I Share videos like this one here which is How to take a thousand US Dollars and Transform it into a million dollars Buying products that you're selling on Amazon I try to go through and be as Meticulous as is possible I'll tell you Which product what to buy it for where To buy it what to sell it for how to Market it and all that good stuff but You know what at the end of the day I'm Still not sitting there with you to set Things up to get you started to work Through the logistics of getting the Actual product to Amazon and doing all That good stuff and unfortunately not Everybody is technically Savvy enough to Figure it out now I had to learn this All on my own because we were launching Our own e-commerce platform and we Didn't take a platform and modify to Make it go for no goffer is an

E-commerce platform from scratch because We built a product from the ground up so That said I had to learn it because the Conceptualize it I had to understand it So again I taught myself how to manage An e-commerce business end to end but You know what the great thing is this is Another skill set that I learned to Master in my 40s and many will think That it's highly technical but you can Do it my rockstars I promise you because The great thing is when you become a Coach to help others to make money Online using e-commerce platforms you're Not starting with a platform that's Coming from scratch you're just helping Them to set up on platforms like Shopify EBay Amazon or one of those already Established platforms so it's much Easier and it's very quick for you to Learn how to do that now there are many Videos on YouTube that you can watch and Learn but to me the best way to learn is To do the actual thing so what I Recommend you do if you don't already Have this skill set and you want to make It a side hustle is go on one of those Platforms like the Alibaba or the AliExpress buy your product figure out The logistics make sure the packaging And all of that is in sync then you set Up your e-commerce Tour on one of those Platforms like Shopify or Amazon or Anyone that you choose and then you

Start selling your products and you see How it works works from end to end and You probably do that one or two times Before you start coaching on it because One of those times you actually want Things to go wrong so that you can Figure it out so that if the person You're coaching comes up on obstacles Because nothing in this life is as Straightforward consistently because There wouldn't be a Murphy's Law if that Were the case so if they come up on Obstacles you would have already Experienced some of that and be able to Coach them through it now after I shared This particular video here which is the Thousand to a million dollars or even This video over here where I walked from The beginning of the ordering process to The end of setting it up one line Exactly how to do it I still had a ton Of people reaching out not just in the Comments but via WhatsApp because I Still read some of those WhatsApp Messages I just can't respond to them But I responded to several comments Where people said data I understand at a High level but I still need help to do This and that's completely Understandable whether it's because you Don't have the bandwidth to learn it Because you have a busy schedule or you Don't think you're that technically Savvy and you really just don't have the

Time to learn it or you just want to Outsource it because selling products is Your core business it's not trying to Figure out how to set things up to make Money so that's completely Understandable and when I'm able to I Can recommend them to someone who does Exactly what I'm talking to you about Which is a coach who can teach them how To be successful on e-commerce by Helping with the initial setup of Everything that they need to start their Business now these days I see at least Two to three similar requests coming in Per day for persons needing this kind of Help now when you look on the internet a Coach who can help you to get set up to Sell online line is typically in the Region of a thousand dollars to 2 500 US Dollars what you can do is when you Learn it you come in with an Introductory rate and you start at two Hundred and fifty dollars and eventually You will work your way up to that two Thousand five hundred dollars but Remember you are learning still while You're teaching so you can do it at a Discounted rate it will mean that you'll Get more clients regardless of where you Advertise or if you reach out to me and Say listen or that I offer this service And I know that you are able to deliver Then I'll definitely recommend people to You because like I said and getting the

Request constantly every single day now Let's say your average client between That 250 US dollars to 2500 US dollars To set up help to source and to launch Their e-commerce business so that they Can start making money online let's say That you're making 500 US Dollars on Average and you're able to take on five Clients in a month because it's not the Kind of thing where you're involved Heavily throughout the process you're Gonna have to show them how to order Then you're gonna have to leave them to Go order so you can actually easily Manage five clients per month and I'm Telling you this from the person that I Typically recommend based on how many Clients they manage and they're doing About 15 to 20 clients per month at five Clients per month paying you 500 US Dollars to coach them on the setup and To help them execute the launch of their Online store you are able to make 2500 US dollars per month as a side hustle This is when your side hustle starts Looking like your full-time job Nevertheless this video is focused on a Side hustle now the reason why this is Gonna do well in a recession or bad Economic Times is because people will Constantly be looking for new ways to Earn money and one of the first places That they'll turn is how to make money Online so your service will be in

Greater demand during difficult times Now the fourth side hustle that I'm About to share is one I've shared a lot On this platform but I've never quite Shared it like this so please pay Keen Attention and it is affiliate marketing But you're not doing it for one company You're doing it on a large scale now let Me caution you that affiliate marketing Takes a lot of effort and sometimes if You don't have a large enough audience Sales are a bit hard to come by but with Everything in life with persistence and Consistency you'll eventually achieve Success and affiliate marketing is no Different you may have to build an Audience or you may have to find Unconventional ways to get people to Click those links or to use those codes But it's possible and many people out There are using it to make millions now We're introducing it today as a side Hustle so you're not looking to use it To replace your full-time source of Income but definitely to help to pay a Few bills on the side so instead of Going and applying to Amazon affiliate Program to become a member and only Recommending Amazon products although They have a huge catalog or going on go For Global and becoming a seller and Referring just go for products what I'm Gonna recommend you do instead and by The way you can do those two things as

Well but we want to go large scale so That the probability for us to earn is Greater when you register in an Affiliate program like impact.com or Flex offer they are both multi affairs Affiliate networks what does that mean It means that multiple Brands and Companies are available on their Platform which gives you access to many Links that you can share which means That you likely get a link across most Industries or Niche so you will likely Find someone much faster than if you're Focusing on a certain product type now I Have not used flexed offer as much as I've used impact and of course I'm a Part of that affiliate Network program When you go onto impact.com you just Need to click affiliate marketing and You can register now impact allows you To make money from Brands like envato Which is one of the tools I use when I'm Editing my videos or even skillshare or Canva there are thousands of brands that You can just Join one central place and Recommend and and make commissions from An affiliate marketing perspective just By sharing the links from one Central Hub now let me give you an example for Envato which is where I get all my B-roll footage a lot of my presentation And photographs that I use in my video You can earn up to 120 US dollars for Eligible annual subscriptions and up to

Sixty dollars when somebody completes a Monthly subscription on envato so as an Example if you refer one annual Subscription per day on envato for the Month you are earning 3600 US dollars Skillshare is another platform and they Pay 40 of what they charge for their Subscription in affiliate commissions to You and skillshare will pay up to 67 US Dollars for every single customer that You refer so I'm not talking about Peanuts from money here like what you Typically get on Amazon affiliate which Is about five percent of the product Costs now affiliate marketing is Recession-proof because people are Always looking for deals online when Things get difficult and if you can Share a deal with someone along with Your link or your discount code the Likelihood that they click on it if they Know for a fact that they're gonna get a Better price is highly probable now the Fifth side hustle that I highly Recommend and again this one may be one That you may need to learn but very easy To catch on and it is a graphics Designer and remember Graphics designing Isn't like it was many years ago when Understanding the complication that is Photoshop was required for you to Deliver solid Graphics to potential Clients absolutely not there are Platforms out there like canva and

Studio by GoDaddy and they make creating Graphics seamless and you can do so with No experience no previous knowledge and In just a few minutes now this is Another high value skill that I decided To learn because my options were am I Gonna Outsource thumbnails or Outsource My Instagram posts that I do or am I Gonna learn how to do it myself because I can Outsource it but if I can do it in 15 minutes and save myself fifty dollars Then why would I Outsource it and that's The great thing about taking on graphic Design as a hustle a lot of people they Don't have the time to do it they're not Interested in learning how to do it Because they think that it's highly Technical when it's not or they find That the cost is very affordable so why Not just pay for it so all my thumbnails I either create them in canva or I do so In Studio by GoDaddy and I'm doing them Myself but if I were to Outsource and Have somebody do these thumbnails they Would arrange anywhere from 25 to 50 on Average actually I saw somebody I think It was on upwork charging a hundred US Dollars for a thumbnail and when you Looked at how many persons they had as Customers it was quite a bit based on Their rating and by the way my Thumbnails take me 15 to 20 minutes to Do for each video or the average Graphics takes me 15 to 20 minutes for

Me to create and I'm showing you some Here as we're going along now the reason Why despite it being this simple people Will still hire Graphics designers is Because some people just don't have a Knack to put things together and make it Look good whether as it pertains to Colors or you know the aesthetic is that The word aesthetic appeal of what They're pulling together and platforms Like canva they do help you with that But at the end of the day if you want it To look exceptional and not look like Everybody else's then you probably need To add a little spice to what it is that You're doing and some people don't know How to do that so they prefer to pay you To get it done now if you're able to Deliver exceptional graphics and charge 50 US dollars on average to produce one And you are able to do one per day your Side hustle money creating graphics and Being a graphics designer would be 1500 US dollars per month and I know for most Of you that can either pay your mortgage Or pay your rent so it's enough to help To offset a bill tell me in the comments If I'm wrong so you can be a thumbnail Editor you can create Flyers you can Create book covers for some of these low Content books that I mentioned earlier You can even create short videos as well As a graphics designer the bottom line Is it's a lucrative skill set that is

Easily monetized and you can advertise It on platforms like upwork or Fiverr or Anywhere else for that matter what I Would do is if I'm new to Graphics Design is I would say to the person if I Typically would charge them 50 US Dollars for graphics I would say okay Can I give you a 25 discount and when You use the graphic you just put my link Below in the description or below in the Comments or somewhere so that I can get Credit because what that means is that You're gonna get customers based on how That company that brand or that Individual you all is sharing what you Have done to the public and believe me It will be worth the 25 discount because Now you're getting more volume so you Are able to capitalize and make more Money at the end of the day now my Rockstars we are at the end of another Video and remember on this channel we do Not do normal we're here to do Exceptional phenomenal and extraordinary Until next time my YouTube family my Rock stars my Rockstar club members walk Good [Laughter] [Music] Thank you

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